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A sociopathic girl, six guys and one innocent victim

In this painful story of peer pressure and recklessness, a 12-year-old British girl is violated. Read the story on

Raped at 12 by a gang of footballers but judges say it’s the victims’ fault and frees them. Now one of the victims talks about the sickening events of that night

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Ox Drover

I also read an article today about a London judge (female) who has released multiple pedophiles….including a teacher who molested students….with the comment that she understood that “teachers should be attracted to children.” (head shaking here and TEETH GRINDING!)



Huh??? That London judge has to be insane!


I just read this article. The boys were wrong, but that Lucy friend wanted to do this…went with them willingly knowing what was going to happen. Sad. Poor Katie was just an innocent bystander. And it doesn’t sound like Katie was raped or did I miss something???

It also said that one of the guys lives in a council flat with his dad…did you get that BBE?? Sociopath breeding grounds.


The premise of statutory rape is that those under the age of consent are pliable, easily manipulated and are too immature to make a decision regarding sexual activity, even if they “want it.”

I sincerely hope that prosecutors do not give up and continue to seek justice by keep the boys behind bars, although that is probably giving them too much of want they want, gang sex.

Ox Drover

When I worked at the adolescent in-patient mental facility, we had a 12 year old MALE there who had sexually molested 4 or 5 children age 6-11 (full on intercourse) and he was a budding little control freak psychopath as far as I am concerned. He believed this sexual encounters were “willing” and therefore okay. He was also 6 ft 6 inches and 235-40 pounds as well, so he was also a bully.

I’m only 5’5″ but I had my two faithful “arm candy/protectors” in the guise of TWO guys that were 6′.5″ and 300+ pounds of former football line backers who were “mental health” techs, so I didn’t give in to junior’s bullying….While I have NO doubt that Junior grew up to be a predatory sexually dangerous animal, even he was “under the age of consent” (BTW he was NOT mentally deficient or retarded, he was plenty smart enough and very CUNNING)

He and some others managed to escape and get outside free of the instutional walls, and the cops ran them to ground, and it was a GAME….He was standing up on a high wall when they were cornered and he picked up a big rock and was going to throw it down on the cop, and stood there threatening….and the cop calmly said, “If you chunk it, I will shoot you before the rock hits me or the ground” so the boy quit laughing and put it down.

When they brought them back to the institution the ONLY thing we could do was put them in “solitary” and make them wear scrubs instead of street clothes. He informed me as the cops brought him in he was “going to my room and get a shower, I’m scraped up and the sweat is stinging in the cuts”-0—I told him “NO, you are going to the “quiet room for 2 hours and wear these” and handed him a pair of scrubs, he looked at me and said “NO! I’m not, this sweat STINGS in the c uts” and I said, “Oh, but you ARE going to wear these and go to the quiet room you can have a shower in 2 hours.” He looked at my body guards and then took the scrubs and put them on himself instead of me having to have them forcefully put them on him, and he walked into the quiet room.

It was ALL a big game to his 12 year old mind–he was physically an “adult” and he was big enough to enforce his wishes on most people 1 on 1, especially children…but he had no moral compass that was stronger than wanting instant gratification, and no adult judgment in his juvenile mind.

Between a combination of poor luck with genetics and poor luck with environment, and zero impulse control, and an unusually early puberty with the “raging hormones” hitting him and giving him a man’s appetites and physical abilities at grade school level of judgment….this kid didn’t have a chance.

If he had become involved instead with an adult man, the MAN would have been accused of pedophilia and rightly so, but “yea, he would have been more than “willing.” So while the “friend” may very well have known what was going to happen and lured her unknowing friend along for the ride….the whole situation was HORRIBLE for that little 12 year old, betrayed and then raped because she was vulnerable in knowing who she could trust.


I was just thinking of something. I remember my x-spath answering many disturbing “matching” questions on the dating website. While these don’t necessarily indicate anything it simply means to better match him you must:

Be willing to date a smoker.
Be willing to date somebody with a sexual transmitted disease.
Be willing to date somebody convicted of a sexual crime.

Of course there were many normal questions as well but the last one, ‘be willing to date somebody convicted of a sexual crime” I thought the most disturbing.

Since he is a small person, I doubt he could forcibly rape somebody, but a stat rape charge with a younger guy? Or being part of a group thing were a younger guy was raped? Oh these sociopaths give you things to think about.


unconscionable… no words.


Wow, there is a lot going on here. We must remmember that hurt people often hurt other people. If a 12 year old boy or girl molests those younger, then perhaps that is what happened to them?

As far as the girl in the UK goes, this is becoming an epidemic. These girls were probably emulating what they see the pop stars do not knowing what any of it really means. As we continue down this road of “anything goes” and token censorship (marking songs as explicit), kids continue to be sexually exploited by the media, most importantly music and movies that target teen audiences.

Have any of you listened to the lyrics of the music these days? If you have girls on Youtube singing the lyrics to “slob on my knob” or “Do my Dance (fuck my pussy right boy)”, it’s no wonder stupid boys will do stupid things to stupid,naive girls who just want attention.

I blame the parents, not the kids, because they keep making excuses for our current pop culture, stating that censorship affects freedom of speech. The fact is, you have to draw a line in the sand somewhere! Kids come first, not the rights of pop stars and movies like “Zack and Miri make a porno”.

Wake the hell up parents!

“”hurt people often hurt other people—

Actually, it is malevolent and callous people who hurt other people. I believe that someone who has been victimized is more likely to be sensitized to the plight of others.


I didn’t make that saying up and many malevolent and callous people are hurt people who have never received healing, holding on to past pain. If you’ve ever been victimized by a cold, callous, malicious, manipulating person and started on the path to understand how they got that way, you come to two conclusions, either they were born that way or life events caused them to act that way.


Surely there are more than two conclusions because I can come up with at least one more: It’s a choice.


Of course it’s a choice. Everything we do can be boiled down to a choice. But we live in a big world and EVERYONE has to take responsibility for it, even the perfect people.


I agree with jmmira. Absolutely it’s a choice, but what drives that choice? People who have not been hurt or scarred do not hurt other people. I agree that hurt people, hurt people. Absolutely. We all have choices, but look around…who are the people hurting people? I know in my city it is people who have no mothers, no fathers, no one who ever cared about them. Those are hurt people and they are robbing and murdering other people. Do they have a choice? Of course they do. But they have a deep hurt and it’s DRIVING those choices. Look around at the people you know who have hurt you…what type of life did they have? And guess what? Sometimes we don’t know because they don’t tell…they keep that hurt deep, deep inside and never reveal the secrets that make them the way they are. I know I will get arguments about this post and that is fine. It will be from the people who will say well so and so was abused and hurt very badly as a child or so and so was abandoned and didn’t have a mother as a child and they are not out there hurting people, but EVERYONE is different! That’s right…not every hurt person is going to hurt people. Perhaps they have more self control, perhaps they vowed they would never treat anyone the way they were treated, etc. But everyone is not the same. So yes, some hurt people do not hurt people, but some do.


Wow, great perspective! My personal opinion is that people who have been hurt and have received healing in some way. And the word “received” is very important here, because I think we all have the opportunity and capacity to receive healing, but we hold on to the pain.

Unfortunately, that causes bondage to the suffering which is then never released. It just festers and festers.

Hermes wrote the following in the Corpus Hermeticum:

“23. But to the Mind-less ones, the wicked and depraved, the envious and covetous, and those who murder, do and love impiety, I am far off, yielding my place to the Avenging Daemon, who sharpening the fire, tormenteth him and addeth fire to fire upon him, and rusheth on him through his senses, thus rendering him the readier for transgressions of the law, so that he meets with greater torment; nor doth he ever cease to have desire for appetites inordinate, insatiately striving in the dark.”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t (at least not here) point out that these people are the hurt people who need to receive healing to be free from this torturous cycle.

I believe this is different than being a Sociopath or Psychopath. My experience with an adopted cousin revealed to me that one, we know her mother was deranged in some way(the reason she was given up for adoption) and two, she seemed to be ‘missing’ some sensitivity to others from a very young age. She hurt animals and other children without provocation from a very young age. This is very different than when someone snaps and finally responds angrily towards someone that has hurt them over and over again.

I also know someone who was married to a woman, who told horror stories about her ex’s, but after being married found his wife to be the problem. He stated that for years he was cooperative, compassionate and patient, however his wife never received or acknowledged anything positive he did. After many years he was diagnosed with GAD and Depression. This doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of a bad relationship. The guy then suffered throughout the divorce process, never getting his side of the story heard because of this no-fault divorce and the often unfair assumption that women do not hurt men emotionally! If men could not be hurt emotionally, it implies that all men are without feelings or essentially sociopaths and that’s just not true!

This can happen between spouses as well as parents and children. When we have relationships like this, but are easy to get out of, unless we’re very co-dependent, we don’t normally stay in them. A good example would be a bad job with an abusive boss. The only thing keeping a person in this job is the pay and the lack of another opportunity. Marriage and Parent/child relationships are not things you can just walk away from.

I understand that you didn’t make up that expression. Someone else did. What is worth knowing, is how well it reflects reality, our own beliefs aside. Sociopaths are nasty people who enjoy tormenting others. They seem to be immune to the kind of emotional trauma that they can cause their victims.


I absolutely agree with that. However, while I like this site, I think a lot of people just call their ex’s sociopaths (I think we’ve digressed from the topic of this article) without them having been diagnosed as such and even then, you don’t know. Psychologists seem to differ on theory and method and it is psychology is a soft science. Which makes it very difficult to rely on when you go for marriage counseling. My experience is to never, ever agree to marriage counseling without finding a Psychologist who does personality and psychological testing and has a long history of using testing. Do not use someone who is just a certified marriage counselor or an LCSW. LCSWs do NOT have the credentials to perform psychological testing! When it comes down to your marriage and kids, this is very important. People with personality disorders can destroy your life and nobody will understand what you’ve been through except for some people on sites like this! I know it… I’ve lived it and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel like a fool, a sucker, wish I did this or that or wish I got out sooner, etc. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t replay the countless irrational events, lies and such in my head.

“Sociopath” is a very broad term. It is not erroneous to use it for someone who displays the characteristic traits. Why do you think it is often misused?

“Sociopath” is a very broad term. It is applicable to anyone who displays several of the characteristic traits. Why do you think it is often misused?

Much of a person’s character is formed very early on. Dr. Liane Leedom showed us that oxytocin receptors are stimulated (or not) during early childhood development. So it’s safe to say that some young people, depending on their brain chemistry and social factors, will damage others if they themselves are damaged, but not everyone will.

Affective empathy, the ability to care what happens with other people and the foundation of conscience, would be an influential factor in determining a person’s reaction to mistreatment. If they don’t have affective empathy, and are mistreated, it’s likely that they’ll mistreat others. If they have affective empathy and are mistreated, they would be more likely to respond protectively toward others.

Children subjected to mistreatment can also develop PTSD which may give them a brittleness and heighten their distress reactions, altering how they will react in stressful situations.

The evolution of psychopathy from one generation to the next depends on the combination of brain chemistry and treatment. An “at risk” child with low empathy growing up in a loving supportive environment, may still become an unfeeling adult, but will be more likely to lie, cheat, and steal than to become a ghoul. An at-risk child who is beaten and molested is more likely to become a molester.

Parents need to know that the signs of psychopathy show up at an early age, and what to look for to curb their child’s development into anti-social beings. Presently, this information isn’t being mainstreamed.

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