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And now, the Syracuse basketball sex scandal

We thought the Penn State scandal was bad. Perhaps Syracuse is worse.

Here’s the summary: Last year, shortly after the Penn State story broke, two men who were ball boys for the Syracuse University basketball team came forward and accused the assistant coach, Bernie Fine, of molesting them in the 1970s and 1980s. Authorities have declined to prosecute because statute of limitations has expired.

But, when the two men came forward, Jim Boeheim, the legendary head coach (who got the job in 1976, when I was a student at Syracuse), stood by his assistant, Bernie Fine, and said that the accusers were lying and trying to cash in on the Penn State scandal. He has since apologized for the remarks and Bernie Fine was fired.

The two men have filed a defamation lawsuit against Boeheim and Syracuse University. They are represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, who apparently likes to take on  inflammatory cases. But, court documents filed Monday in the defamation case allege that Bernie Fine’s wife, Laurie Fine, was herself having sex with basketball players. Read:

Bernie Fine’s wife ‘had sex’ with players, court papers reveal, on

Previously, a third accuser of Bernie Fine released a recorded telephone conversation in which Laurie Fine admits that she knew what was going on. The story and videos:

Bernie fine has third accuser on

Bernie Fine wife had abuse concerns on

In the meantime, another accuser, currently residing in prison, admitted that he lied when accusing Fine of sexually molesting him.

This scandal may be bad enough to make the Penn State story go away.

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Ox Drover

I saw and heard a tape of MRS fine talking to a young man who was one of her husband’s former victims…she also had sex with this young man, but waited until he turned 18 and complained in the conversation that she just felt something was wrong, that SHE couldn’t satisfy her husband he wanted young boys….WTF, AND SHE DID NOT TURN HIM IN. Sorry folks, but SHE is just as BAD AS HE IS! The whole conversation was about how her husband wasn’t interested in her….boooo hoooo….so she seduced his former victims once they were out of the criminal age range.

I hope this mess does not make the pen state one “go away” but I hope that ALL of these nests of VIPERS are brought to justice, whether they are raping children, having sex with young adults, or beating young adults to death or bullying kids on line until they kill themselves. THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR HAS GOT TO STOP EVEN IF IT MEANS PUTTING DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE IN PRISON.

I’m confused. Were they university or high school students?

Ox Drover

The were young kids who were “ball boys” I’m not sure the age but junior hi or high school age kids….Mrs. Fine waited until the kid she was talking to on the phone had turned 18 before she had sex with him so she wasn’t a “criminal” just a piece of carp!


They need to come up with another name besides “ball boys”. That’s just wrong. What’s the story with the third accuser who admitted he lied and is residing in prison?

Ox Drover

Donna, you are right, this IS A TIDAL WAVE OF DYSFUNCTION. The tape of the phone conversation with one of MR Fine’s former victims that SHE had sex with after he turned 18 was pathetic….it was all about HER and how Mr. fine did not want her…poor baby….and she knew about him with the boys (Plural) and did nothing. In my opinion she is as bad as he is/was…surely there is something they can prosecute these two scum bags on.

Hi, I agree. The woman is as guilty as the man here, because she knew, did nothing, then followed up years later. If they can have things like “assisted murder” for cases when people don’t stop a killer, then I would call this assisted molestation and exploitation of a minor, endangering the health of a minor, etc.

Any woman in her right mind would snap and raise hell if she found out that her man was raping children!!!!! It’s a no brainer!


I don’t understand the purpose of a statute of limitations for rape. There’s not statute for murder or robbery, is there? And why then is Sandusky not protected under the statute? And yes, what kind of person “gets even” with a child molestor husband by going out and molesting teens herself? I can’t even wrap my mind around this. It is kind of like “Dangerous Liaisons”, pedophile-style. Scary world we live in. Makes me want to just crawl in a hole sometimes.


I think the wife wasn’t getting even, she was just as warped and perverted as her husband. I think they were probably swingers and had an open marriage, but chose children over other adults. So despicable and disgusting. IMO, she commited a kind of “mind-controlled rape” on these boys herself.

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