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A real alleged serial killer: Joseph Naso

Joseph Naso, 77, of Reno, Nevada, is charged with killing four women—in 1977, 1978, 1993 and 1994. He’s also being investigated in the murders of three girls, ages 10 and 11, before that. In writing about him, the Reno Gazette-Journal also described serial killers in general, debunking many myths. The first page of this article includes a sidebar about an FBI report on serial killers.

Read Joseph Naso: Understanding an alleged serial killer on

Here’s an article about him describing what many of us have experienced with sociopaths.

Read Multiple murder suspect Naso accused in ’90s of exploiting Reno woman on

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Ox Drover

Boy, does his life story sound “familiar”—-sounds a bit like the military commander in Canada except for stealing the woman’s money, but that part sounds “so like” so many of the cheats.


Why do they almost always end up representing themselves? LOLZ

If you know what you’re watching, a self represented sociopath is highly humourous in court.

romanticfool no more

I can understand that. I’m sure my X would insist on representing himself, he had many trophies for debate. Since they are convinced no matter what they say is truth, simply because they want it to be, they come across as sincere. X told me the silliest lies, sometimes about things that had just happened the day before, and expected me to believe them. After I finally realized how dangerous he was I pretended to accept them and I’m quite sure he was convinced of his own “truths”.

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