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9 tips to avoid online dating scams

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Boomers and seniors need to be cautious about online dating.

Lovefraud contributor Ann Stevenson recently sent a link to the following story on Huffington Post:

9 Tips to keep you safe from the scammers on online dating sites

I can say that this article is absolutely on the money.

If you’re recovering from an involvement with a sociopath, it is best to work on your emotional healing before you even think about dating again.

But I hope that, sooner or later, everyone is strong enough to try again. Although many people on dating websites are liars and cheaters, there are normal people there as well who are honestly looking to make a connection. If you do decide to try online dating after all, almost everyone does it these days the article’s tips will help you.

And here’s what I would add a final tip:

10. Trust your intuition. Your intuition is designed to warn you about predators. So of you get a bad feeling about someone, if the person makes you uncomfortable in any way, stop communicating with him or her immediately.


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