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19 years after a boy disappeared, his parents are arrested for murder

"Peter Boy" Kema

“Peter Boy” Kema disappeared in 1997.

Peter Kema Jr. of Hawaii was six years old when he disappeared back in 1997. Finally, 19 years later, his parents have been arrested and charged with his murder.

Peter Kema, 45, and his wife, Jaylin, 46, were arrested on Thursday, April 28 on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The child, called “Peter Boy,” disappeared sometime in the late spring or early summer of 1997. He wasn’t reported missing until the following January.

Peter Boy and his siblings had been physically abused their entire lives. Yet child welfare authorities returned the children to their abusive parents.

Parents in custody for death of ‘Peter Boy,’ on

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Such a tragic story.

Although I did not know him or his family, those of us who know the story from so long ago will always remember the innocent Peter Boy.

Peter Boy would be just about the same age as my two younger children.

God bless Peter Boy.


Another tragedy has just recently happened in Puna this last week, May 2016.

Another psychopath has taken out his wife and two children here on the Big Island.

God bless the innocent victims of these monsters who masquerade in society and fly below the radar…until they commit these horrible crimes against their own family members and are finally locked away.

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