Amish man accused of sexual assault

A man who grew up in Amish communities has been charged with incest and sexual assault of a minor. Investigators claim he victimized at least six girls, ages five to 15, over the last 10 years.

The Amish community tried to handle the problem internally, but finally had to turn to law enforcement.

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Ox Drover

Frankly Henry, I don’t give a damn! I really in this instance don’t care who I offend. That man is a dangerous wack job and anyone who gives him ink is aiding and abetting his mission to destroy the world! NO one who ferments a religious war just to get attention for himself to gain power for himself deserves one ounce of ink or internet space.

More people have been killed and tortured in the name of Jesus, Allah, X, Y and Z than have been killed in all the other wars I think. We have all had ancestors burned at the stake for their beliefs and had other ancestors who LIT THE FIRES!

Heck even Castro is on the air now saying that his desire to nuke the US was wrong and that their financial system doesn’t even work for Cuba, much less any where else! How about those apples folks! Castro renouncing the REVOLUTION! LOL

Hitler killed 6 million in the name of purity, plus the number of others killed in WWII, Mao killed 60 million…all for one “belief” or another—NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE at all. Makes my blood boil!

The psychopaths of this world want CONTROL and they are willing to sacrifice YOUR LIFE or your kids’ lives for them to have control! And yea, I’m on a rant! but it pithes me off!


Never Again, you said:

“Well, perhaps it was just the particular Amish community I visited, but horrible animal cruelty, and women totally dominated. Awful memories. Awful.”

The very few encounters I’ve had with Amish people have also left me with a very unsettled feeling in my stomach.

Their faces (especially the women) were completely blank, and they never smiled.
Their eyes were completely dead.
No expression there, at all.

I understand the Amish is not a cult, but it felt very cult-like to me.
The only thing missing was their “leader”, like David Koresh (from Branch Davidians) or something like that.

I’m sorry if I’m being ignorant or insensitive, but that’s been my experience with the Amish.

These people supposedly chose to live their lives this way.
This is what they want for themselves, right?
I would think having the freedom to live according to one’s own beliefs would give these people great joy.
That’s why I have a hard time reconciling the dead, blank faces with what the Amish are supposed to be all about.

I understand there are religious/cultural differences in the world.

But, for me, anything that steals your light (joy) is not a good thing.

If walking around with an expressionless face and dead eyes is a “cultural” thing, then the culture needs to be re-examined, I think.

These are just my own thoughts based on my own experiences.

I’m sorry if this is offensive.
I will delete if it is.


yep your right Ox Jesus get’s blamed for a lot of thing’s…

Ox Drover

There are various “sects” of the Amish, Mennonites, etc. In my historical studies I have studied the Quakers in their various “incarnations” through history.

The Quakers, (they call themselves “Friends”) llived “simple” lives according to the times, they didn’t dress with lots of foll-de-roll, like the uppper crust did, and their hats were pllain, they were sometimes called “broad brims” because their hats were broad and flat, very plain. The women wore modest dresses and aprons in prescribed colors when they went out, they called each other “thee and thous” etc. and they treated women equally with men in their religious services.

They were hard working and prospered. They developed rules that their young couldn’t marry until they could support a family so many young men whose fathers were not wealth enough to provide them a farm or store didn’t marry until 30+, but the “NON-Rules” became so rigid that in order to keep up with them it took the JOY out of your life. YOung people married out of the sect and were kicked out of the sect. (They kept great records though!!!)

The Amish are in some ways, I think, similar to the old style Quakers, their rules about what is NOT plain go into how many bangles you can have on your harness on your buggy, the color of the dress the women wear and so on, RULES, RULES AND MORE RULES. I have visited with some who were not so “rule bound” and they seemed to take good care of their livestock, but they were not the “full fledged” farm with horses Amish.

So there are variations in the different groups I think. In some there seems to be what most of us outsiders might think of as “cultish”—-but on the other hand WHAT IS A CULT? A Catholic monastary would be viewed as a “cult” couldn’t it? YOu give them all your money take a vow of silence and poverty and join up? Sounds “cultish” to me. Is it a CULT? Is it more or less of a cult than the rebel Mormons? Or David Koresh? Or Tony Alamo? Or Synanon which started out apparently as a drug rehab group and turned into a personality cult?

I have seen various “churches” in different towns almost become like that church in Florida witha “prophet” type who lays down all the rules. Is that a cult? Or a church? Or what?

Unfortunately many of the ones who are psychopathic do their evil deeds in the NAME OF JESUS or the NAME OF ALLAH and are willing to back it up with guns and IEDs and Suicide bombs.

I saw a short interview with Diane Sawyer last night and she was talking about the time she interviewed Saadam and she was asking him tough questions, like “Do you imprison people or kill them who disagree with you?” she said she could hear the intake of breath in the room among his henchmen standing against the wall, and he basically told her “doesn’t everyone who is in power? Don’t you do that in the US?” She said she realized then that he had NO idea that how he acted was not how every ruler acted. (or should act)

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