A cry for help and understanding for sons with mental illnesses

Miles O’Brien, science correspondent for PBS Newshour and NOVA, conducts video interviews with two parents who reveal the struggles they endure because of the actions of their sons.

Jeff Williams is the father of Andy Williams, who was convicted of killing two classmates and injuring 13 others. Liza Long is the mother of a boy who has threatened to harm others as a result of his mental illness. In her tearful interview, Long seeks help for both her and her son in dealing with his condition. The most compelling aspects of this story are the video interviews O’Brien conducts with both boys.

Sins of the Sons on

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

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Truthspeak, thank you for the recommendation. I will make a note of it for sure. I don’t know if the the person I’m seeing right now (DBT) is the appropriate person to help me address anything old like my childhood injuries. It sounds like DBT is more of a practical, behavioral modification/ learning therapy approach.
I’m sure I’m too spent right now to dig too deep into precognitive emotional trama. I’m seeing it to as much of a degree as I care to already. This is the first time I’ve really connected my story with ME. up till now, it’s always felt like I was telling someone else’s story. This time it’s real.

Ox Drover

Dorthy, you can take a sweet little Beagle puppy, which has all kiinds of “friendly” DNA and you can abuse it enough that it will snap at an outstreched hand, or maybe it gets hit by a car and its leg broken and someone reaches down to pick it up and it bites because it is in such bad pain it strikes out. It happens. But that doesn’t mean that dog has morphed into a pit bull. So be kind to yourself, and forgive yourself, make amends if you need to, but “go ye and sin no more”—become the kind of person you would want them to be.


OxDrover, thank you…..I have learned more in the two years with Spath than I have in a life time. I was reading a post of Skylars (I think), it was from a while back. She was talking about the hard lessons we learn from a Spathcapade and that we would never have chosen to learn the lessons we’ve learned on our own. I guess it takes a Spath to bring us fully awake.

I do want to be a better person….yes, it’s true. I can’t tell you how many times since we split that I have risen above seeking revenge. I am not going to let him make me make an ass out of myself for his satisfaction, amusement or to make himself feel justified.
I’ve done and said a few things that I probably shouldn’t have but that’s the way it goes. I’m certainly not going to apologize to him for ANYTHING ANYMORE!!
What is the meaning of your name, by the way?

Ox Drover

I am in a living history group and I drove a team of oxen for events and pulled a cart, wagon or sled with them. Oxen are not a special breed of animal but just cattle (usually steers) trained to work, it is a job title for an animal.

Now my oxen have gone to that great barn in the sky and I have mammoth (horse sized) jack asses named Fat Ass and Hairy Ass, because of liability issues…equine events are protected in my state from anyone stupiid enough to stick their head under them and getting kicked cant sue…not so with bovine (cattle) so though oxen are more period correct than donkeys/asses, Asses are more correct than mules or horses.

I “came out” of the identity closet a couple of years back and post articles under my real name now, but stiill blog here as “Ox Drover” but most folks call me Oxy. LOL


Oxy, that’s a great story! Ok, now that I know why your name is Ox Drover….I will tell you that I thought it might have something to do with the Spath relationship like…OX means hugs and kisses…like you were driving the Spaths Hugs and Kisses ( X’s & O’s ) away! LOL!

Thanks for your feed backs and the story. This web sit is so great!

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