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A violent husband, police inaction, a brutal murder

A bully in the U.K. who harassed the family of his estranged wife is convicted of murdering her brother and hacking his body to pieces. And, police officers who failed to investigate thoroughly before the crime are disciplined.

Read Police officers facing disciplinary action for failings after murder victim’s severed thumb was dropped from the sky by a bird, on

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Ox Drover

The story itself about the man hounding his wife, and being willing to kidnap and torture the brother to find out where his wife was (presumably so he could kill her!) is bad enough, but the thought that the police were notified and did nothing is worse.

The dead man’s thumb being picked up by a bird and dropped and found so that there would be at least enough of a “body” for prosecution says to me that even God and the Universe did not want these EVIL people to get by with what they had done!

I honestly think that part of the horror of this murder (and maybe the police not doing anything prior to the murder) is the cultural bias held by some cultures against women—the idea that women are objects to be owned, and to be made to obey the men who “own” them—either father or husband. There have even been several instances of “honor killings” here in the US and apparently are not rare at all in the UK which has a fairly large population from Pakistan that are still very much into the “arranged marriages” with first cousins from Pakistan.

Even in the US it happens. I read a story last week about a 13 year old American girl who ran away from home because her Pakastani step father was taking her to Pakistan to marry her off to his 50 year old brother, and the girl managed to get some of her father’s relatives to help her escape from her custodial mother and step father.

I wish I could find it “unbelievable” that such things happen in this country or in London, but unfortunately it is happening. What is worse is that these things are REPORTED and either the police or the child welfare does little or nothing, or sometimes people fail to report obvious abuse then AFTER the child is murdered, or in this case, the adult family member, the police or the child advocates who knew and did nothing then say, “Oops, we’ll investigate” but no RESPONSIBILITY is taken by anyone. Just an “oops”—which in my mind is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

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