An incredible story of psychopathic entitlement

Back in 1995, Beatty Chadwick, in the midst of a divorce, was accused of hiding $2.5 million from his wife. The judge found him guilty of contempt of court, and ordered him to jail.

Refusing to pay his wife anything, he sat in jail for 14 years. Chadwick was finally released in 2009, and until earlier today, was looking for a new woman on

Read Monica Yant Kinney: Beatty Chadwick, trolling, still defying truth, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader—who also tipped off the press.

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Sounds like Mr. Allred had come “down a peg or two” from being a “CEO” to being a small time scammer of motel bills and petty cons.

Sometimes many people with less than “ideal” moral compasses have that happen to them, like Madoff, when they get bumped off a high perch they fall down to the bottom rungs of street level thugs instead of living off of the creme de la creme of high flying cons in corner offices at Enron.

That fake Rockefeller guy is a perfect example of someone who went up and down the ladder of fakery and ended up at the BOTTOM and then in prison.

A lot of our POLITICAL con people, like John Edwards, still haven’t fallen to the APPARENT low level of this guy.

As for the BCC posting calling him a “thief” etc. even if this is TRUE, and even if they have PROOF on hand, is on, I THINK (my opinion here) SHAKY ground and could get them into a law suit…which they might WIN if they have the truth on their side as “slander and liable” are TRUMPED by TRUTH–but it still costs you to go to court about it if you are sued.

NOT likely!

EB, yea, you are right, not likely, but the ones who screwed my husband and got his company in the 1970s were “stable” enough to sue and sue and sue….one eventually went to prison for 4 years on ANOTHER FRAUD like the one they pulled on Hubby, but they tied things up for decades!

It is almost like the courts conspire to help them!

Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for ’tis better to be alone than in bad company.- George Washington

Something I am taking forward!!!

EB, AMEN to you and George both!!!!

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