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Ahmed Chalabi dies – the con man who helped push the U.S. into Iraq

Ahmad Chalabi

Ahmad Chalabi

I remember thinking back in 2004, as I was learning about psychopaths, that an Iraqi politician named Ahmed Chalabi fit the profile.

Chalabi was charming, smart and persuasive. He was connected to top officials in the administration of President George W. Bush. Chalabi provided the “intelligence” that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, which was the public justification for the United States invasion of Iraq.

Well, he lied. No WMDs were found.

By 2004, it became apparent that Chalabi had manipulated America get what he wanted the war. But Chalabi did not apologize. He said that the ends removing Saddam Hussein from power justified the means.

My psychopathic ex-husband used to say that: “The ends justifies the means.”

Ahmed Chalabi died of a heart attack last week.

In the meantime, 4,493 Americans were killed in Iraq, and thousands more wounded. Estimates of civilian war deaths generally range between 100,000 and 200,000.

Maybe, if government officials knew how to recognize a psychopath, none of this would have happened.

Chalabi legacy haunts Iraq, on

Ahmed Chalabi, Iraqi politician who lobbied for U.S. invasion of Iraq, dies at 70, on

Postscript: Ahmad Chalabi,




Ahmed Chalabi died a few days ago.

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This post hits close to my heart and all I can say for this evil man is that he will get what he deserves when St. Peter slams the door shut in his face!!!! (and I’m not even Christian nor do I belong to any of the Abrahamic religions)
I say this because I just got back from a service trip to Palestine. That land IS holy land but there is so much injustice being perpetrated against the Palestinians there that it breaks my heart. The fact that my tax dollars support Israel in this both enrages me and frustrates me.
Most people who have not been tangled with a disordered person would not understand how easy it is to become trapped in their warped logic and lies. I am by no stretch of imagination anti Semetic. The Israeli government shows SO many of the characteristics of a power hungry abusive psychopathic selfish ideology.
I pray for days when the world knows the truth and stops getting conned by these @$#*& who inflict hurt and injustice.
Then maybe we can circle our wagons and defend our youth from the likes of ISIS…. when I say our youth I mean an all inclusive world youth. May peace and righteousness prevail.


You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic. `Robert A Heinlein

I believe my ex husband knows this truism VERY VERY well. He waged his smear campaign of me by following this truism.

I believe the media know this and the politicians know this.
It is the secret weapon of sociopaths everywhere.


hear hear!!! so very true!!! Had not heard the Heinlein quote but I surely will use it from now on!! Thank You!!
I write this with a real broken heart as 14 teenagers were killed in Hebron today. Why?? They were hesitant to subject themselves to a strip search while passing a check point. Power corrupts…by the way all 14 killed were under 16 years old.


What? Are you saying there’s nothing more to this story? That mere hesitation means an automatic death sentence?


no….with tears in my eyes and in my heart I can say there is no more to this story. Israel claims it has a right to defend themselves….but Great atrocities are being committed behind that excuse. Look up the real story on the web. An international press videographer has it all on tape. In
fact I have several such incidents on MY phone…. Just google current affairs in HEBRON Palestine. Otherwise ask Donna for my email address and I will be happy to share some of my experiences if you are interested. The world just has to know what is happening there. This is NOT a religious conflict. It is a political play for land grab.
I’m so glad that you want to know!!! I do believe that truth always emerges.


I can not find any such link. I googled 14 teenaged boys shot Hebron, 6 Nov. I find Nothing. I looked on Al-Jazeera. Nothing.

Please list your link here. It’s the most accurate way to share such info.

I do know Israel claims the right to defend itself. That makes sense for all of us though, we ALL believe in our right to defend ourselves from lawlessness.

I will check here for your link to that news story.


Don’t want to post the whole link because the images may be triggering for some. GO to

Olive Tree Campaign run by JAI with the YMCA has a lot of good info has an article about happenings today.

let me know if these help otherwise I will get someone more technically proficient to help.

At the very least you will get the picture of what is not being reported in our media

Also check Electronic Intefada … Via IRIN a UN humanitarian news and information service.

Hope all this helps!!!

Imara is also very useful.

I googled Hebron Palestine news and got all the info…. this does not include atrocities committed in Jerusalem.

Thing is we cannot oppress a group of people for long and not expect resistance.


I am still having trouble finding the report of 14 teenagers shot at a checkpoint in Hebron 6 Nov. I checked for a week before that date you gave as well.

None of the links you list show that report.
I don’t understand why you don’t list that link. Links don’t show photos so it’s not triggering. Esp when people are warned not to click the link.

Please provide the link to the report.
ps There is a lot not reported in our media. That’s why I read other sources.

Thx Imara.


I think you’ll find that G.W. Bush was very probably a P. He’s probably been misdianosed as ADHD, dyslexic etc.

Glibness/superficial charm – to his core fan base, cetainly. Performs very well in front of cameras.

Grandiose sense of self-worth – uses derogatory nicknames for everyone. ‘Mission Accomplished’ on battleship. Foreign Policy based on dominance – ‘With us or against us’

Pathological lying – WMD

Cunning/manipulative -Mark Crispin Miller, author of The Bush Dyslexicon and professor of media studies at New York University, who also sees the darker Bush, said in a Nov. 28 interview with the Toronto Star, “”Bush is not an imbecile. He’s not a puppet. I think that Bush is a sociopathic personality. I think he’s incapable of empathy. He has an inordinate sense of his own entitlement, and he’s a very skilled manipulator. And in all the snickering about his alleged idiocy, this is what a lot of people miss.”

Lack of remorse or guilt – Iraq, looking under the table for WMD

Emotionally shallow – blithe, unconcerned

Callous/lack of empathy – Hurricane Katrina

Failure to accept responsibility for own actions – during a prime time press conference in April 2004, President Bush was asked to name one mistake he had made since taking office and explain what he had learned from it. He couldn’t do it.

(2013) After my presidency I have come to the belief that the Iraq War, although well intentioned, was unnecessary and too costly to justify. I deeply apologize to the American people and to our soldiers and veterans in particular for engaging them in such a conflict. I may have made a mistake – but I think all Americans know that I pride myself on being able to admit my failures. (MAY have made a mistake …)

Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom – doesn’t like details. ‘Working’ day as a governor was a few hours. Bush is unable to sit still. He has difficulty refraining from making faces. He needs to joke with people.

Parasitic lifestyle – wastrel, parachuted into office, Daddy’s friends gave him jobs, manouevred into Texas Air National Guard

Lack of realistic, long-term goals – again, wastrel. Friends of Daddy’s gave him company positions. A drifter. In any other family he’d have been in prison by his 20s.

Impulsivity – Taliban, Al Quaida, Iraq – moving goalposts. Bush’s father carefully built a coalition to go after Saddam Hussein, went to war, proceeded with caution, and wisely retreated from southern Iraq. George W never weighed the pros and cons. He decided impulsively to go to war. He failed to build a substantive coalition, hastily went off to war, and had no plan to reconstruct Iraq.

Irresponsibility – Bush had described his days before his religious conversion in his 40s as his nomadic period and irresponsible youth

Poor behavioral controls – As president, Bush’s mood swings went from quoting the Bible one-minute and then erupting in obscenity-filled outbursts the next.

Early behavioral problems (PASS)

Juvenile delinquency – hinted at – after his father was elected to the House of Representatives in 1966, Bush was arrested for disorderly conduct at Yale. Also DUI, drunkard.

Revocation of conditional release N/A

Criminal versatility – Harken Energy, Texas Rnagers, arguably rendition/torture

Many short-term marital relationships(PASS)

Promiscuous sexual behavior – Condoleeza Rice?

Also: word salad, torturing animals as a child (blowing up frogs). permanent smirk

As a child, Bush and his mother would practice reading with flash cards. His dyslexia made it difficult for him to sort things out and synthesize information. He was unable to understand a complex world and consequently was only able to perceive issues in black and white with no shades of gray.

Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President is a 2004 book by psychoanalyst Justin A. Frank. The central premise of Frank’s book is that President George W. Bush displays signs of poor mental health which makes him ill-suited to rule the United States. Frank suggests Bush suffers from megalomania, that he is probably incapable of true compassion and shows signs of sadism.
Finally – endless wars (controlling, dominance)


NWHSOM, I think that if FOURTEEN teenagers were shot at a checkpoint in Hebron—an outright massacre, no less—it would make a noticeable blip in world news headlines! The mainstream media would not ignore it.

I’m afraid reports of that kind strain credulity. I’m tempted to suggest that someone, somewhere along the line, may have misinterpreted what they were reading. The first and most obvious possibility to come to mind is that fourteen teenagers may have been shot in Hebron this year—or since some date in the past—but NOT all at once! As we all know, Palestinian terrorists (some of whom are mere teenagers) have been making deadly assaults on Israelis, often with knives, so some of them have indeed been getting themselves shot. Alternatively, it may be that a fourteen-YEAR-OLD teenager was shot at some time (again, not fourteen teenagers). That’s how stories grow in the telling!

Of course, it could be Hamas propaganda instead, claiming that a whole bunch of teenagers had been massacred all at once. But that wouldn’t have to mean it was true.


Redwald and NWHSOM…There is no confusion about the facts. Just a technically challenged me!!!! I am going to visit my daughter on this Sat….She is a techie and will help me post the numerous links that show the massacre.
Have you been at least able to get a pic of the abuse of power from Israel that I have been trying to get across??
When the Ghaza massacre happened last year the media did not call it a massacre. Palestinians fight with home made bombs and marble pebbles. Israel has the strength of the American armament. It happens often.
People ask me if I was afraid while I was there and very honestly I have to say that the only time I was afraid was when we heard repeated fly overs with the F 16 bombers.
Redwald I’m curious…. you call Palestinian teenagers terrorists because??
That’s my point exactly. It’s that kind of generalizations we make that get us into trouble. Terrorists are people who inflict terror. They come in all colors and races. And everything going on there is incredulous!!!! That’s my point exactly. Israel gets away with a lot because normal people do not believe anything like that is possible!!!! They are ( supposedly ) a democracy and our ally right? The mask does slip from time to time…. they call our President by a racial slur….Ignore all international protocol and come to our country uninvited by the Secretary of State…..I could go on!!!! But we excuse and ignore. Does that sound familiar?
My belief is that anyone who is as oppressed as the West Bank residents have been( these are Christians and Muslims….)will resist and fight back. They have nothing to loose. That’s scary, cause it makes them vulnerable to those ISIS animals.
Again, forgive my technical incompetence and I will have that link up by start of next week. There are pictures included so please be careful.


Imara, I’m not labeling Palestinian teenagers in general as terrorists. I thought my wording was clear enough. I referred to certain Palestinians—and we all know they exist—who make stealth attacks on Israelis, sometimes with knives, sometimes as suicide bombers who kill many innocent victims at a time. Their aim is to create fear and intimidation. When people do that, what else would we call them but “terrorists”? And some of these people who do that are mere teenagers, as I said.

It’s regrettable that mere teenagers have to be regarded as possible killers, but when their potential victims can’t know in advance who’s a terrorist and who isn’t, they have to be very careful. And I’m sure some innocent Palestinians end up getting shot by mistake, just as unarmed civilians are sometimes shot by police here in the U.S.—even on occasion when they pose no threat, like the deplorable shooting of Jeremy Mardis and Chris Few last Friday.


Redwald the real issue that I am trying to highlight is that there are as many( if currently not more) people from Israel as there are Palestinians who engage in terror tactics. The problem there is increased because Israel promotes the creation of settlements in the West Bank that according to the Oslo accord are illegal. Israel does this blatantly and shamelessly . when I was in my broken why why why stage I had asked my husband why…..he said probably the only truth he did…”Because I can”. Israel inflicts harm because they Can. American foreign policy has supported many despots and we have later regretted that. Hope we are not doing the same with Israel. Anytime Israel is criticized for doing something illegal they project the blame to the accuser calling them anti Semetic. I see patterns that really concern me. The entitlement mentality I encountered from that culture scared me.
Israel does not seem to want peace. They want a piece of this a piece of that and ultimately the whole land. And they seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

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