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A little antifreeze with your breakfast dear?

Carla hague

Carla Hague, 71, is accused of poisoning her husband with antifreeze.

The wife of a sitting county judge in Ohio allegedly attempted to poison her husband of 45 years with antifreeze. Carla Hague, 71, is now facing attempted murder charges  and felony assault charges for trying to kill her county judge husband Charles Hague.

The wife’s efforts were discovered when Charles was admitted to the hospital complaining of stomach pain. It was then that tests revealed that he had a high level of ethylene glycol, or antifreeze, in his system. Friends are shocked.

Ohio woman tried to poison husband of 45 years with antifreeze: report, from NY Daily News

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I have been poisoned by an employer that was unsuccessful at seducing my husband. He is a good guy and he told me so. The only thing I could eyewitness, was that she drove by my house and into my driveway, and my new place of employment with two of my former boyfriends. The ones that were the most rotten to me, the ones that I didn’t want knowing where I lived and my unlisted phone number to scare me. When I asked her to get out of my life, she retaliated with lying to the police that I threatened to kill her and her teenage son whom she lost of custody of as baby, that lived in another county with his dad because of incest and her addictions. Unlike drinking antifreeze, putting acid in my facial toner in my bottle I kept at work, scarred me for life, but as my doctor said, “in time it could have very well shut down my internal organs.” I have had kidney problems since. I gave notice after 11 months of working in hell beside the most evil woman I have come across.


Is no one, anwhere safe anymore?


I accidentally deleted my post instead of editing. Ok, let me try this again 🙂

I believe very strongly that the ex-spath once intentionally made me very ill.

One evening we drank two glasses of wine at his house. It was home-brewed stuff that was bottled by a friend of his. Within a half-hour I was very ill – vomiting continuously, drenched in a cold sweat, couldn’t stand up on my own. It was the most violent illness I’ve ever experienced. I passed out on the sofa, exactly where he left me fully clothed, and ended up sleeping for something like 16 hours. He didn’t consider taking me to a hospital and made a comment the next day that he was thankful I didn’t die in his house. He was totally unconcerned.

I had taken a Vicodin around 10 hours earlier that day. It’s prescribed to me to use if I feel an oncoming migraine, and I rarely used them then because the migraines had decreased in frequency. So after 10 hours I didn’t feel any effects of the prescription drug. I was perfectly fine until I drank two glasses of wine.

I made the mistake of telling him that I had taken the pill, but had already dismissed that as a contributing factor. I didn’t believe the combination of the two was the cause. He told me again and again that day that he wasn’t going to get involved with a “pill popper” and that everything that had happened was my fault. I began doubting myself. He made me feel guilty for being sick. Thereafter he insinuated that I was a drug addict, just for one pill. I never took another Vicodin again.

So I put this incident out of my mind for several years and then I remembered. I remembered his lack of concern. I remembered that he hadn’t taken me to a hospital, or done anything besides laying me on a sofa. I remembered that he hadn’t gotten sick at all. I don’t know what he could have put in a drink to make me so ill so fast, and then recover within a relatively short period of time. But I do believe now he was the cause. Nothing else makes sense.


Do you think maybe a combination of alcohol and that pill had an effect? The fact that he is stupid enough to call you a pill popper after taking one pill shows that he is an idiot. That alone was a red flag to me.


No, I don’t think the pill & two glasses of wine did it. I did some research later and found that Vicodin has a half life of around 4 hours, so after 10 hours the amount in my system would have been very small as I had taken a low dosage (5mg hydrocodone bitartrate, 500mg acetaminophen). My doctor didn’t much believe it was the Vicodin/alcohol combo either. He blamed tainted wine, but that doesn’t explain why the spath didn’t get sick too.


I live in the community of the Hague’s. On the lighter side, and tongue in cheek, when I asked my attorney for the dirt, he said, “Let’s just say that Mrs. Hague will have an aggressive defense.” I suspected so. Call me biased, but a woman who wants to bop off her hubby of 50 years probably went loony in that marital “bliss”.


It would be interesting to hear the whole story. Just because someone is a murderer doesn’t automatically make them a sociopath. I know people who have joked about poisoning longtime abusive spouses, though they never went as far as actually doing it. I’ve seen people fantasize about murdering their exes. But to say she’s a sociopath without hearing the whole story is really jumping to conclusions as far as I’m concerned. She would need to have a history of sociopathic traits. She could have just snapped. Could be a crime of passion precipitated by something she found out about her husband. Without details, we really don’t know.

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