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77-year-old woman suspected of attempted murder – again

Millie Weeks, 77, of Canada, is nicknamed the “Internet Black Widow.” A series of husbands have ended up ill or dead, with Millie serving time. She was recently arrested for suspected attempted murder after her most recent husband became violently ill days after they married.

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Ox Drover

You know, I know that Hare says that some of the psychopaths sort of, to quote the old country and western song sort of “rowdy on down” as they get older, but you know, I am not so sure that he is right in that assessment.

Maybe they get too old to engage in some kinds of physical violence, but I think that the MIND SET doesn’t change and this woman’s case is I think the PERFECT EXAMPLE of the truthS that PSYCHOPATHS DON’T CHANGE and THEY DON’T LEARN MUCH IF ANYTHING FROM THEIR MISTAKES.

This woman got caught and then went to prison and danged if she didn’t get out and DO IT AGAIN.

Though my son is an extremely bright man, scoring in the top 1/10th of one percent in IQ—he is almost a “Keystone cops” example of the FAILED criminal. He gets caught almost EVERY time he as done anything criminal. I say almost because I think when he was a kid he broke into a few houses to rob them (while I thought he was at school) and didn’t get caught by the law. He didn’t even TRY to hide the fact that he murdered Jessica Witt….talked about it to his friends for days before hand and then after he killed her to her roommate. DUH?

Hare does say though that their right brain and their left brains do not communicate…and they actually have limited to no idea how WE think emotionally.

My P sperm donor (that I KNOW killed at least two people, though he claims more) used to say “murder is the easiest crime in the world to get away with unless you are found standing over the corpse with a gun yelling I did it, I did it” Well, Patrick almost did exactly that very thing. Im not sure why he didn’t realize that other people would be “somewhat upset” with him for killing Jessica, but he obviously did NOT get it that her friends and family and the COPS would be upset.




Hi Oxy,

This woman was the subject of an hour long news documentary on the CBC (national broadcaster) when she tried to dispatch her LAST husband:
www . / fifth/2012-2013/2012/10/ m l
(trying this again – just remove the spaces)

I can’t believe (well, actually I can) that she tried to do it again after getting SO MUCH publicity the last time. If her current husband/family had bothered to check her out on the internet, they would have found a whole lot of info. Just goes to show…

Reminds me of what you describe of Patrick, that the things that would bother normal people, and at least get them to modify their behaviour, don’t seem to have any impact whatsoever…


Re: aging out, I think that Hare led us all spectacularly wrong on that one. I think it’s a direct function of the problem whereby he based his research and criteria on violent incarcerated men. THAT type of criminal tends to use classic combative violence to committ their crimes. So, going solely by their conviction stats it would of course appear that they age out, purely because everyone gets weaker as they age. HOWEVER, for every other type of criminal &/or killer: angels of death (poison, smothering), white collar criminals (fraud, embezzelment), incest/SA against children, female perpetrated homicide (poison, proxy), etc… physical strength/stamina isn’t such an issue, and they continue to commit crimes well into old age. Madoff was 70 when they caught him, and only was stopped because the market changed. If it hadn’t, I’m sure he would have continued until he died.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to/read about where their mothers assaulted them, and then went on to assault their grandchildren – purely because everyone repeats that false belief that they age out so the victims don’t take proper precautions.

But even in the case of the classic violent male criminal, I think their declining physical strength ages them out from committing THOSE types of crimes, but I seriously doubt they don’t go on to commit the types of crimes above where – as your sperm donour said – you have to be found standing over the body waving a gun saying “I did it” before you’re found guilty (or even charged).

Ox Drover

Annie, I agree totally, I think they only “age out ” of the things that require physical strength….as for the other things, they continue.

You know I have AGED OUT of partying every night. (actually did that quite a while back! LOL) There was a time though when I par-TAYED every night, til the wee hours of the morning and then dragged myself out of bed and went to work on 2-3 hours sleep.

NOW my idea of a real PAR-TAY is a good book and a glass of wine or a couple of friends over to watch a movie or chat or play board games. So I have definitely ROWDYED ON DOWN in my activities or even my desires. I’ve done that “par-TAY all night” and it no longer holds any allure for me–been there done that and realize it wasn’t really as much “fun” as I thought it was simply because I had never experienced that before and “everyone was doing it” so I wanted to do it too. Found out that when you get soused wit booze, your head hurts the next day and you feel like pounded dog doo….so quit that too.

Have just learned from the things I did to try to have fun that didn’t really turn out all that well. LOL Psychopaths are not really adept at LEARNING FROM THEIR MISTAKES and they repeat them. If you look at the patterns of criminals I don’t know a single one (though I don’t know MANY in terms of numbers) but NONE of the ones I know learned from their mistakes and quit repeating them. Stealing, lying, conning others, and even violence, along with drug and alcohol use.

I have some neighbors that have “rowdyed on down a bit” as they get pretty old and also they don’t have the money now because their life style has been that drugs kept them from being able to work regularly so they are too poor and too old to continue a lot of their previous behavior. I still keep a KEEN EYE ON THEM THOUGH because I know their son who no longer lives there visits and brings in some of his REALLY ROWDY buds.

BTW sometimes posts do “disappear” but if DONNA “disappears” one of your posts, she will TELL you about it and WHY so don’t get paranoid about your posts disappearing.LOL Mine do it fairly frequently. If I’m doing a long one I usually try to copy it and save that before I post it so if the first try doesn’t work, I don’t have to retype it.


Hi Oxy,
I think the disappearing comments have more to do with wrinkles in system upgrades (at least from my years of IT experience it certainly looks that way). I posted one that got through, and then when I attempted to edit it got an error message told me it was marked as spam! THAT is just nonsense, there is no spam generator in the world that will create a valid comment, edit it, then try to resubmit it. Someone in the IT department is having problems, I’d wager!

Thought you’d appreciate this other news article about this case:
www . . htm l

A Nova Scotia justice of the peace says he asked police to warn his life-long friend, 75-year-old Fred Weeks, that he might be in danger the day after Weeks married a woman known as the Internet Black Widow.

But George Megeney says police told him they couldn’t get involved because the woman had served her time for killing a previous husband and defrauding a boyfriend she met online. She was known at that time as Melissa Russell.

“I wanted Fred to know the situation that he might be in. You know, he could be in danger,” Megeney said in an exclusive interview with CBC-TV’s the fifth estate. He said he asked the police to intercept Weeks and his new bride as they left a ferry in Newfoundland while on their honeymoon. But the police told him there was nothing they could do because “it would be an invasion of that lady’s privacy because she had no warrants, she had done her time.”
George Megeney, a justice of the peace, officiated at the wedding of Fred and Millie Weeks. (CBC)
Four days later, after a short honeymoon in Newfoundland, Weeks was rushed to hospital from a bed and breakfast in Sydney, N.S., where he and his new bride had spent the night. Two days after that, police charged Melissa Weeks with attempting to murder her husband and with “administering a noxious thing.”

It’s the same kind of ‘they’ve done their time so there’s nothing we can do’ mindset that doesn’t notify family of murdered victims when offenders are let out on parole. I imagine you’d know a thing or two about that, sadly.

Ox Drover

Yea, Annie, same thing with Jack P the man who finally killed himself when the police had another talk with him. I feel sorry for his widow. I’m not sure though about her…is she a “victim” too? Was she “trauma bonded” to him and stuck with him all through his arrest and prison sentence and then afterward? Or was she also a PARTICIPANT in his pedophilia?

I’m not sure, and can’t “judge” the woman. I ran into her a while back, hadn’t seen her in probably 10 years or more, and she looked 100 years old. I would NOT have recognized her if someone hadn’t told me who she was. She looked like a BEATEN dog.

You know psychopaths devastate entire families, and maybe she was part of his family that was devastated by his behavior,, I know that she kept losing job after job as a teacher, and I was partly the reason for that is I EDUCATED her principals about her husband’s criminal record, so she was unable to keep on teaching. Do I feel badly about that? Not at all, because her teaching gave her husband access to her students.

She is now retired, and able to live comfortably on other income, and she volunteers for the museum again, but not working with children. I reserve judgment about this woman. Victim or co-psychopath? I tend to think she was a victim, but can’t be for sure. When I do run into her, which isn’t often, I am polite and nice to her. I don’t shun her or give her the cold shoulder.


Eugh…..ew……ugh. Spaths do not stop what they do. They just evolve their techniques and refine their focuses.

As they get older, they don’t have the extreme energy required to machinate, nor do they maintain their allure unless they pay for copious cosmetic surgeries. As they age, spaths simply alter how they get what it is that they want.


Hi Oxy,
I’m not on here that much these days; I’m unfamiliar with the “Jack P” story.

Truthspeak, re: “the extreme energy required to machinate”, I’m not so sure they need it when they get older. I’m pretty certain that by that time they’ve honed their skills pretty well and have it down to a science. I don’t think they even need to machinate after a while – at a certain point it kind of becomes second nature. Energy or no energy, I don’t think my mother could stop the behaviour if she tried.

I think their lifetime of skill-building ‘how to be a bad-ass’ stands them in pretty good stead once they start to go grey.

I think this is yet another example of when criminals are accorded rights over and above that of law-abiding citizens. Much worse here in Canada, btw. We don’t seem to be interested in keeping anyone in jail very long here.


Annie, this is why I’ve proposed Spath Island. It would be an island somewhere in the South Pacific – preferably along the tectonic plates where earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes would be a factor.

People who demonstrated consistent predatory behaviors would be placed on Spath Island, along with a bagful of vegetable seeds, some fruit plants, and a few head of livestock. Then, they’d be let loose among one another to duke it out amonst themselves.

Although I approach this with morbid humor, I would have no compunction about setting these people apart from society to fend for themselves among one another. No cell phones. No radios. No batteries. Nothing but seeds, plants, and livestock. IF they want cloth, they can sort out how to create fiber from plants. If they want shoes, they can figure out how to tan a hide and stitch it together to make footwear. If they want weapons, they can figure out how to flintknap stones into spear points.

But, if they want source targets, they can stalk one another.

Brightest blessings


LOL-you are more severe than ‘the hunger games’ ! I LOVE the idea. How many years/months do you think it would be before they were non-existant?

Hi Louise! What forms of help did you use to heal yourself? If you don’t mind me asking. I could use the help/info. : )



I suspect those spaths on spath island could persuade sharks to pity them and carry them elsewhere 😉



Nothing really magical. Just A LOT of time. Time does help when there’s nothing else you can do about the situation. It’s been over two years since the initial contact with spath…actually in December it will be three years since he very first contacted me. Just trying to keep busy and having no contact. Exercise. I still think about him a lot, but it’s different now somehow. I can’t really describe it. Thanks for asking and sorry if I was not much help.


I’m glad your feeling better. Yes, time does help a lot, exercise too! Thanks for your response.


I love it!

“Spath Island”.
Where do I sign?


My ex, the sociopath, is most certainly the son of a died-in-the-wool sociopath. The father was a coke dealer back in the day and engaged in a long string of affairs with women. He had three children outside of marriage that the wife, spath’s mother, didn’t even know about until the IRS started withholding tax refunds for non-payment of child support. He beat up spath’s mother and his mistresses with frequency. He abused the ex with frequency when he was young, until the ex could fight back. He was a very bad dude.

So now, 30 years later, he’s not even the same person. He’s gone from being this violent, hard-partying, drugged-out cheater to going to bed at 9 every night in his bedroom (mom and dad dont’ share a bed at all anymore). He’s still says mean things to everyone, but he’s more like one of those crusty old guys yelling at kids to get off his lawn. No woman will even look at him now, so cheating isn’t going to happen.

I do think they can burn out and they settle for what they can get or what they have, even though it’s not at all what they want.

sea storm

I think they have a knack for destroying people’s lives. They act out a lot sexually when they are young but the old thrill of getting one over on someone never leaves. I think they get better at not leaving a trail. That love of power is the real aphrodisiac.
Sometimes all it takes is a little joke about someone, a belittling comment, a subtle lie and voila! Or worse no one ever knows it was them that did it.

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