6-year-old boy charged with sex assault

Three little kids were playing doctor. That led to a boy being charged with sexual assault and his parents filing a civil rights lawsuit.

Read Wisconsin boy, 6, caught playing doctor, is accused of sex assault, on

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Ox Drover

I just wanted to post a link to a story about a 12 year old that was obviously “out of control.” I doubt that this kid murdered his parents as his FIRST act of defiance. This is a very sad story and fortunately not really common, but there are kids who are VERY young who are VERY dangerous.–siblings-boy-12-stabbed-killed-parents–talk-new-life.html


Coping ~ How is Jr. doing with his poor little ear aches? Better I hope. Thinking of you.


Dearest Milo and ox-
Thank you so much for your input. The posts gave me a good laugh. 🙂
Jr. Is doing so much better. Lol… Yep stopped the hair pulling and head banging.. It was pain. Poor guy! But he is doing good and so full of energy. 13 months today! Shit! It’s amazing we have both done ok inspire of it all. All in all I’m feeling pretty happy and positive.. I’m seeing a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. We see Ent specialist again tomorrow to see about the crooked tube. I’ll see. But I do intend to be firm.. I think little old coping is slowly coming back.
On a sidenote I’m feeling good about the spath.. He seems to have gone mia thank god. Maybe… Just maybe it’s over. I don’t want to think about it to much… I’m enjoying the peaceful feeling. I don’t want to jinx things.
Maybe it was the car? Maybe it was the child support notices that caught up with him. Maybe he has another victim (I’m sad about that.. But thankful it’s not us) visitations are over. They did not close the case but they ended.. He lost his missing visit time. I don’t know what the future holds but praying he’s gone!!
I’m doing good also. I start servicing my first client tomorrow. It’s crap money but it’s money. It’s my Corp so when I can good job in my field I can still use this as supplemental income. Slowly but surely things seem to be coming together. I know it will take time.
However we are alive, healthy, and our needs our met. I am thankful in spite of it all!!!
God bless.


Humility and gratitude! They come hand in hand!
There is a light for all those in doubt!

Ox Drover

Dear Coping,

I am SOOOO glad to hear the good news and glad that Junior’s ear pain is under control. Bless his little heart!

Psychopaths seem to be like “bad pennies” and keep turning up, but keep the PROBLEM ON HIS HEAD…the child support, and so on, so that it COSTS HIM something to keep giving you a hard time. It must be COSTLY to him to hassle you, so push for support if he wants visitation, and they will put them in jail in some places for failure to pay, or take it out of his pay checks, or make life miserable for him. When he pushes, PUSH BACK!

Hopefully you will be able to move on to another area or he will and he will eventually let go of both you and Junior.

I’m glad you are starting to make money and meet your own needs! TOWANDA!!!!!


Coping ~ Great News, all the way around. So glad to hear Jr. is feeling better, hopefully that will be the end of the ear infections.

I would think the spath has royally screwed up regarding the missing visits. That SHOULD be the end of them granting him any more.

Keep up the good work and my thoughts are with you.

Ox Drover
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