American man may escape abuse charges by marrying UK justice official

Shawn Sullivan is accused of abusing young teenage girls in the U.S. and Ireland. Arrested in the U.K., he married a woman who works in the Justice Ministry. He live in her family’s million-pound home, and may be able to avoid extradition.

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This story to me just shows that a psychopath will use whatever quirk of “law” in order to get around having the consequences of his behavior fall on his head.

The woman has I think been scammed, probably love bombed, into thinking she has found her “true love” in life.

Dr. Leedom’s psychopathic X husband married the nurse at the prison he was incarcerated in. “THE NURSE!” you might say! Well of course, who better to con into marrying him. Then after he got out, he was arrested again for guess what! Yep, TRYING TO IMPERSONATE a physician and get a job! DUH???? Yet she stayed with him after that. Can we say VICTIM= Trauma bond, love bomb, pitiful example, or any other of a string of words we know are associated with the psychopathic relationship?

The crazy “human rights” regulations that allow a convicted sex offender who is also an illegal alien in the UK to stay in the UK are being used by not only this man but many others simply because they have a “family” in the UK….so, want absolute protection from being sent out of the UK to face charges for your horrible crimes? Get married in the UK, just find a victim! Presto, your “human rights” are protected.

Obviously Gary McKinnon’s big mistake was not getting married!

I’d guess that’s the problem with being such a geek. The poor guy must have spent far too much time on computers and didn’t leave enough time for dating and finding himself a mate!

Incidentally, a “million pound home in London” is probably a broom cupboard in Chelsea!

redwald said, “Incidentally, a “million pound home in London” is probably a broom cupboard in Chelsea! ”


Oh, and speaking of pedophiles, there was an article on Gary Glitter in the Mail the other day. Apparently after he returned to Britain from Vietnam, the British imposed a foreign travel ban on him! That’s just expired, but he’s still subject to certain restrictions on going overseas. The British government is so stupid. They do everything upside down. Why on earth would they want to stop him LEAVING the country? If anything you’d think they’d want to stop him from COMING BACK!

It sounds as if the same upside-down logic is working for this Sullivan guy…

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