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Actress Brittany Murphy and the sociopath

Brittany Murphy, who starred in the 1995 film Clueless, died at the age of 32 on December 20, 2009. Alex Ben Block, a writer for the Hollywood Reporter, describes the downward spiral of her life—including her marriage to a sociopath.

Read The final difficult days of Brittany Murphy, on

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super chic

I’m so glad to see someone actually use the word “sociopath”.
It is so unusual to see that word in an article that isn’t about a serial killer.
I hope it helps even just one person get out of a bad relationship.
I liked Brittany. Very sad.

kim frederick

This is so sad.
I’m glad they address the issue and like Shabby said used the word, SOCIOPATH. They outted him, for sure.


Wow, its amazing how getting involved with the wrong person can KILL you…..

kim frederick

Aint that the truth. Now that’s what I call hitting bottom.

Ox Drover

The last paragraph of the article, “In his way, Simon did love her, but that was part of his sickness. He was mentally ill and couldn’t help preying on her at a time when she was highly susceptible to his oily charm, false promises and outright lies.”

The author’s idea that Simon “loved” Britney shows that he really does not understand psychopathy at all. He goes on to further state that Simon had no control over what he did because he was “mentally ill” and somehow compelled to do what he did.

Other than that, I think it describes someone who is high in psychopathic traits, but again, a psychologist “diagnosing” him never having seen him is not good policy either.

I had read this article and thought myself that Simon sounded pretty high in psychopathic traits, and that Britney seemed the perfect victim for a psychopath. Her unnecessary death is an indirect result I think of the family and relationship dysfunction as well as lack of medical knowledge of what is “serious” and what isn’t. Many people self medicate or refuse treatment for various illnesses both mental and physical to their own detriment or even death through ignorance or arrogance.


They do “love” their victims….but “love” to them is having SUPPLY…someone that gives them what they need…


the author said that Simon loved her “in his way”.
So many people confuse that kind of thing, but he did qualify the term.
When I told an old friend of spath’s, Steve, all about who spath REALLY was, he said, “skylar, he really did love you, I know that.” LOL. hhahaahahaa.
it appears as love to people who don’t understand what love is and Steve is not a spath, but he aint the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to love.
Love is so often confused. I thought I loved spath but I was just addicted to the caffeine he brought me in the espresso every morning. I equated caffeine adrenalin with love because I really, truly didn’t know that caffeine was addictive. I was only 17.


Simon was a classic sociopath, imho! Please pass on my enormous gratitude to Alex Ben Block for having not only the love for Brittany but also the great courage to write and publish this piece, exposing the psychopathy behind these vultures and how they operate! Every unsuspecting, trusting, vulnerable person needs to know, and needs to keep their “guard” up in the beginning of every relationship, in order to have a snowball’s chance…of protecting themselves from the unbelievable devastation they cause. My heart goes out to Sharon now and to all of you who have experienced the malignancy of dealing with a “psycho”, as have I. BIG HUGS to ALL of you!!


This is so sad to me. I enjoyed watching brittanys movies. She was such a cutie. I wish she would have gone to the doctor. Sad.


I move forward in my life with the knowledge i’ve gained.
Whether of NOT YOU believe someone is a Sociopath or toxic, or disordered or whacky makes no difference to me. IF I can identify a ‘disordered’ person around me, sniff out wierdness or odd behaviors….that is GOOD enough for me to distance.
I think the use of the identifying words are important to use in society…….but we must be careful NOT to overuse or diagnose someone if we are not qualified or have seen the behaviors first hand.

When I heard about this case, It raised my neck hairs……I thought he showed traits……and if I had any reason to be around this person, he’d be a prime candidate for me to look further into ‘who’ he was….. and distance……i’m not qualified to diagnose…..but for personal reasons…..i’d run…..but not keep my mouth shut!

He seems classic. It was also sad how he sucked mamma in when she lost her baby brittney. She was duped aswell at a vulnerable time.
Now his family is picking up where he left off…….leaving mamma in the dust.

We must find a balance……when using the ‘word’ Sociopath. IT can either describe behaviors……or diagnose a person.
Let’s remember our place.



I read this twice.
What I read is that he wasn’t a great influence on her. In fact far from it.

But it is clear that they both used prescription drugs.

The choice between right and wrong and good and bad is open to us all. I look at all of the courageous people here who have said “No More” and I see a tragedy here.

And most of what I see is a tragedy of judgment. Because she never did say no.

It is a reminder to all about proceeding before the Grace of God that whatever our troubles are, we have said NO.

The other thing that struck me is that the parents who write this now, decided to take distance because of the drama. How many of us have had the same experience? That in days before we said no, people walked away from the struggles we experienced and the “drama” that was unfolding all around us. When our heads were in washing machines…

I am reminded that I was lucky to get my head out of the spin cycle and to find support from others who understood what happened. For this I hav deep and lasting gratefulness.

To me, this story is a reminder to celebrate that. more than it is anything else.


I knew I should have just shut up …..and waited for you to leave your beautiful and clear response to the article.

You da bomb!

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