A sociopathic girl, six guys and one innocent victim

In this painful story of peer pressure and recklessness, a 12-year-old British girl is violated. Read the story on

Raped at 12 by a gang of footballers but judges say it’s the victims’ fault and frees them. Now one of the victims talks about the sickening events of that night

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“Sociopath” is a very broad term. It is applicable to anyone who displays several of the characteristic traits. Why do you think it is often misused?

Much of a person’s character is formed very early on. Dr. Liane Leedom showed us that oxytocin receptors are stimulated (or not) during early childhood development. So it’s safe to say that some young people, depending on their brain chemistry and social factors, will damage others if they themselves are damaged, but not everyone will.

Affective empathy, the ability to care what happens with other people and the foundation of conscience, would be an influential factor in determining a person’s reaction to mistreatment. If they don’t have affective empathy, and are mistreated, it’s likely that they’ll mistreat others. If they have affective empathy and are mistreated, they would be more likely to respond protectively toward others.

Children subjected to mistreatment can also develop PTSD which may give them a brittleness and heighten their distress reactions, altering how they will react in stressful situations.

The evolution of psychopathy from one generation to the next depends on the combination of brain chemistry and treatment. An “at risk” child with low empathy growing up in a loving supportive environment, may still become an unfeeling adult, but will be more likely to lie, cheat, and steal than to become a ghoul. An at-risk child who is beaten and molested is more likely to become a molester.

Parents need to know that the signs of psychopathy show up at an early age, and what to look for to curb their child’s development into anti-social beings. Presently, this information isn’t being mainstreamed.

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