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A sociopath’s day in court – it didn’t go well for her

Rami Marston was sentenced to 37 months in prison for identity theft in Concord, New Hampshire last week. Before the sentencing, Judge Paul Barbadoro had many descriptions of Marston: narcissist, sociopath, serial criminal, fraudster and unremorseful.

“Are you trying to convince me to give you a lighter sentence, or get back at people?” the judge asked. “It’s not helping, it’s hurting when you take those kinds of attitudes against” the victims.

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Feds: ID thief forged boyfriend’s name on divorce papers

While under house arrest and on federal probation, ID thief Ramie Marston began dating her roommate’s friend and within months forged his name on divorce papers, billed a diamond ring to his estranged wife and hacked his e-mail account, according to federal prosecutors.

Federal judge: ID thief can’t dye hair before trial

Inmate Ramie Marston asked the court to allow her to color her hair at a secure location in the federal courthouse prior to Tuesday’s jury selection for her trial on Wednesday. Her attorney Bjorn Lange told the court Marston has colored her hair blonde since she was 18 and has not been allowed to continue coloring it in prison. Further, Lange said, the U.S. Marshal’s office will not permit Marston to color her hair at the courthouse.

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‘it may not go well’, ‘it didn’t go well’ – are my new favourite phrases in regards to spaths.

I cannot wait until I can add my spath to this list.

donna dixon

WOW! This was one busy lady… I had to laugh when I read the article…..wonder what she’s doing after she does her time….I’d like to fix her up with my ex 🙂


UGGHH…look at those eyes…


she need’s some blue eye shadow..



Good observation! You come up with some good ones.

Yes, Louise, those eyes.

This woman…..BLECH!!!! She first tells the judge she “needed” to do this as single mother with no family to turn to, but then we learn she bought very “necessary” things, like cosmetic surgery and lingerie. I would like some lingerie…I guess I better go find a chump I can steal from. Oh, wait, that sounds totally INSANE.

Right now, I think I hear some of her ex boyfriends/husbands jumping for joy with a sense of validation, finally. I can see at least one or two running to their family members with this article in their hands saying, “See! See! I told you! She’s a sociopath!”

And also, this is my new favorite judge. If I ever had to take my ex to court, I would hope that we’d be in front of this judge. The only problem is that my ex would fake empathy… a way I hope the judge could see through (it was so obvious he was faking!). “Look! Look at all the empathy I have shown you!” Oh, nice one. How can they not understand how crazy they sound?

This woman…ufff…I don’t like her one bit. Those eyes give me chills! And she is getting some punishment, but what about her children? I am so disturbed to learn that this creature has procreated and is responsible for the welfare of children.



Yeah, why do people like this have children? Sad indeed. It always seems like the people who shouldn’t be having children are the ones having children.


Awesome lady this one!!! she’d be PERFECT for my ex who stole my jewelry, used my credit cards for unauthorized purchases, was in cahoots with his brother (the contractor) to present grossly exaggerated invoices for the repairs on my house (no doubt he got his kickback)… and on and on and on. Going to court against him to show him up mid November! Praying for a Judge like this one who “gets” sociopaths and their sick minds and treacherous tongues! May God have mercy on all their souls! Sociopaths are SICK SICK SICK! I am SO grateful God saved me from my insane ex after only 3 months of marriage to him!

The psychopath who got my father is set for sentencing October 14, 2011 in US District Court in Seattle. We are hoping for some serious jail time but her guilty plea gave her a pretty cushy bargain.
You can read all the gory details and some of the news reports on my web site at


that’s disgusting. Especially that lumpkin guy.
Jailtime won’t help. She’ll just get out and do it all over again.

Our only real hope for a lot of jail time is press coverage. We have had good coverage locally (Washington state) and some in Little Rock Arkansas. I have tried every way I can find to get some national coverage but except for a story on ABC News’ web site back in January I just cannot get it.

My creative writing skills just are not up to the task of writing a one page summary of this person and her family and making it compelling enough to grab a producer’s interest. To me it seems like all of the elements are there for a good story – Murderer, love scam, over $2 million stolen and the money spread out over 4 states to a family that besides the murderer includes a couple of embezzlers.


who says you have to be creative? Just write your story.

who knows what will surface once you start on your path?

I live just north of seattle, and didn’t hear of your story, but then I don’t watch tv. BTW, nice website. She looks like a LUMPkin.


Hi all, its been some time since I was here and I will always be grateful for this site, it helped me to recover. What I would like to ask, is, why would someone who, in the capacity of a legal advisor and who has worked in a high court for many years, lie to the people who have come to see him for help? As far as I can see, he has no motive. This person has seriously lied to me and others, has wrecked people’s lives over a long period of time and has even caused someone in the same field who trusted him, to have a breakdown. He is known to the police who, I am told don’t have quite enough evidence against him, having said this, there is a case against him which I will be attending with my evidence against him. He is quite charming, well-spoken and until I realised he was lying to me, thought he was helping me. Is this sociopathic behaviour? He is defending the case but I can’t see how he can win it; would taped evidence be admissable in court? Of course, there will be other evidence against him.


Hi tryingtoheal,

Sounds like a total WTF story you have. One thing is for sure, motives of spaths for the havoc they create are not comprehendeble to someone with a conscience, feelings of guilt and empathy. They just like destruction over everything else it seems 🙁

Ox Drover

Dear tryingtoheal,

Darwin’smom is totally right on!~ We cannot truly comprehend the motives of people who will hurt other people for the SATISFACTION of seeing them hurt….because to us it is NOT a “motive” that would make us think about doing something like that.

If you had money and I needed money, I might actually think about stealing your money for myself. That would be a MOTIVE I think most people could understand. A psychopath though, might not even STEAL it, s/he might set fire to it just so YOU COULD NOT SPEND IT AND ENJOY IT. That doesn’t make sense to US, but it does to them.



Great analogy and very true.

Jealousy and envy.



Your post above is spot on. It’s hard for us to wrap our head around how they think.

It tells ya how long I’ve been on this road when I finally figured out my husband’s motivation was not to gain but to deprive me. Once I realized that, every “why” question and WTF fell into place. What took me longer to get though, is of all the people he coulda chosen, why did he pick me. And it goes back to one little moment when I first met him and we went out and I got annoyed with him and he blurted out he had a girlfriend and then I scolded him, like a mama scolding a naughty boy. All the vindictiveness, stealing my daughter’s love and devotion, marrying me and rendering me nearly bankrupt, destroying my reputation and sanity, promoting me as the crazy wife, having others join him to harm me… all b/c of that one little moment I made him feel small.

Never underestimate the anger that comes from envy. Esp when it comes from a “WINNER”.


Katy – YOU are the “WINNER” getting them out of our life so we can start finding and regaining our identy is a win, takes some time, alot of hard painful work but we cant begin to win until they lose us “WINNERS”…I mean think about it – what did we lose? nada thang – maybe our dreams got crushed but the nitemare is over..and we can still dream big dreams, big healthy dreams..

Ox Drover


Hens is so right! The fact that these LOSERS want to bring down someone else. They ARE envious of what we have and what we ARE, so they try to belittle us, spread lies about us, and make themselves appear “bigger” by making us appear “smaller.”

You know, what OTHERS think of us is NOT as important as what we KNOW WE ARE….”reputation” is not all it is cracked up to be. It is nothing but someone ELSE’s OPINION. It doesn’t change anything. So the SMEAR campaign that they engage in, ultimately is only as IMPORTANT TO US as WE ALLOW IT TO BE.

They try to “justify” what they do to us by telling others how BAAAAAD we are. The others may believe it, or the others may not give a rip one way or the other, but the IMPORTANT THING is that what ANYONE ELSE thinks (unless they are the judge or jury in our court case) doesn’t mean diddly-squat! Sometimes even not then. The jury let OJ go, but you know, the TRUTH about what he did didn’t change. He eventually “got his” when he CONTINUED to DO BAD THINGS and he went to prison for the other things he did, but the TRUTH is that the man has a PATTERN of violent behavior, he is what he is.

So as long as WE KNOW the truth, the smear campaign is nothing important to us. I agree with what you said though, about “never under estimate the anger that comes from envy. Especially when it comes from a “winner.” I would add, too, someone who WANTS TO BE, BUT IS NOT A “WINNER.”


Off topic but am feeling really distraught. Have you followed the news of that man who’s exotic animals were set free and he was dead, apparently of suicide but I don’t really know.

I am SO heartbroken. I feel like the law went in and mowed down all these animals, like a giant African wild game hunt. No chance for wifelife experts to come in and trap them. Only one solution, death. All I can think is those poor animals. What do you think?


Ox Drover


I saw that on the news, they DID round up a couple of hundred animals and take them to zoos or sanctuaries but they Did have to put down some lions and other animals that could NOT be left running loose in the community.

First off—that man should NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO KEEP EXOTIC animals, and especially not large carnivores.

Having worked in the wild life business/wild life photography business as a youngster, and we imported exotics as well, I am TOTALLY against large carnivores being kept “privately” because the welfare of the animal is not usually well taken care of, and the danger to the community as well.

Lions breed like rabbits so there is not a “market” for them in the legitimate market (zoos) and other cats like tigers are too few in number left to be entrusted to “individuals.” If they are going to be kept in captivity, they need to be cared for and bred by professionals. Just MHO.


that is a very sad situation indeed – so sad. apprantley the owner had been invesigated over the years 35 times for abuse and neglect of his animals – they were not pet’s but badly treated wild animals..


Oh. That actually makes me feel better. I thought they didn’t save any and shot ALL of them.

Am in agreement, think that you should have to have a license to keep and breed exotics in captivity b/c of the special knowledge needed to properly care for them and b/c of the potential danger to the community. It would restrict some of the nutcases, like the woman who’s chimp riped off her friend’s face. Cute little cuddlies are still WILD animals.

will probably have nightmares about the destruction of vulnerable unprotected neglected wildlife. will keep my dog close to my bed and put my G in the safe!


Yeah. PETA protests the milking of cows (the COWS love being milked, it relieves the swelling pain! and they love the grain and getting petted and wiped down.) but where are they when there’s a legitimate abuse (and they’d get support for saving those poor abused exotics.)


OMG. 18 Bengal Tigers. They are my dream animal. I’ve never seen one, just pictures or the Wild Kingdom. Born Free was my favorite childhood tv show. I am so so upset. They just shot 18!! of Bengals and 16 African Lions? Could not one expert have been consulted? They report that they just decided to “dispatch them all”, just in case. I know they are dangerous, I just am so gutted by the waste and carnage.

Please God, don’t let me turn into a future old woman cat lady.


Hi Oxdrover and darwinsmom, thank you for responding, yes, it IS very hard to comprehend why anyone would do this. He portrayed himself as someone very likeable who really made you feel he would do his best for you and gave you a feeling of security, so it came as a massive shock when I found out that he’d lied to me; as you rightly say Oxy, normal people lie for a reason. Everyone held him in the highest regard, that is, until they found out he had lied to them, too; he has told people, including myself, not to go to court hearings when they have had a date to go, saying it has been postponed, or giving people the wrong court date, or worse, like telling me not to go at all, that the case had been quashed, that he had spoken to the other side–only to find out afterwards, (in my case, 8 years later), that I have a judgement against me and costs for not attending. Telling people they have been awarded great sums of money when its an out and out lie. Its terrible to find out that someone in the legal profession has done this to you, especially when people are desperate for legal advice, vulnerable people who cannot afford a lawyer, people who go because its their last and only hope of getting Justice. I was stunned. You’re right, its a total WTF situation, people are left reeling, asking themselves how Anyone could do this. He was so clever, so articulate, I always marvelled at the witness statements he wrote.. its so hard to believe, hard to sink in even now–that all he wanted was to gain peoples’ trust and to destroy people in genuine and desperate need, yet at the same time, seemed so caring.. how the hell he managed to work there for so long, astounds me… but then I feel that the whole organisation is corrupt. I could write a book on that place; they left me high and dry, having to either walk away after thinking for 5 years that I was being helped–or take the case myself, which I subsequently did.. I was put through a 4 day trial–to prosecute 5 neighbours for harassment of me for 6 years, only to find that the trial Judge was corrupt and the case thrown out. I will never forget it as long as I live; my ‘advisor’ had told me I would have a Barrister–3 times I went for him to come with me and 3 times excuses were made, such as telling me he had the ‘flu, then the following week the Barrister had the ‘flu.. but I called her, not believing what he said, and she told me she hadn’t had the ‘flu, nor had she ANY appointments to see me…
Even the Judge told me the organisation should be sued… oh the irony..



The owner had just been released from a year in prison for some type of weapons violation, so maybe this was his revenge against the system. Evidently, he released the animals from their cages, cut a hole in the fence, then committed suicide.

According to Jack Hanna, who was brought in, along with handlers from the Columbus Zoo, the animals that were shot last night had to be killed in order to ensure the protection of human life. It wasn’t until daylight that they were able to capture any of the remaining animals alive.

My daughter works for the USDA as an animal inspector and she says that the people who want licenses to exhibit/keep exotic animals are especially “challenging” licensees. Almost by nature, exotic exhibitors can be quite strange and they often resent any regulation or authority over what they want to do with their wild animals.

Unfortunately, Ohio has some of the weakest laws in the country regarding ownership of exotic animals, but that will probably change quite quickly now. We can hope and pray, anyway…

Sadly, 18 “endangered” Bengal Tigers were killed/put down last night and there are only about 2,500 left in the world. How tragic is that! Too bad the sicko wasn’t taken out by one of his tigers before he took his own life!


“…Upon her release from the new 37-month prison term, Marston is court-ordered to be under the supervised release of a parole officer for an additional three years. She’s barred from using the Internet, from leasing a post office box, or from doing any kind of banking without approval from a parole officer. She’s also prohibited from using wiping or encryption software, from having a job where she has access to personal information and is court-ordered to disclose her criminal history to all future employers….”

Thirty seven months for generating almost 50K in fraudulent debt? Really? Seriously? That’s IT?!?!?! Internet, PO box, and banking barred?! ROTFLMAO!! Oh, that’ll teach her – NOT.

The soon-to-be-exspath has reconnected with a former “friend” who was also convicted of “Theft by Deception” in Pennsylvania – 32 counts. She did 3 years in prison and another 3 years of parole. I find it incredible that stealing someone’s identity and/or banking information, helping one’s self to another person’s finances, and serving LESS than 3 years for it is reprehensible.

The woman in the article should have to get out on a chain gang and work 12 hours a day for $2.25 an hour until she has earned enough to pay back everything that she stole. As it is, she just needs to keep her nose clean, act as if she has a sense of remorse (choose the right words), and she will be released to wreak the same type of havoc, again.

It just blows my mind. Put them ALL on an island and let them have at it.

Ox Drover

Truthspeak, it IS FRUSTRATING…they also let out murders and rapists and pedophiles who are “rehabilitated” for a few days, weeks or months before they reoffend and go b ack to prison. YUK!

I’m like you I’m for devil’s island.


Hey Everyone…

Thanks for all of your support with my situation with my daughter.
I met a guy at a local resturaunt who worked in law enforcement for many years. He said that the “sociopaths” are just the WORST to deal with! What stories he told me. There is a new movie coming out with Denzel Washington…(love him!)..and he said that he had to read “The Sociopath Next Door” to understand his character as a socio!

Anyway, I wrote my daughter a letter basically saying…short version….

” I hope you are doing well. I want to explain something to you to use throughout your life. First of all, NOONE DICTATES POLICY IN MY HOUSE BUT ME..I did NOT throw you out of this house..I gave you another room and you didn’t accept it. Secondly, your b/f is NOT allowed to stay overnight…etc.

Then I explained to her that it is very “disturbing” to hear the allegations she is making about my parenting skills…and that I have spoken to many professionals…inner circle and out..who will testify ..along with her sisters..that I am a loving and caring parent.

Then I went on to explain how the allegations she is making are very SERIOUS and criminal…and that she needs to be careful about making false allegations because SHE could be charged, not only money, but in the court of law…

I told her that it is fine to have your own mind and opinions about people and even her parents…but she is not handling this properly…and that I would not press charges against her for making false allegations…but other people may ..that she needs to be cautious in life…about this…etc.

Then I told her that she needs to have decent dialogue with me..and since she feels that she is a woman…she should act like one…etc..

I mentioned NO feelings…just told her I am using this as a teachable moment to let her know, basically, that she needs to watch herself throughout life…about making false allegations..

She called me..first time in a week that she’s been gone,…right before I sent this letter.

She said “Hi”….(really sweet) I didn’t even know it was her because obviously her new ‘mom’ got her a phone.

I said “hello?” ….then I heard…”I need contacts”…

No “please can you order me more…?” just RUDE.

I said…”Sorry, you’ll need to wear your glasses. I don’t have the money for them.”

Screw her!!!

I am going to write a book for parents. The title is going to be..”NO!”. Because if this b&tch ever comes home before she turns 18 in Nov. …every answer out of my mouth will be “NO!”..

I feel so betrayed and exactly like what I went through with her father. Fine, she is upset and wants to stay by her friend behind me…but to SLANDER my name..tell the guidance counsellor I am bipolar, crazy, unfit ….and to text me these allegations and threats…is unforgivable. She was the one who got SO much more, being the oldest and more demanding….and she has been treating me like crap since the b&tch behind me moved in….the young “cool” mom….which was five years ago…comparing me to her…(she’s 20 yrs younger than me but acts like a teenager….) and for her to say on Facebook…”I told you to move in with me five years ago!”…..makes me sick.

This woman is a socio…graduated police academy and i didn’t like her from hello and haven’t talked to her since she pulled a fast one on me with her pool project…(another story).

And she has encouraged my daughter to move in with her..(to use her to babysit HER daughter…a few yrs younger than mine…all of these years!

Evidently, my d has been closer to her than I thought. She is 32 and texts my 17 yr old constantly…I didn’t even realize it until now…(old cell bills)

So, with my D talking to her socio dad now, who lives down in Fl and this b*tch…..I want NO part of her.

She burned bridges and when she needs me someday…I’m not going to be there for her. I’m sure someday she will use her acting skills and crawl back with a pity ploy…

Just waiting for that day when I could say….”get the f&ck out of here”

She slandered my name in this town..where I was substitute teaching….They aren’t even calling me anymore!!!

Daughter of no daughter…I’m hurt, angry and done.

Taking care of my two little sweethearts….who SHE called …”Ur kids” in a text!!! NOT “my sisters”. UGH….

Sociopaths are all SATANS…roaming the earth.


Wow, you can spot that spath just from her eyes (but the really bad nose job is just a bonus). Something especially creepy about female spaths.


Tobe: Let your spath daughter hang with the other spaths. I can’t believe she had the nerve to call you and ask for something. That even makes ME angry.


Star, “they have more nerve than God!” This is what my xsocio/husband’s accountant said to me about him prior to be marrying him!
After calling me “unfit, bipolar, crazy, mentally ill,” and “i’m embarrassed that you are my mother” and ” you’re not aging well; you’re getting old and ugly”….(I am 54 and look 35-40!…even got carded at a liquor store recently!)…
I have one word for her…”NO!!!!!!!”.
I am done with her. Yesterday I was so depressed and emotionally drained, that I couldn’t do a thing! I slept almost all day! She is NOT going to ruin the rest of my years! She has many more on this earth than I do!

Today I am having a great day. And, every day from here on in..I will enjoy to the best of my ability.

The shock of it all has subsided a bit, the hurt has turned to anger and now I know who she is, and she can’t manipulate me anymore with her cutsie, sweet voice! Those days are over.

She can have her new mom fill out apps for college for her and sign papers…etc. I am no longer a part of her life.

Thats one thing about me. I am caring and loving to everyone. But, once you hurt me intentionally, I am GONE.

I feel sorry for the life she is making for herself…but not too sorry. I don’t even consider her my daughter anymore. She is an offspring….from a bad seed. Her socio father’s.

I am locking all the doors in my home.

Someone just told me that I should file to emancipate her. This way, since she is incorrigible…I am no longer responsible for her. I have to research this.

Thanks Star!

Ox Drover

did you ever make an effort to talk to an attorney to find out what your RIGHTS and RESPONIBILITIES ARE? This is important 2B.

Secondly did you ever make an appointment for some counseling for you and your other daughters?

You’ve gotr some pretty severe enabling issues with the older daugvhter I think, which by your own admission were because of guilt feelings about what you didn’t have as a kid…so maybe this will help you work through some of your anger and the issues.

Right now you are very angry at her having the guts to ask you to buy her contacts. NO is a good answer.

Get to that attorney and find out what the rights and responsibilities are and if you can emancipate her. Some states don’t allow it unless she is self supporting. We know that’s not the case. Find out from an ATTORNEY though. l((((hugs)))


Would like to see a trend for this; “indentity theft” is a part of what spaths do…they steal, rob and kill…

Victims struggle to be survivors after paths stalk their prey and wreak havoc in their lives. My best for recovery for those people who had the misfortune to meet Ms. M

Spaths are personality disordered (and evil); they may morph, but do not change…just improve their crafts.
How about a sentence to “Spath Planet” … a place to exile them to spend their days and nights. Keep them away and brand them with warning labels.

Send this to a friend