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Airport argument live on Twitter: Man wants woman to turn down a promotion because he’d be humiliated when she makes more money

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A woman waiting for her flight at an airport started to live-tweet the argument of a couple next to her. @mzbat wrote:

Couple beside me at the airport is arguing over money. He just told her if she loved him she’d turn down the promotion bc everyone would know she’d be making more money than him and he’d be humiliated. Holy sh*t is that really still a thing? wtf

This sounds like the typical argument of a disordered man trying to control his partner.

@mzbat then gives a play-by-play of the argument.The initial tweet has been retweeted 8,467 times — and counting!You’ll love the ending!

‘He said he’d be humiliated if she made more money’: Twitter user live-tweets airport row that sees man telling his girlfriend to turn DOWN a promotion – leading to her abandoning the trip, on

Here’s the original tweet — read the comments!

Couple beside me at the airport is arguing over money, on


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