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An incredible story of psychopathic entitlement

Back in 1995, Beatty Chadwick, in the midst of a divorce, was accused of hiding $2.5 million from his wife. The judge found him guilty of contempt of court, and ordered him to jail.

Refusing to pay his wife anything, he sat in jail for 14 years. Chadwick was finally released in 2009, and until earlier today, was looking for a new woman on

Read Monica Yant Kinney: Beatty Chadwick, trolling, still defying truth, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader—who also tipped off the press.

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Classic sociopath, Beatty Chadwick fits the bill. I liked how the reporter compared Chadwick to Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. Snarky. Lied about his age on when he got out of the pen, he said he was 54 when he’s in his 70’s. This is why I will stay far away from internet dating (if I EVER consider dating), it’s a breeding ground for these freaks.

Jail didn’t deter him from keeping 2 million from his ex wife. They will do anything to win, and to him this was winning. Trolling for new victims, lying and laughing about it, reminds me of spath husband who loves joking and laughing about his lies too. Strange how these weirdos always have something in common.


14 years in jail, to spite her. Oh, he’s a smart one!


Typical sociopath-they love the internet its their playground! I met my ex-spath online..NEVER again! Little did I know he was meeting all his women on line. Funny thing, when I ended it with him (for GOOD), he was trying to suck me back in while he had created a new profile. I found it. It didn’t have a picture, but I know his write ups very well after catching him on several dating sites through the years. All I had to do was use the user name I suspected was his and sign in with that and the password he always used…bingo, I was in! And when I sent him a link to his profile and told him to stop playing me-he denied that was his profile. LMFAO…of course its not…I KNOW it is. He denied it for days until I finally told him how I knew it was his profile. All of a sudden, he didn’t have much to say. And he lied on so many things on his write up. He put that he was content being alone…WFT?! I just dumped your ass!! And not to mention the fact that his age was wrong, the town he lived in, his physical appearance, and income- LIES!!! Makes me sick how they can lie like they do.


findingmyself – too bad you told him – would be more fun to be able to hack his accounts. I’m sorry; did i say that aloud?

I shouldn’t joke about that – but i am. recently was hacked by the spath. she can just piss off though – I’ve changed all my passwords, and if she’s still hacking then so be it; i can’t spend all my time in evasive maneuvers.


one_step. LOL..actually when I was seeing him and caught his ass on a dating site (my friend was actually on that site and saw him as “on-line” and called and told me. Well, I went to the site, found his account under the user name she told me it was under and I used his pass word (no, he’s never changed it-dumb ass), and I re-wrote his profile for him…I actually still have it. This is what I wrote:

I am an emotional vampire

I am a human without a soul. I am just a player..not looking for anything serious. I will tell you any thing you need to hear to suck you in. I will continue to feed you as long as I get what I want from you. I may even use the words “I love you” but those words mean nothing to me. I am not capable of anything deep or meaningful. I will lie to you, easily and with out guilt. I will pretend to be interested in you, but the truth is I am not interested in anyone but myself. I will sleep with you and others at the same time. I am shallow, a liar and incapable of true feelings for anyone but my own. I will string you along and take all I can from you, physically and emotionally. I will never give anything in return, except for heartache. When I hurt you, it will not faze me, I will walk away for I have others lined up for use. Since ice runs through my veins and I have no heart, any pain I cause you will mean nothing to me. You were just an object, not a person with any feelings or heart you really meant nothing to me. I am a lying, deceiving player and would love the chance to suck you in….. then spit you out. References available upon request.

I can’t believe that I KNEW this over a year and half ago…and yet I allowed him to continue to play me all that time. Seeing what I wrote, I KNEW…why oh why did I ever continue on with him? What an ass…at least I FINALLY got it! And quite frankly, this is exactly the way his profiles should read-ass wipe!


it’s weird what we know and refuse to act on!

and nice profile ….:) 🙂

if only i caould hack the spath…but noooo, i am not supposed to think about those things (so not NC)….or cultivate those thoughts…hehe, but seriously…ahahaaahaa

and he still hasn’t changed his passwords? wow, grandiosity!


Dear FindingMyself,
Sometime we just see what we want to see. We must first remove the log from our own eyes before we can remove the splinter from our neighbors.
Good Morning Everyone,
Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Sane……………….

Ox Drover

ROTFLAMO SNARK, SNORT, CHOKE!!! I know I shouldn’t laugh, but DAMNNNNN!!!! Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face, this has got GOT GOT!!!! to be one of the worst cases of that I have ever heard of!!! 14 years! FOURTEEN YEARS!!!!! in prison, hell that doesn’t even really work out to much of a “salary” for those years!!!! if you divide the money by the number of years in prison

Even considering a 10% rate of growth (very generous) he would only have 7 or 8 million now, might have $10 million if he made some really good investments, but how is he going to get it to spend it? The IRS and you know his X wife’s lawyer will be ALL over anything he owns or buys with the money! (head shaking here) DAMN! He ISSSSSS SSSSSSTUBBBBBOOOORRRRRRNNNNN! He gets the PRIZE!!!!

Ox Drover

MEDIA ALERT: Amazon publishing e book about pedophiles and how they are getting a bum rap in the media. There is a boycott of amazon until they take down this publication.

I buy a lot of stuff off Amazon and I know what “tiny” stuff I buy doesn’t mean much to their bottom line, but they won’t get another dollar of my money if this carp goes on. ENOUGH! These pedophiles think that there is a “code of conduct” for screwing children? Yea, like that guy that kidnapped Elizabeth Smart, or like Charles Jackie Walls III who molested 1500+ kids, or like John Wayne Gacy? Here’s the CNN link about the story! UGH!!!!!


I’m not sure that a sociopath “feels” the passage of time; they seemingly can spend ten years in prison, get out, and act like they never left society; they can call us (when on NC) and act as if they are still in our lives (even though we are post 5-years NC).

On the other hand, the sociopath is impulsive, which makes that “passage of time” theory sort of way out there.

Secretly, I wish that the above jerk was kept in prison for life, seems no one was missing him (on the outside, that is).

My ex did state prison time, and said he got out almost overnight (five years is almost overnight?!) and he further stated, “it didn’t feel like more than a few days.”

Are sociopaths more “vindictive”, no matter the cost, than any other trait?

This guy (above article) served 14 years to keep $$ away from his ex. I want to say typical, vindictive, sociopath.

My ex is also vindictive to the hilt! My credit was shot (I was left penniless and homeless – with three kids); and after 19 years, I have finally *just* paid off over 100K (plus interest) in debt he ran up in less than six-months and have good credit standing with the big-three credit agencies (finally).


Thanks Ox Drover!

I saw that yesterday and was sickened. I wrote to Amazon explaining while I understand the “free speech” concept (which is more private citizen vs. government) this e-book was way beyond “free speech.” The e-book puts children in harms way, lacks social morals, and I don’t care if pedophiles are discriminated against and misunderstood.

I will not do business with Amazon until the book is removed from their site and they stop selling the Kindle e-book, and deleted my account. (I can always create another account if/when they cease sale of the e-book)

I e-mailed Amazon direct, because they deleted my post to book preview page. Unreal, ‘eh? Delete my post becuase it was deemed offensive, yet sell a book promoting pedophilia? Mind boggling, evil stuff out there.


congrats on the financial come back Fire!!!!
As far as 5 yrs being overnight. That is their way of minimizing their screw up! We as victims think we live in denial…. these sick sons of biatches are completely in denial of accepting the consequences and responsibility for their decisions in life. I had that experience with my x spath….. with an ultra light airplane that i warned him of a fuel leak and his idiot self ahd to get the adrenaline rush and go into the sky 300 ft and the motor failed and he crashed. but to hear him tell it “he landed in the trees!!!” Mr Grandiosity! NOT ONCE was I given credit for trying to stop him due to the fuel leak I saw. He had to be the “super hero”! I thank God he walked away otherwise i would be feeding and changing an invalid in awhe el chair. that is when I decided it was time to go! Enough people have tragedy in life, but to be so farking stupid to do something like that. That was the crash before the final crash of me leaving.
PSt; add him having no health insurance, no life insurance and no pilots training or license and no money in the bank to pay bills when he can’t walk or work!!


OK… i’m boycotting amazon too!


OMG!!! I just heard on my local news about the amazon controversy. The author looks like a weirdo spath! Amazon did pull the book off the site!

Ox Drover

The fact that ANYONE at Amazon would be LOW/STUPID/IN AGREEMENT WITH publishing something like this or selling something like this GOBSMACKS ME! YUK!!! “Code of conduct” for RAPING anyone, but especially a child–that’s why John Wayne Gacey Killed his victims, he didn’t HAVE THE CODE OF CONDUCT!

GRRRRR!!!! Grinding my teeth here!!!!


“ has yanked an e-book written for pedophiles from its Kindle store following a wave of complaints and boycott threats.”

Read more:

I did do a search on and found the e-book is still up there for sale.

The book is here, second line of offerings (no photo):

…when you click through this to the e-book, a page says “We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site”; however, the book is still there (it is not totally removed – yet… grrr).

Keep up the pressure on and; the pressure has not given “free advertisement” to this jerk and has hurt Amazon’s reputation. …and at a bad time of year, too. It is holiday shopping time!

I’m grinding my teeth here, too …waiting for Amazon to issue a public apology.


firefly – i have clicked through and the listing is still there. even has one star – so someone actually reviewed it. sigh. not going there.

will write them later today, when i have time. great, now my IP is associated with that click though….

Ox Drover

What little holiday spending I will do would have been done on Amazon most likely but will do it on B & N now….done with Amazon. ONE AND DONE… more second chances. That’s the OXY rule. If you show that you are a creep, or hang out with creeps, or promote creeps I don’t need you in my life and if you financially promote creeps in your business, you don’t need my business….boy, that will bankrupt them! LOL NOT!!!

It isn’t like Amazon is the ONLY place in the world to buy used books or that gives good service. Maybe not everyone at amazon even knew about that book, but any company that would approve such a piece of trash and not immediately fire the person responsible for approving that, and issue a public apology, they are off my Christmas list. Coal and switches in their stocking from “ANTI-claus” FARK ’em!!!

My little boy-cott might not bankrupt Amazon but I don’t support any business that supports pedophilia anymore than I would vote for a congressman that did, and my ONE VOTE may not amount to much, but I DO have a big mouth and I will encourage my friends and their friends to NOT buy from Amazon.



Speaking from experience, I personally think that spaths’ brains are short-circuited, making it impossible for them to understand how money works – they do not know how to manage money. I have been mystified by my h-spath’s lack of money sense. He has accused me of hoarding money (I call it saving money). Unbelievable. To the spath, they think that money should be spent ASAP. They don’t plan long-term, getting themselves and loved ones’ into financial jams. I applaud you for resolving such a huge debt (minus ex’s help, I’m sure). You deserve an A+.


Thank you, bluejay.

I too was “accused” of hoarding money in the bank (savings, retirement).

On the huge debt: I did not want to declare bankruptcy, no matter who ran up the debt – it was still in my name. He was arrested for “fraud” then released and convicted on another felony (armed robbery). And yes, paid it all sans the “help” of the ex.

Spaths spend/use other people’s money (OPM), and long-term planning? I sorta’ chuckle because as you write, spaths spend money ASAP – money burned a hole right through my ex’s hands, pants, wallet and was spent, pronto.

I’ve been on NC for years and love it. It’s my family that speaks with him, loves him, holds his fresh-out-of-prison-again-hands, I have to avoid them; so I do the Christmas card thing for the family, nothing more.

I have to get my story up here (been saying that for a year, now?)… call me chicken? That and I’m not sure where to really post it without hogging the thread for a great article.

Ox Drover

Dear Firefly,

As far as your family “holding his hand” I wouldn’t even send them the freaking Christmas card! My egg donor still sends money to my P-son that tried to have me killed and as long as she does that, she won’t even get a card from me. If she passes away, someone else will have to plan her memorial service, and I won’t be there (I’m her only child) and there will not be a blood relative one weeping over her grave!

Put your story any where you want to put it, or write it up in an article and send it to Donna and ask her to put it up in an article.

I admire you for paying off the debt sans-ex, and I know it wasn’t easy to do….and must have been a bitter pill to swallow. Especially with your family holding his talons and offering him aid and comfort!

Yes, they DO resent us having anything and not giving it to them. My P son resents the heck out of the fact that I have ANY $$ in the bank and he doesn’t have access to it to spend as he pleases. So what if I couldn’t eat or pay my light bill.

I have a tape recording that was made with him on a jail phone sometime after his arrest for murder in the summer of 1992 and he was talking with his brother C. Someone had told him that my husband and I had invested some money in a project (to make money) and he was griping that we had invested “all that money” and hadn’t “given him the sweat off our balls”—he wanted bail money and more commissary money (we had given him some commissary money)—tens of thousands of dollars would have been necessary for his bail and I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t skip out! I should have give him money? I OWED HIM BAIL MONEY WHY? I guess I owed it to him because I didn’t use a condom the night he was conceived—yeap, my fault for sure. Like the king said “the kingdom was lost for the want of a nail” my life was ruined because I didn’t use a condom one night! Talk about UNSAFE SEX! Sexually transmitted Psychopath=STP, the worst sexually transmitted Disease you can get! And no doctor can cure it. It’s the “gift” that keeps on giving!



I would be very interested in reading your story, so please post it at some point in the near future.


I know have seen a few posts that mention the site don’t date him girl dot com, and I stumbled across another one,

Just curious, how many of you would use one of these sites? Do you see it as your duty to be able to post on one of these sites without anyone knowing who you are, or is it a bit of being able to get back at him/her? Or maybe a little bit of both? Just curious how you would view posting on a site where you can list their names, location, age and even email address, along with user names from the sites they are known on-with the latter site, would you do it?

Honestly, I know I ran a check on his name and nothing unusual came up….if I had seen him listed on a site such as that, I might have thought twice, or at the very least, had my radar more in tune.

Ox Drover

I don’t date online, so probably wouldn’t use such a site, but even if I dated a guy I met in “real life” that I didn’t know his TOTAL HISTORY I would get a private investigator search done on him before it went very far.

I did date a guy after my husband died that I had casually known for about 10 yrs and he turned to to be a raging Psychopath. I would be very careful in just about any relationship that was more than just arms length “friendship.”


Oh great! Another liar/cheater on match. Just what the world needs. That’s where I met the scum…I mean ex.

I have posted about the ex on “Don’t date him”. And I am glad I did. Sad thing is most women would only learn about this site after they have fallen victim to scums like the ex. Another site I know of is “”.

I wish these scums could just be voted off to an island never to be seen or heard from again and they can victimize each other on THAT island alone. If only…


We date people at the level of our self-esteem – make sure you have self worth.



Wise and very true. This is how we get stuck with those leeches, our self esteem is so low we think they look human. What were we thinking?

Once we get started on the right path and start to feel better, it’s revealed to us by truely seeing their leechy, ugly, true selves. Slimy things.

It is a constant battle, feeling okay with being us. Personally, I feel better than I have for a very long time. I will actually have standards in the future. I let too many people take advantage of me, I should have stayed with the nice boys, instead of Prince of the Leeches.


I went on the ddhg site after someone here posted it. I never even would have dreamed such a thing. Catfish(my name for the bottom feeder) was throughly investigated by a PI (a very good one at that) and nothing unusal showed up. I have contacted the PI and he has somehow put a tag on his folder for anyone else that initates an investigation. My rador went up when a couple of ladies gave me a warning..i.e. listen to what he is saying. Keep your emotions in check and listen. Catfish also said to me several times that I was over analying everthing he did or said. A elderly gentleman many many years ago told me if anyone ever tells you you think to much, or question them…..BEWARE. IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE END WHEN HE DID THIS. I stay long enough for him to show his hand and expose his game plan.
It’s difficult not to see boogey men around every corner once you are duped by a SP. I have to believe there are some good men out there or God help us all.
Who needs terrorist when we are sleeping with the enemy? Ladies and Gent off to bed—sweet dreams.
Stay Strong Stay Safe and Stay Sane. I am Seeing Clearly Now.
P.S. OX DROVER: You are awesoooooome!!! It’s not where or when you start, it’s who and what you become that makes the journey of a thousand miles worth every blister. Respectfully,SC

Ox Drover

Dear Seeing clearly,

Thank you so much! I’m working hard to become the person my dog thinks I am! (((hugs))))


[email protected] Oxy! Cute!! Does your dog have you trained to his/her perfection yet? Pets are the masters… they own us!! LOLOLOL!!! I have 2 cats!

Ox Drover

Dear Notcrazee,

Yea, he has me trained to open the door when he barks—and the cat has me trained to open the door to my son’s room when she yowls (she hates me and loves men! She’s a ho!) Dogs generally have masters and cats have STAFF! LOL


My socioX used every last dollar to fight me in court for such a small amount, that even if he won, it would equal what he used to fight me. He doesn’t think twice about using his very last dollar to win any battle, even if he comes out with less than before, because all that matters to him is winning.

He quit his job so he wouldn’t have to pay CS, and now he can’t pay his rent. Forgot to worry about that part when he felt he had to spite me. My daughter has grown to hate him for his antics, because he uses her to get at me, and does not care about the damage he does to her. Instead of the adoring little daughter, he is making an enemy of her.

It is hard to call him stupid, because he is very good at what he does….which is manipulation and lying. But he is in worse shape now financially than when I first met him, and he should be doing quite comfortably since the courts gave him $15K of my money when we divorced. He had nothing when we met and was renting a tiny 3 room house. He now has his own house thanks to my down payment, but because he is solely interested in destroying me, he is going to lose that too.

My daughter tells me he is gaining weight, doesn’t clean at all, the house is filthy, and he sits home all week and watches movies. (Except when he is trolling the internet on ideas to cause me pain, or screaming at the poor cats he got to keep his daughter interested.)


Thank you Oxy –

I did my Christmas Cards (not mailed, just addressed), and for some reason, left out my entire family; my son said…”Oh, it’s about time you divorced them!” lol The less and less I let them live rent-free in my safe world, the more peaceful life will be – for me and my kids.

I’ll do the write-up, been putting my stuff on a website (still not published) because the long journey is not easily followed when told here and there other than “in the beginning I met a sociopath…”

Ox Drover

Dear Firefly,

I like that “In the beginning I met a sociopath…” GREAT!!! in fact!!!

Yea, all the stories begin like that, “once upon a time….”

Also glad that you “divorced” your family….it took me a long time to realize that I COULD DIVORCE my family. I didn’t realize I had the choice.

Congratulations on getting your cards addressed and ready to mail before Thanksgiving! You are one up on me!

Ox Drover

Dear Stillinshock,

(Head shaking here) I am not sure what they get out of making enemies of their children…doesn’t make sense to me…but I’m watching a man destroy his relationship with a loving son just in order to exercise power. The young man is 21, an Eagle scout, works, goes to college, lives at home and helps with the younger kids, (seven kids age 22 to 3) a young man ANYone would be proud to have as a son…and the “daddy” is doing everything he can to FARK over this son, in order to get control…taking the battery out of the son’s car because it is in the father’s name (for insurance purposes) then forbidding the son to drive it (to work or school)

It hurts me to see these nice kids going through such UNNECESSARY carp just because their dad has LOST HIS ABSOLUTE CONTROL. The “if I cant control you, I’ll make your life hell” seems to be the psychopath’s mantra.


Haha on me. I was always so organized until “I met the sociopath” (depression sunk in for a long time)… and with the holiday organization back on track (even the way I addressed the Christmas cards) is a good sign of healing and peace for me/my kids.

Was having a rough couple of weeks (could be why no cards were addressed to family) and decided to take a day off (for me, to think) … and mid-morning tossed four car-loads of junk out of the attic, and carted it all to the dump. Took a shower, then kicked back with hot tea and really felt at peace. The place is clean, in order, no junk. Yeah!

Yes, divorce the family – no cost. Wait, I take that back, I spent a fortune with court/lawyers on what the family did holding the spaths hand. UGH!


To Findingmyself:

I put up a profile for Jim. But, I tried to create a new profile using his info from his dating site profile cause I don’t know his password. He made sure I didn’t know his computer info.

His profile is up, but needs to be completed. I got scared and ignored the emails to finish it.


I know what you mean. I’ve set up a Facebook page to warn about my spath and for others to use to warn about theirs (In Australia), but have stopped short of linking or listing it anywhere, coz I’m chicken…still in and out of court with the spath and afraid to rock any boats that could backfire in those arenas.

LOL…Facebook send me updates that say my page is “down 1 user since last week” – so from 1 to 0. ROTFLMAO!!!!

One day I will be brave and link it.
At least I know it’s there for when I am ready.



I am afraid that Jim would try to sue me for slander. He has already threatened that.

But, it was so fun playing with his profile. He wrote he likes watching football. And I added to that: I like watching football a bit, but never with you. He wrote that he looks at the bright side of things. I wrote: I like looking at the bright side of things when I am not focusing on the negative. He wrote that he likes walks, fishing, swimming, nature and romance. I wrote that he likes taking a woman swimming one time, he likes taking a woman fishing one time, he likes yanking a woman out of a chair to drag her along for a walk, he likes romantic drives where he holds you a captive audience to his endless LONG stories and you can’t get a word in edgewise, he screams at you if you even try to say “I agree”.

I am afraid that I will get kicked off the dating site if I follow through with the profile. It it such a bad thing to get kicked off?


No – it would do you a favour I think – but HELL I LOVE what you did!!!! ROTFLMAO.

You funny girl. x


LOLOL jeanine and aussie!
You go girls!!! I love what jeannie did to his profile!!! LOLOLOL



I may just throw caution to the wind and finish that profile. It would really be an uplift to my mental state. I was so beaten down by that guy! And to make a mockery of him would be so healing. Even if he tried to sue me for slander….. all I did was add few words to his wording,


Go for it Jeannie! If it will lift your spirits! Just be careful!



Mine also said it was slander if I talked to a counselor about our problems. WTF? I say go for the facebook profile, change it and then be done with him.

Every minute we give them in our thoughts is a minute wasted. Don’t give him anymore of your energy or attention, he doesn’t deserve it!

I want to warn all of spaths friends and family but they probably wouldn’t believe me. He is way too good at lying and manipulating and dang, he’s quick about it too. Doesn’t bat an eye and actually will say “look me in the eyes, I didn’t do it” Well, he did do it. I can’t look him in the eyes anymore, I get creeped out. Shivers. Yuck.

Let him go and be at peace.

Ox Drover

Dear Hope4Joy,

Yea, like BILL CLINTON said “I did NOT have sex with that woman, ..” LOL ROTFLMAO YEA, RIGHT!

BTW, it is not slander or liable if it is TRUE. And what you tell your therapist is confidential, so he can sue you till hell freezes over and not get any positive results. ha ha


and one step holds her breath….


I am sending you a cyber-raspberry! Just imagine it, okay?


hehe…got it. 😉


Good. You deserved it, Sheesh there’s a lot of guessing that must be done to keep up on this site – too much for my poor old dilapidated PTSDed brain to cope with. I’m going to feed the dogs.


you are pretty damn quick aussie. ptsd or no.

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