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19-year-old man sought underage girls on Facebook

Michael Downs, 19, of Santa Clarita, California, has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting girls between the age of 12 and 16 that he met on Facebook.

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The mental health experts/public health officials need to expound more on the messages that they give. While it may be a “common understanding” that young people cannot be diagnosed with certain things until a more advanced age, it is not emphasized that supposition is qualified with a “conclusively.”

From the people I have spoken with, there seems to be a belief that if something cannot be diagnosed, it does not exist or something else is going on.

Part of this stems from, I think, the experts not wanting to say anything more than is “necessary.” I understand that there are exceptions etc. and their profession understands that statements are made only up to certain points, but in the public’s mind, lacking anything else to go by, they draw the conclusions that they want to draw.

Most adults don’t go looking for more information. I suspect they think they’ve been given enough. They may also not know the questions to ask. They might very much want to know more if they were told that there is more to the story.

There is close to nothing in terms of public education when it comes to warning adults, particularly parents, that psychopathy does appear in young people (even very young people.)

While it is true that many young people grow out of certain unacceptable behaviors, something like this isn’t a teen acting up or a young buck sowing his wild oats (nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) It is not teen hormones gone wild. It’s predatory and it targets children.

Society keeps telling itself that incidents like this are very rare, then turns around and laments, “How can this happen?”

It isn’t just that people aren’t getting the message about Ps from the experts. Adults are also ignoring that children are constantly subjected to the mass media messages that sex is fun, there are no consequences, and everybody is doing it.

Under no circumstances am I blaming the young girls, but they are subjected to some very powerful and inconsistent messages about what is appropriate behavior and what is not.

How much are the experts supposed to inform us and how much are we supposed to go searching for more answers on our own?

Ox Drover

I am gobsmacked at the parents who allow their children unfettered access to social media….I know a guy (an ex-friend) who allowed his 12 year old unfettered access to the internet and one day he walks in and the kid is on a graphic porn site and the kid turns around and says to daddy “I think you should leave, I need my privacy” and guess what the jerkface does…he leaves.


It is totally unbelievable to me the violence and sex that kids are allowed to see and “experience” and then they wonder why things like this happen.

That show where they put up a decoy girl and have the guys come to the house….it is amazing how these guys will flock to that decoy like homing pigeons. “Family Men” and “ministers” by the dozen….

Kids just don’t have any idea how “innocent sex” can ruin their lives….that one encounter can give them a life long incurable disease (one of many) or a child…or the stranger they are meeting for sex may kill them. Getting this across to kids when their peers are telling them otherwise is difficult.

Studies have shown that in the teenaged years kids listen to the advice of their peers well before any from their parents. “The blind leading the blind” for sure.


I’m willing to bet that a lot of these kids have emotional voids and are looking for love.

Even if their parents are providing enough parental love, this is the age when girls start heavily dreaming about romance.

I think that’s why vampire-themed TV shows and movies are so popular. They appeal to a young woman’s sense of romance and guess what? They get fought over and with the right vampire, you’ll live an eternity with someone who loves you.


I was just looking at Darkness to Light, a website wanting to stop child sexual abuse.

I checked for information pertaining to my state and found this article. This time, it’s an 18-year-old teen accused of the sexual abuse. THIRTEEN sexual abuse felonies.

This just happened. I don’t recall it being in the state’s major newspaper or in the news. Why not?



Yes it is totally unbelievable that parents allow unfettered access to fb, online games and tv programmes that are wholly unsuitable for their children. And yet, here in the UK anyway, the same parents censure sex education and even religious education. Why? In countries where sex education is an integral part of socialisation, for want of a better word, they have a lower incidence of underage pregnancy….and of violence.

It’s all wrong. We must teach our children how to be surely? It is so sad that the advice our young people are receiving is mostly from their peers. We have a duty of care to educate our children socially, morally and spiritually. Let me tell you it is a steep uphill struggle when so many parents view us “educators” as merely a babysitting service to teach their children their abc and in no way”in loco parentis”

Daily, we find ourselves defending our position. Parents are now regularly questioning our motives and indeed our duty, to influence their children in a more holistic way. As long as little johnny is achieving his grades, leave the rest to us, they seem to be saying.

I know, I’m on my soap box again but I know you understand and we have had this discussion before. I’ll keep plugging away. I’ll keep challenging the craziness.

A pupil said to me recently…..”Miss, why do we need to learn about Islam? My dad says they’re not learning about us, they don’t accept us! He thinks we should be able to opt out of RE lessons”

My reply to little johnny?

I’m not teaching your dad. And while you are in my classroom you will learn the gift of tolerance and what the government expect me to teach


Sorry I think I kinda went off on a tangent. I suppose I was trying to use religious education as an example. Religious acceptance, sex education and social education is a thorny issue. Don’t know if any of you lovely people saw the footage of the riots here in England last summer. The government blamed the parents. The parents blamed the government. The press blamed the teachers. Oh and the government decreed that we should have parenting classes and that teachers should play a more pastoral role and teach social education.

It’s been part of the curriculum for years. Sigh.

Just wanted to add that social networking sites such as facebook cause our children, the ones I teach so much grief. Where are these so called regulators? Aren’t you supposed to be of a certain age before you can join?

There’s no childhood anymore for so many of our children. They’re exposed to sex and violence through the media on a daily basis.

Sexualised and manipulated. It’s sick.

Ok I’m off the box now. Grrrr


Yeah!! What she said! 🙂

Keeping my son from Facebook. I just deleted my account as well. Too easy for x P to peer into my life.


A friend of mine tried to introduce an ethics course at our town’s high school. The powers-that-be wouldn’t hear of it.

She didn’t want to teach them what to think.

She just wanted them to learn how to look at things, ask questions, and come to informed decisions.

It was too much for the school board.

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