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Alleged ‘honeymoon killer’ goes on trial

In October 2003, Gabe Watson, and his bride, Tina Watson, were on their honeymoon in Australia when they went on a dive at the Great Barrier Reef. Tina didn’t survive, and Gabe was charged with murder. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served 18 months in an Australian prison. He now faces trial in Alabama. Read:

Trial of alleged ‘honeymoon killer’ Gabe Watson opens, on

Husband who ‘let wife drown’ in Australia scuba dive honeymoon horror shows up for murder trial with identical new wife in tow, on

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I remember seeing a reenactment of this on TV years ago. She was such a pretty girl. After what I was married to and duped into paying off my exe’s bills I could believe someone would take someone’s life over a $220,000
The new Mrs. Watson must be crazy brave to take on a man who has been accused of murdering his ex. I wonder if she’ll stand by him if he get’s life in prison. And what a good way to plot a murder: underwater with few if no witnesses. If I remember correctly the bride found him creepy but went through with the marriage anyway.

Ox Drover

I’ve watched this one since it started and it is amazing to me that he is being tried (again) in the US….I am GLAD he is being retried actually, but SURPRISED none the less. There is little doubt about his guilt actually….but so many times people like him who do a crime out of the country get off. That guy who murdered his wife in Mexico was FINALLY sent back to Mexico to stand trial there, which was several years after the fact, but I was surprised it happened at all….and that is what the jerk was counting on, and this one was counting on that I think as well.

Yep, people have been killed for a LOT LESS. Psychopaths are good at that.

I hope his new wife gets the message, but it is obvious she SHOULD know he is guilty but I bet she thinks he is “innocent”—psychopaths are good at making black look white too…gaslighting a specialty.


I posted this link on another thread. I didn’t realize we had a story posted for it. I think he just got away with murder 🙁


Holy criminy….. this is some scary stuff.

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