After 3 trials, Cameron Brown finally convicted of murder for throwing 4-year-old daughter off a cliff

Cameron Brown and daughter

Cameron Brown, left, and his daughter, Laren Sarene Key.

Cameron Brown didn’t want his daughter, didn’t want to pay child support and hated the girl’s mother. So he threw little Lauren Sarene Key, age 4, off a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Brown was convicted of first-degree murder in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday. It was the third time he stood trial for the crime, which happened in November 2000. Two previous juries deadlocked over whether he committed murder or manslaughter.

Mother’s tears of joy after her ex is finally convicted of throwing their daughter, 4, off a cliff 15 years ago because he didn’t want to pay $1,000-a-month child support, on

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So heartbreaking.

This is a good reminder that they are capable of anything, just anything, no limits at all, not even murdering their own child, if it suits their evil purpose. The diametrical opposite of a normal parent who would give his own life for the sake of his child.


Completely agree AnnettePK, this is just heartbreaking. This is another reason why these spaths are so dangerous and scary too, because there is no warning or even typically escalating abuse to tip off the authorities this is a danger. This is why I’ve been locked in a custody battle for 1 1/2 years now with my child’s father. I know money is the only thing he cares about and I know he’s capable of anything. I don’t want a dime from him because I believe 100% he’d kill my child in order to get out of paying it. I don’t dare tell anyone who doesn’t know about spaths that though, they’d think I was the crazy one.

When my child was first born my ex-spath would say to me “I’ll never have another broken family.” (He was divorced and his ex-wife had custody of their children, which he used as a pity play about how much he missed them even though I later found out he abandoned them.) At the time I thought he meant he would work hard to keep our family together, it wasn’t until after the abuse and death threats started that I realized he was warning me. I 100% believe if he could get away with it both my child and I would be dead right now. I still fear for my child’s safety.


I KNOW this scumbag doesn’t care that he got convicted. He “WON”. He threw a beautiful darling little girl away, literally threw her away, ending her existence. He got what he wanted. The conviction has NO emotional impact on him at all. Look at the photo of him with his tongue out, that look of satisfaction. That’s Him.

My ex put out his pity play to everyone how much he loved my daughter, of course blaming me why he didn’t have contact with her. Yet, before I realized he was a sociopath, I wrote probably hundreds of emails to him begging him to be a dad to my daughter but he was “too busy”. When he dumped me, he dumped her too. One day she existed, and the next day, he didn’t know who she was.

And lets be honest, he couldn’t allow any of those people to talk to her. She wouldn’t know what lies he told and they’d find out the truth. Mind you, my daughter was NOT on my side, but she would have accidentally disclosed what she knew he actually said and did, which is NOT the same as his version.

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