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ABC 20/20 show on serial date rapist Jeffrey Marsalis

Jeffrey Marsalis

Jeffrey Marsalis

Jeffrey Marsalis went on looking for dates between 2001 and 2005. Later 21 women in Philadelphia accused him of date rape. He went through two rape trials in Philadelphia I attended one of them and was acquitted both times. But then there was another trial in Idaho.

Finally, Jeffrey Marsalis convicted of date rape, on

Marsalis agreed to be interviewed for this program. He was smug, conceited and denied everything.

2009: Jeffrey Marsalis speaks publicly for first time, on



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Wow. Poor Jessica. I have to admit the picture of him does not show any hint of weirdness. Time does tell, however ! The picture was probably taken when he was in a happy state, not during a session of being ‘weird.’ Time is the key, to know someone, to note the red flags, especially the lies. The bastard needs sex, but deep down probably hates women, due to deeper issues.

You usually cannot tell by what sociopaths look like.Unfortunately most of them know how to be charming;and how to have the appearance to go along with it.Jeffrey also had his stories lined up.He abused not only women,but the training he had received.But I find it especially sad that defense could persuade the jury that the women who Jeffrey drugged and raped were just vindictive women who were sorry they’d had willing sex with Jeffrey.They could try to convince themselves they were just doing their job…but where’s their compassion and empathy?!! Sounds like a courtroom full of sociopaths!

I’m glad his fiancee got out of the forced engagement…she was another victim!!!

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