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A sociopath’s day in court – it didn’t go well for her

Rami Marston was sentenced to 37 months in prison for identity theft in Concord, New Hampshire last week. Before the sentencing, Judge Paul Barbadoro had many descriptions of Marston: narcissist, sociopath, serial criminal, fraudster and unremorseful.

“Are you trying to convince me to give you a lighter sentence, or get back at people?” the judge asked. “It’s not helping, it’s hurting when you take those kinds of attitudes against” the victims.

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Feds: ID thief forged boyfriend’s name on divorce papers

While under house arrest and on federal probation, ID thief Ramie Marston began dating her roommate’s friend and within months forged his name on divorce papers, billed a diamond ring to his estranged wife and hacked his e-mail account, according to federal prosecutors.

Federal judge: ID thief can’t dye hair before trial

Inmate Ramie Marston asked the court to allow her to color her hair at a secure location in the federal courthouse prior to Tuesday’s jury selection for her trial on Wednesday. Her attorney Bjorn Lange told the court Marston has colored her hair blonde since she was 18 and has not been allowed to continue coloring it in prison. Further, Lange said, the U.S. Marshal’s office will not permit Marston to color her hair at the courthouse.

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“…Upon her release from the new 37-month prison term, Marston is court-ordered to be under the supervised release of a parole officer for an additional three years. She’s barred from using the Internet, from leasing a post office box, or from doing any kind of banking without approval from a parole officer. She’s also prohibited from using wiping or encryption software, from having a job where she has access to personal information and is court-ordered to disclose her criminal history to all future employers….”

Thirty seven months for generating almost 50K in fraudulent debt? Really? Seriously? That’s IT?!?!?! Internet, PO box, and banking barred?! ROTFLMAO!! Oh, that’ll teach her – NOT.

The soon-to-be-exspath has reconnected with a former “friend” who was also convicted of “Theft by Deception” in Pennsylvania – 32 counts. She did 3 years in prison and another 3 years of parole. I find it incredible that stealing someone’s identity and/or banking information, helping one’s self to another person’s finances, and serving LESS than 3 years for it is reprehensible.

The woman in the article should have to get out on a chain gang and work 12 hours a day for $2.25 an hour until she has earned enough to pay back everything that she stole. As it is, she just needs to keep her nose clean, act as if she has a sense of remorse (choose the right words), and she will be released to wreak the same type of havoc, again.

It just blows my mind. Put them ALL on an island and let them have at it.

Truthspeak, it IS FRUSTRATING…they also let out murders and rapists and pedophiles who are “rehabilitated” for a few days, weeks or months before they reoffend and go b ack to prison. YUK!

I’m like you I’m for devil’s island.

Hey Everyone…

Thanks for all of your support with my situation with my daughter.
I met a guy at a local resturaunt who worked in law enforcement for many years. He said that the “sociopaths” are just the WORST to deal with! What stories he told me. There is a new movie coming out with Denzel Washington…(love him!)..and he said that he had to read “The Sociopath Next Door” to understand his character as a socio!

Anyway, I wrote my daughter a letter basically saying…short version….

” I hope you are doing well. I want to explain something to you to use throughout your life. First of all, NOONE DICTATES POLICY IN MY HOUSE BUT ME..I did NOT throw you out of this house..I gave you another room and you didn’t accept it. Secondly, your b/f is NOT allowed to stay overnight…etc.

Then I explained to her that it is very “disturbing” to hear the allegations she is making about my parenting skills…and that I have spoken to many professionals…inner circle and out..who will testify ..along with her sisters..that I am a loving and caring parent.

Then I went on to explain how the allegations she is making are very SERIOUS and criminal…and that she needs to be careful about making false allegations because SHE could be charged, not only money, but in the court of law…

I told her that it is fine to have your own mind and opinions about people and even her parents…but she is not handling this properly…and that I would not press charges against her for making false allegations…but other people may ..that she needs to be cautious in life…about this…etc.

Then I told her that she needs to have decent dialogue with me..and since she feels that she is a woman…she should act like one…etc..

I mentioned NO feelings…just told her I am using this as a teachable moment to let her know, basically, that she needs to watch herself throughout life…about making false allegations..

She called me..first time in a week that she’s been gone,…right before I sent this letter.

She said “Hi”….(really sweet) I didn’t even know it was her because obviously her new ‘mom’ got her a phone.

I said “hello?” ….then I heard…”I need contacts”…

No “please can you order me more…?” just RUDE.

I said…”Sorry, you’ll need to wear your glasses. I don’t have the money for them.”

Screw her!!!

I am going to write a book for parents. The title is going to be..”NO!”. Because if this b&tch ever comes home before she turns 18 in Nov. …every answer out of my mouth will be “NO!”..

I feel so betrayed and exactly like what I went through with her father. Fine, she is upset and wants to stay by her friend behind me…but to SLANDER my name..tell the guidance counsellor I am bipolar, crazy, unfit ….and to text me these allegations and threats…is unforgivable. She was the one who got SO much more, being the oldest and more demanding….and she has been treating me like crap since the b&tch behind me moved in….the young “cool” mom….which was five years ago…comparing me to her…(she’s 20 yrs younger than me but acts like a teenager….) and for her to say on Facebook…”I told you to move in with me five years ago!”…..makes me sick.

This woman is a socio…graduated police academy and i didn’t like her from hello and haven’t talked to her since she pulled a fast one on me with her pool project…(another story).

And she has encouraged my daughter to move in with her..(to use her to babysit HER daughter…a few yrs younger than mine…all of these years!

Evidently, my d has been closer to her than I thought. She is 32 and texts my 17 yr old constantly…I didn’t even realize it until now…(old cell bills)

So, with my D talking to her socio dad now, who lives down in Fl and this b*tch…..I want NO part of her.

She burned bridges and when she needs me someday…I’m not going to be there for her. I’m sure someday she will use her acting skills and crawl back with a pity ploy…

Just waiting for that day when I could say….”get the f&ck out of here”

She slandered my name in this town..where I was substitute teaching….They aren’t even calling me anymore!!!

Daughter of no daughter…I’m hurt, angry and done.

Taking care of my two little sweethearts….who SHE called …”Ur kids” in a text!!! NOT “my sisters”. UGH….

Sociopaths are all SATANS…roaming the earth.

Wow, you can spot that spath just from her eyes (but the really bad nose job is just a bonus). Something especially creepy about female spaths.

Tobe: Let your spath daughter hang with the other spaths. I can’t believe she had the nerve to call you and ask for something. That even makes ME angry.

Star, “they have more nerve than God!” This is what my xsocio/husband’s accountant said to me about him prior to be marrying him!
After calling me “unfit, bipolar, crazy, mentally ill,” and “i’m embarrassed that you are my mother” and ” you’re not aging well; you’re getting old and ugly”….(I am 54 and look 35-40!…even got carded at a liquor store recently!)…
I have one word for her…”NO!!!!!!!”.
I am done with her. Yesterday I was so depressed and emotionally drained, that I couldn’t do a thing! I slept almost all day! She is NOT going to ruin the rest of my years! She has many more on this earth than I do!

Today I am having a great day. And, every day from here on in..I will enjoy to the best of my ability.

The shock of it all has subsided a bit, the hurt has turned to anger and now I know who she is, and she can’t manipulate me anymore with her cutsie, sweet voice! Those days are over.

She can have her new mom fill out apps for college for her and sign papers…etc. I am no longer a part of her life.

Thats one thing about me. I am caring and loving to everyone. But, once you hurt me intentionally, I am GONE.

I feel sorry for the life she is making for herself…but not too sorry. I don’t even consider her my daughter anymore. She is an offspring….from a bad seed. Her socio father’s.

I am locking all the doors in my home.

Someone just told me that I should file to emancipate her. This way, since she is incorrigible…I am no longer responsible for her. I have to research this.

Thanks Star!

did you ever make an effort to talk to an attorney to find out what your RIGHTS and RESPONIBILITIES ARE? This is important 2B.

Secondly did you ever make an appointment for some counseling for you and your other daughters?

You’ve gotr some pretty severe enabling issues with the older daugvhter I think, which by your own admission were because of guilt feelings about what you didn’t have as a kid…so maybe this will help you work through some of your anger and the issues.

Right now you are very angry at her having the guts to ask you to buy her contacts. NO is a good answer.

Get to that attorney and find out what the rights and responsibilities are and if you can emancipate her. Some states don’t allow it unless she is self supporting. We know that’s not the case. Find out from an ATTORNEY though. l((((hugs)))

Would like to see a trend for this; “indentity theft” is a part of what spaths do…they steal, rob and kill…

Victims struggle to be survivors after paths stalk their prey and wreak havoc in their lives. My best for recovery for those people who had the misfortune to meet Ms. M

Spaths are personality disordered (and evil); they may morph, but do not change…just improve their crafts.
How about a sentence to “Spath Planet” … a place to exile them to spend their days and nights. Keep them away and brand them with warning labels.


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