77-year-old woman suspected of attempted murder – again

Millie Weeks, 77, of Canada, is nicknamed the “Internet Black Widow.” A series of husbands have ended up ill or dead, with Millie serving time. She was recently arrested for suspected attempted murder after her most recent husband became violently ill days after they married.

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LOL-you are more severe than ‘the hunger games’ ! I LOVE the idea. How many years/months do you think it would be before they were non-existant?

Hi Louise! What forms of help did you use to heal yourself? If you don’t mind me asking. I could use the help/info. : )


I suspect those spaths on spath island could persuade sharks to pity them and carry them elsewhere 😉


Nothing really magical. Just A LOT of time. Time does help when there’s nothing else you can do about the situation. It’s been over two years since the initial contact with spath…actually in December it will be three years since he very first contacted me. Just trying to keep busy and having no contact. Exercise. I still think about him a lot, but it’s different now somehow. I can’t really describe it. Thanks for asking and sorry if I was not much help.

I’m glad your feeling better. Yes, time does help a lot, exercise too! Thanks for your response.

I love it!

“Spath Island”.
Where do I sign?

My ex, the sociopath, is most certainly the son of a died-in-the-wool sociopath. The father was a coke dealer back in the day and engaged in a long string of affairs with women. He had three children outside of marriage that the wife, spath’s mother, didn’t even know about until the IRS started withholding tax refunds for non-payment of child support. He beat up spath’s mother and his mistresses with frequency. He abused the ex with frequency when he was young, until the ex could fight back. He was a very bad dude.

So now, 30 years later, he’s not even the same person. He’s gone from being this violent, hard-partying, drugged-out cheater to going to bed at 9 every night in his bedroom (mom and dad dont’ share a bed at all anymore). He’s still says mean things to everyone, but he’s more like one of those crusty old guys yelling at kids to get off his lawn. No woman will even look at him now, so cheating isn’t going to happen.

I do think they can burn out and they settle for what they can get or what they have, even though it’s not at all what they want.

I think they have a knack for destroying people’s lives. They act out a lot sexually when they are young but the old thrill of getting one over on someone never leaves. I think they get better at not leaving a trail. That love of power is the real aphrodisiac.
Sometimes all it takes is a little joke about someone, a belittling comment, a subtle lie and voila! Or worse no one ever knows it was them that did it.

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