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9-year-old charged with murder

A young boy from Illinois was charged with murder in the beating death of a 14-month old boy. A judge ordered the juvenile to be placed in state custody. Three adults are in jail, charged with child endangerment.

Judge orders state custody for 9-year-old suspect in beating death of toddler, on

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There are no mental health issues with the boy?


I guess a lawyer can argue just about anything.


Oh…….my………..gawd, what a horrible situation! I almost feel that I’m going to be sick. “Beating death” of a TODDLER?!

G1S, yes – lawyers argue anything, all of the time.

I’m actually grateful that the particulars of this horrific crime weren’t detailed in the article. That there were adults in attendance and this kid BEAT a toddler TO DEATH just makes my blood run backwards.

Omigawd, what a terrible, terrible thing.


Yeah, and then the lawyer has the audacity to argue the boy has no mental health issues. THAT should be illegal.

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