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After a ring, house and kids, Christopher Kelley says he never proposed

Christopher Ned Kelley of Georgia gave Melissa Cooper a $10,000 diamond ring. He never actually said “will you marry me,” but the bauble set off the usual chain of events: house purchase, child, Cooper becomes a stay-at-home mom.

Ten years go by. Kelley has affairs; Cooper finds out; they try to reconcile; Kelley wants out. Cooper sues Kelley for breach of contract to marry and the court awards her $50,000. The Georgia Appeals Court just upheld the decision.

Ga. Man Must Pay $50,000 After Breaking Engagement to Fiancee, Appeals Court Says, from Yahoo

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Georgia is a common law state. I wonder if they checked his tax returns. One join tax return and they were married. What a loser and how did he ever get a $10,000 engagenment ring? Stranger than fiction.

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