A sociopath’s day in court – it didn’t go well for her

Rami Marston was sentenced to 37 months in prison for identity theft in Concord, New Hampshire last week. Before the sentencing, Judge Paul Barbadoro had many descriptions of Marston: narcissist, sociopath, serial criminal, fraudster and unremorseful.

“Are you trying to convince me to give you a lighter sentence, or get back at people?” the judge asked. “It’s not helping, it’s hurting when you take those kinds of attitudes against” the victims.

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Feds: ID thief forged boyfriend’s name on divorce papers

While under house arrest and on federal probation, ID thief Ramie Marston began dating her roommate’s friend and within months forged his name on divorce papers, billed a diamond ring to his estranged wife and hacked his e-mail account, according to federal prosecutors.

Federal judge: ID thief can’t dye hair before trial

Inmate Ramie Marston asked the court to allow her to color her hair at a secure location in the federal courthouse prior to Tuesday’s jury selection for her trial on Wednesday. Her attorney Bjorn Lange told the court Marston has colored her hair blonde since she was 18 and has not been allowed to continue coloring it in prison. Further, Lange said, the U.S. Marshal’s office will not permit Marston to color her hair at the courthouse.

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Our only real hope for a lot of jail time is press coverage. We have had good coverage locally (Washington state) and some in Little Rock Arkansas. I have tried every way I can find to get some national coverage but except for a story on ABC News’ web site back in January I just cannot get it.

My creative writing skills just are not up to the task of writing a one page summary of this person and her family and making it compelling enough to grab a producer’s interest. To me it seems like all of the elements are there for a good story – Murderer, love scam, over $2 million stolen and the money spread out over 4 states to a family that besides the murderer includes a couple of embezzlers.


who says you have to be creative? Just write your story.

who knows what will surface once you start on your path?

I live just north of seattle, and didn’t hear of your story, but then I don’t watch tv. BTW, nice website. She looks like a LUMPkin.


Hi all, its been some time since I was here and I will always be grateful for this site, it helped me to recover. What I would like to ask, is, why would someone who, in the capacity of a legal advisor and who has worked in a high court for many years, lie to the people who have come to see him for help? As far as I can see, he has no motive. This person has seriously lied to me and others, has wrecked people’s lives over a long period of time and has even caused someone in the same field who trusted him, to have a breakdown. He is known to the police who, I am told don’t have quite enough evidence against him, having said this, there is a case against him which I will be attending with my evidence against him. He is quite charming, well-spoken and until I realised he was lying to me, thought he was helping me. Is this sociopathic behaviour? He is defending the case but I can’t see how he can win it; would taped evidence be admissable in court? Of course, there will be other evidence against him.


Hi tryingtoheal,

Sounds like a total WTF story you have. One thing is for sure, motives of spaths for the havoc they create are not comprehendeble to someone with a conscience, feelings of guilt and empathy. They just like destruction over everything else it seems 🙁

Ox Drover

Dear tryingtoheal,

Darwin’smom is totally right on!~ We cannot truly comprehend the motives of people who will hurt other people for the SATISFACTION of seeing them hurt….because to us it is NOT a “motive” that would make us think about doing something like that.

If you had money and I needed money, I might actually think about stealing your money for myself. That would be a MOTIVE I think most people could understand. A psychopath though, might not even STEAL it, s/he might set fire to it just so YOU COULD NOT SPEND IT AND ENJOY IT. That doesn’t make sense to US, but it does to them.



Great analogy and very true.

Jealousy and envy.



Your post above is spot on. It’s hard for us to wrap our head around how they think.

It tells ya how long I’ve been on this road when I finally figured out my husband’s motivation was not to gain but to deprive me. Once I realized that, every “why” question and WTF fell into place. What took me longer to get though, is of all the people he coulda chosen, why did he pick me. And it goes back to one little moment when I first met him and we went out and I got annoyed with him and he blurted out he had a girlfriend and then I scolded him, like a mama scolding a naughty boy. All the vindictiveness, stealing my daughter’s love and devotion, marrying me and rendering me nearly bankrupt, destroying my reputation and sanity, promoting me as the crazy wife, having others join him to harm me… all b/c of that one little moment I made him feel small.

Never underestimate the anger that comes from envy. Esp when it comes from a “WINNER”.


Katy – YOU are the “WINNER” getting them out of our life so we can start finding and regaining our identy is a win, takes some time, alot of hard painful work but we cant begin to win until they lose us “WINNERS”…I mean think about it – what did we lose? nada thang – maybe our dreams got crushed but the nitemare is over..and we can still dream big dreams, big healthy dreams..

Ox Drover


Hens is so right! The fact that these LOSERS want to bring down someone else. They ARE envious of what we have and what we ARE, so they try to belittle us, spread lies about us, and make themselves appear “bigger” by making us appear “smaller.”

You know, what OTHERS think of us is NOT as important as what we KNOW WE ARE….”reputation” is not all it is cracked up to be. It is nothing but someone ELSE’s OPINION. It doesn’t change anything. So the SMEAR campaign that they engage in, ultimately is only as IMPORTANT TO US as WE ALLOW IT TO BE.

They try to “justify” what they do to us by telling others how BAAAAAD we are. The others may believe it, or the others may not give a rip one way or the other, but the IMPORTANT THING is that what ANYONE ELSE thinks (unless they are the judge or jury in our court case) doesn’t mean diddly-squat! Sometimes even not then. The jury let OJ go, but you know, the TRUTH about what he did didn’t change. He eventually “got his” when he CONTINUED to DO BAD THINGS and he went to prison for the other things he did, but the TRUTH is that the man has a PATTERN of violent behavior, he is what he is.

So as long as WE KNOW the truth, the smear campaign is nothing important to us. I agree with what you said though, about “never under estimate the anger that comes from envy. Especially when it comes from a “winner.” I would add, too, someone who WANTS TO BE, BUT IS NOT A “WINNER.”


Off topic but am feeling really distraught. Have you followed the news of that man who’s exotic animals were set free and he was dead, apparently of suicide but I don’t really know.

I am SO heartbroken. I feel like the law went in and mowed down all these animals, like a giant African wild game hunt. No chance for wifelife experts to come in and trap them. Only one solution, death. All I can think is those poor animals. What do you think?


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