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Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johnny Depp, speaks out about violence against women

Amber Heard just released a public service announcement video in which she encourages women to speak up if they are being abused.

Heard and actor Johnny Depp divorced in August 2016, after having married in February of 2015. They were romantically involved approximately four years. Heard alleged that Depp abused her during their marriage.

Amber Heard won’t be shamed any longer in powerful domestic abuse PSA, on

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: A timeline of their relationship, divorce and domestic abuse allegatins, on

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This is a great PSA and I’m glad she did it. It was for United Nations End Violence Against Women Day.


Amber is heard by me…speak the hell up




I’m crushed that Johnny Depp is an abuser. 🙁 I guess if he ever shows up at my door, I will have to turn him away.


I had an encounter that started to be abusive and I voiced my objection and the abuse did not happen.


maybe some here might not like what I am gonna say, but Amber is the sociopath and the liar.

If you want to hear truth always is good to hear other ex’s, Both Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis said the complete opposite of Amber Heard. the responses here just let me see that people are completely unaware of how to recognize a socipath.

I’d like Donna’s opinion on this, but just by the way she (and remember she is an actress) acts, I can recognize patterns of a sociopath.
She however has all for her, the youth, the looks, the innocent face, the Victim(i am not a victim) posture.

I am surviving for 8 years a very very nasty sociopath and over 3 yr custody battle, and its not easy, but I’ve learned a lot and I keep learning.



selfhealing, I have pondered the same. I had never heard of her until the Australian government went after Amber & Johnny for sneaking in their dog(s) to Australia which is against the law. They came out with an “apology” tape which was so disconnected with the seriousness of what they did. Her behavior was very mocking.

Then when all this came to light I read some comment boards on the tab sites and everyone was saying that she was a narcissist some even say she was a manipulative sociopath but everyone stated that she was manipulative!! RED FLAGS with her & her past.

With regards to Johnny he seems to be on drugs (maybe not) & alcohol issue…a sociopath would no doubt take advantage of someone in a low spot in their life like this.

From what I have read I would not trust her one bit. Johnny seems to stay out of the tabloids.

Something is definitely amiss with her!! Glad you posted because I was wondering the same when Donna posted this post.


yes Jan7 he seems to be the chair where she stands to get attention.
if he is on drugs of alcohol, he is also an easier target definitely.
and she most likely pressed the right buttons as these kind of people do.
regardless, I feel for JOhnny on this one.


There are different opinions on this. I’ve seen articles that support Amber and those that don’t. I would just say only Amber and Johnny know what has happened.


well this blog is to analyze these kinds of situations Sunnygal, the idea is that we get better at recognizing these people and we can help others based on our experiences.

my comments are based on the self experience I had and have, and seeing the acting in this video I personally have no doubts. I confirmed by listening to what other women in Johnny life said a well.

sociopaths and narcissists are an epidemic and we need to learn to identify them, they ruin everything for others from work to family to children. courts don’t know what the hell to do with them, there isn’t a clear way to keep them away from healthy people that are easy prey.



You bring up such a good point of view, and one I need to remember. Anyone can accuse someone else. And it is one of the #1 tools of a disordered personality to accuse someone else of wrong doing, to flip the mirror 180 degrees.

And she is an actress. So not only, possibly, one by ‘character’, but then also by trade. Very interesting.

One of the sociopaths I briefly dated got online with all of his friends and wrote about how sad he was that I dumped him, and that I was ‘obviously’ a sexual predator, a ‘narcissistic psychopath’. He went on to say how I was ‘trolling’ the internet for unsuspecting men to have sex with.

He then stalked me for over 4 years. He never did any violence against me, but he made dang sure I knew who was ‘in control’.

Anyone who didn’t know me could easily have believed the way he twisted the story of our meeting, of him moving to my city (ostensibly for a job), and then my realizing he was ‘not right’ and breaking it off. He played the perfect heart sick victim. He is a mental health care worker, who worked with mentally challenged adults in a group home. He now parades as an actual therapist.

We just never know who the perpetrator is and who the victim is unless we are VERY close to the intimate details.

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