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Convicted felon may have fathered 1,000 children through artificial insemination while working at a Utah fertility clinic

A Utah couple discovered through a DNA test that  their daughter, who was conceived through artificial insemination, does not carry the DNA of the man she has called daddy all her life.

The biological father was Thomas R Lippert, a convicted felon who worked as a technician at Reproductive Medical Technologies, the fertility clinic in Midvale, Utah. Lippert replaced clients’ sperm for with his own.

Before working at the clinic, Lippert served two years in prison for kidnapping a college co-ed for three weeks and using electroshock therapy on her to make her “fall in love with him,” KUTV reported.

The clinic is no longer open and Lippert died in 1999 at the age of 49. Authorities from the University of Utah, which had ties to the clinic, are involved in an ongoing investigation, but say Lippert could have switched his sperm in as many as 1,000 procedures.

 Thomas Lippert, Late Reproductive Clinic Employee, Accused Of Swapping His Own Sperm With Customers, from Huffington Post.

Utah university investigates suspected sperm switch, from CCN.

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sometime I wonder if earth IS hell and some how good people got suck here. This story is absolutely a nightmare for the family’s to have to deal with emotionally…..makes me sick to my stomach. The governments around the world need to have a public media campaign on how to recognize a sociopath and how common they truly are in our society. How this guy ever got a job after what he did to his kidnapped victim is beyond comprehension.


Wow, the sociopath’s “gift” that keeps on giving. I’m sick to my stomach.

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