An elderly couple scammed, and refuse to believe they were scammed

“He was always very nice,” Miriam Parker, age 84, said of the man who scammed her and her husband out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s an unbelievable story of how the elderly are defrauded, and how they refuse to believe they are being defrauded, which sets them up for losing even more.

Read Elder fraud: One couple’s losses and hard lessons, on News.Yahoo.com.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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I read the purloined letter just now!
This is what I think: The man who stole the letter is a spath.

EA Poe described the 180 rule in the way the letter was “hidden” in plain view. The letter was placed exactly in the last place you would expect to find it, out in the open.

Moreover, the envelope was turned INSIDE OUT, the seal –which had been small and red — was replaced with a large black one, the handwriting which had been masculine and bold, was replaced with feminine handwriting. Everything was 180 degrees the opposite so as to be able to leave the letter in plain sight but not be recognized.

Of course the man was described as being a crafty and evil minister, too.

What is amazing to me, is that Poe described a spath to a T. His manner of behaving (staying out all night), the 180 rule, etc… is a description of a spath. That description of a spath is in plain view, yet nobody recognized it either. Further, the example of the boy who plays marbles by sizing up the intellectual capacity of his opponent, is more spath description.

I was particularly struck by Poe’s description of the WAY in which the child was able to “mirror” his opponent’s expression and then wait until his own thoughts also mirrored the opponent’s thoughts. Then he could predict what the opponent would do.

This story was written in 1845, but the theory of mirror neurons, very recently discovered, explains empathy in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY! According to this theory, we mimic each other’s facial expressions in order to “feel” each other’s emotions. We do this subconsciously, even infants do it.

Granted, the story was written before the word psychopath/sociopath was commonly used, so I don’t expect people from that era to know. Yet, why is it being taught as being about triangulation, when it is such an apt description of psychopathy? The guy could easily be the poster child for a spath.

You are always a source of inspiration and insight, Kim. Thank you!

Truth, Yea, after the aircraft crash I had NO short term memory, and couldn’t remember watching a movie tomorrow that I saw it today, I would watch it over again and it might be “familiar” but I wouldn’t remember the plot.

It really FREAKED me out that I couldn’t remember things and my son would remember one thing and I woujld remember another and we would try to figure out who was right and who was imagining things. If we hadn’t had a good relationship we would have fought….like I have seen elderly couples fight about who is right about something because one or both of them forget.

The early stages where the JUDGMENT GOES first is the hardest part to diagnose and to deal with…and an adult child or other person cannot get legal guardianship at that point, they just have to watch daddy or mommy give away everything they own to scammers or con men. Not a darn thing anyone can do to stop them, they are legally adults and until they are “incompetent” they can conduct their business even if it is not “wisely.” The thing is too, that like that 90 yr old guy that married the blonde Marilyn Monroe bimbo…can’t remember her name LOL ROTFLMAO…he could do with HIS MONEY WHAT HE WANTED TO and if it was to marry a blonde bimbo with big boobs he could do that and his kids couldn’t stop him. Ohl, I remember now, Anna Nichole Smith was her name.

Well, I hear a water melon calling my name! LOUDLY!!!


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