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After 30 years, hit man admits to New Jersey murder

Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson admits he killed Maria Marshall in 1984 NJ Garden State Parkway murder

Late night. Husband and wife on the way home from a night out, pull into the highway rest stop. Husband gets out of the car to check the rear passenger side tire. Thunk. Husband is knocked out. Bang. Bang. Wife in the car is dead; shot twice in the back with a .45 caliper gun. Her body is staged and her purse is thrown out the window.

Sound like a movie? It is well, actually  it is a TV miniseries based on author Joseph McGinniss’ book  Blind Faith. Most importantly it is the real life story of how Robert Marshall hired a hit-man to kill his wife, Maria Marshall. The hit man was Larry N. Thompson.

According to authorities, Thompson was charged with pulling the trigger of the gun that fatally wounded Maria Marshall in 1986, but because of a technicality with his alibi, he was acquitted. For 30 years, the case was an open file for investigator James A. Churchill.

Recently, Thompson, who is in a Louisiana prison for other crimes, confessed to killing Maria Marshall. Unfortunately because of double jeopardy laws, Thompson cannot be retried for the murder. Robert Marshall was convicted of contracting his wife’s murder and is serving a life sentence.

Why did Larry Thompson confess to the crime now 30 years later? Probably so he could get credit for it. He can’t be tried in  court again, so he wants everyone to know he got away with murder.

Larry Thompson not only murdered Maria Marshall, when he was found innocent, he tried to sue the Ocean County prosecutor for $25 million for improper arrest. Typical sociopathic behavior.

Hitman finally confesses in ‘Blind Faith’ murder, investigator says, from the Press of Atlantic City.

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I will never forget the day. A very good-looking and charismatic Alpha male supervisor started chasing me on the job. He knew I was married. In fact, he came into my office one day and his baited comments were beyond annoying. I was blown away that such a ‘prized male’ could be taking interest in me. I managed to remain calm (in fact, most of the time I felt that he was someone I could ‘let my hair down with’) more than anyone else I ever met.

I know it was meant as a joke…but…I happened to mention to him that over the weekend I had written down all the things I would need to do if my husband died. He responded, “Well, what would you do if I arranged to have Tom bumped off?”

One of my friends asked why I mentioned my husband in that context, and another friend said his comment was ‘ballsy’.

I think it meant this guy wanted me all to himself in his fantasy world. Not bragging or bridling about it…it happens everyday in the workplace. But you never know with people.


Barb…yes, it happens everyday in the workplace and it happened to me. He wanted you all to himself for a minute…it is only until they get what they want. They are so spontaneous and work on a whim. It’s only what they want at that moment just like a little child. It’s pretty awful how they operate. They upset so many lives without ever blinking an eye.


Thank you, Ser, for your support


Barb…you are welcome.


He may have been testing you, disguised as a joke, but looking for your response. If you’d given him some encouragement, he may have taken the subject further.

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