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A typical sociopath lie — claiming to be a Navy SEAL

“I was dating a pathological liar” — that’s the title of a recent article in the “Craigslist Confessional” series by Helena Dea Bala. In this tale, a woman describes meeting a charming, attractive man at a destination wedding. They stayed in communication afterwards, and he told elaborate, compelling stories of his time as a Navy SEAL — until it all fell apart.

How many signs of a sociopath can you see in this story?

Craigslist Confessional: I was dating a pathological liar, on

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the ONLY help this man should have, is to be avoided, NO CONTACT by any female. He’s tried this before, he WILL do it again with another woman. Be GLAD you didn’t marry him, be GLAD you didn’t waste any more time/money on him. I still wonder (after almost 20 years of divorce) how many lies, tall tales I soaked up (and believed) from my life with a psychopath. In my case, NO ONE trusted/believed in him but me. Others in my family, friends saw through him right away. They lie, and lie and more lies.

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