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31 year-old female serial killer compares herself and her alleged accomplice to Bonnie and Clyde

Joanna Dennehy and her alleged accomplice Gary ‘Stretch’ Richards, 47, are on trial at Cambridge Crown Court for the murder of three men and the attempted murder of two more.

During her trial, several “selfie” photos were shown of Dennehy holding a knife, which she used on her victims. When asked why she had killed, Dennehy responded: ‘They shouldn’t have pissed me off, they shouldn’t have flirted with me.”

Three other accomplices pleaded guilty to some involvement in the murders as well.

Selfies of a female serial killer on the run: Woman who stabbed three men in the heart pictured with a terrifying knife while dodging police with her alleged accomplice from DailyMail Online.

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Story on Joanna Dennehy and other female serial killers. Dennehy is termed a psychopath.

Dennehy murder case: Why do women kill? on

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