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After 10 years, California woman walks away from alleged captor Isidro Garcia

Isidro Garcia

Isidro Garcia kidnapped his girlfriend’s 15 year-old daughter and held for 10 years.

According to the Santa Ana Police Department, in 2004, Isidro Garcia, 41, of Santa Ana, California kidnapped his girlfriend’s daughter, who was 15 years old at the time. For 10 years he has held her captive through psychological manipulation, abusing her mentally and sexually and forcing her to marry him and bear his child.

The woman, who is 25 years old now, found her sister on Facebook and came forward to tell her story to police.

Garcia was charged with rape and kidnapping.

Isidro Garcia charged in decade-long kidnapping, forced marriage, on

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When I saw this story on the news it was upsetting on all levels….

It was heart wrenching that a 15 year old was kidnapped, held hostage, and endured abuse on all levels.

It was also upsetting that their neighbor told the news that this girl was lying that she wanted to be with him and that she was happy. If you would have asked my friends if I was happy I think for the most part they would say yes…when in fact I was miserable everyday because I was so broken down by my ex h but put a smile on my face out of fear and just wanted peace from all the chaos and drama that my ex h created on a daily basis (well more like minute bases).

The other thing that was upsetting to me was how his lawyer stated that he was a “good guy” etc etc and was twisting everything back to blame the victims…makes me sick and right there you can not trust a lawyer who is defending a criminal. She was 15 years old when he took her and he was her mothers bf (or ex bf) at the time. he was 31 years old when he kidnapped her. I wonder how long he had been grooming her before he kidnapped her from her family.

When the domestic abuse centers finally start educating our society on who abuses really are ie narcissist/sociopaths/psychopaths and how abusers are exactly like cult leaders then maybe just maybe a victims like this women will be lifted up instead of belittled after she escapes.

It really is a blessing her sister was searching for her on fb.


I wondered when i seen this if the mother sold her,if not why would the cops not seek out the boyfriend??? Something stinks when i read this.


I hope the jury understands what Stockholm Syndrome is because surely the defense is going to play on the girl’s submission. A 15-year-old girl is not an adult and not equipped to make adult decisions, even if the kidnapping were her idea (which I’m sure it wasn’t). That is why there are statutory rape laws. They don’t apply in “some” cases. They apply in all cases. The identity is still forming at that point. I remember when I was 15 and how immature I was, especially around boys. I cannot even imaging being in this captive situation and how I would respond to that. Still seeking parental approval at that age, it would be easy to form a trauma bond. I keep remembering that 14-year-old boy who had a relationship with his 36-year-old teacher (who served a prison sentence for it). He ended up pretty messed up. He felt both a sense of betrayal and also a bond with this woman. I read that he turned to drugs to deal with the turmoil. It’s just tragic all the way around, but it really upsets me to hear the perp using the excuse that a 15-year-old went “willingly”. Hopefully, jurors have children of their own or remember what it was like for them to be that age.


Thank ypu for the all cases, its a right statment. Something stinks sbout this case.


i was 49 and still vulnerable. i agree a 15yo would be less well equipped to deal with psychopathic manipulation, since in my personal experience even with psych training and the benefit of age and experience, i got sucked in. i hope her status as a minor when this all began ultimately works to her favor, since society generally does not recognize the powerful dynamics that come to play with any connection (i hesitate to say relationship) with a psychopath.


I’ve been interested in “face reading” since I was involved with the kook who targeted me.

I learned a lot about people’s internal world by what they show on their face, which was instrumental in sussing out the kook who targeted me as the full blown raging kookaholic that he is.

I must say that looking at the image of this Garcia guy is just amazingly and glaringly obvious that the man isn’t on the same planet as the rest of us!

He looks amazingly like a freaking kook. Satan spawn. Written all over his mug.

Early warning system!! Check!!


Thing is though i agree full ranging k. But you cant tell by looks my first husband could get 99 percent if not 100 of women to have sex with him. He was i think good looking

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