21-year-old woman fakes cancer, bilks donors to buy heroin

Brittany Ozarowski of Long Island pretended to have bone, brain and other cancers to convince family and strangers  to donate money for her “treatment.” She spent more than $100,000 on heroin.

LI drug addict bilks family for ‘fake’ cancer treatments: DA, on

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This is absolutely unbelievable! She ripped off her own father and grandmother!

actually it’s no unvelievable if she is a heroin junky.This would be a normal part of america.

Sounds like MY ex….she always had something(really nothing— but a sociopathic mind).

so related to this story…..very sad that she put her family and friends through so much,thing is she hasnt a clue the emotional turmoil her family would have gone through believing she had cancer…its them that will have to live with what she put them through now while she just doesnt care.
just wondering do you think they start to believe their own lies………?
my ex even got me to shave off her hair when she didnt want to go through the hair loss during her chemotheraphy…and ill never forget the pain and sadness i went through during that time………and her second cancer diagnosis she went to the hairdresser and got her hair shaved….she wore a bandana for 3 years……… she didnt look to raise money…she just let me,her friends and family believe she was ill and could die………….i will just never understand it… illecited sympathy,and care from everybody and it was a very difficult and painful time for me…..and she never had cancer.
ill never forget it or get over it.
the cruelty.

I have a family member who has been claiming to be dying of a variety of different cancers for nearly 40 years. The most recent alleged diagnosis was lung cancer two years ago, with prognosis of only one year to live. They are a lifelong non-smoker and still alive. Surprise!

As a person who was actually diagnosed with cancer, I find this particular sociopathic behavior appalling.

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