From Mary Jo Buttafuoco
Author of Getting It Through My Thick Skull—why I stayed, what I learned, and what millions of people involved with sociopaths need to know

Donna’s ability to recover from a devastating marriage to a sociopath and to make that journey one of inspiration and hope is truly a gift that she gives to all of us who have been involved in these frustrating and toxic relationships. Her tenacity is amazing!  Thank you, Donna, for continuing to work tirelessly in an effort to bring the term and the meaning of “sociopath” into the awareness of everyone around the world!

From Barbara Bentley
Author of A Dance with the Devil—a true story of marriage to a psychopath

Donna expertly captures the crazymaking world of sociopaths as she peels away the layers of the deceit that she and others endured at the hands of James Montgomery.

From Dr. Karin Huffer
Author of Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome

Donna Andersen takes her reader on a very personal journey through an intimate relationship with a sociopath. The book spans more than 600 pages of her story and other selected stories of what she has termed, “Love Fraud.”  This is not a book to be read for research or pleasure. It is a critical book to be experienced in the manner of having a close friend stop by for tea who knows the shocking and isolating pain of trusting a person without a conscience. When you need to explore the experience, your friend is there with empathy, guidance, and finally a spiritual awakening that enriches from the awful moments of life. Donna Andersen opens her heart and soul as a friend does. The reader comes away wiser and comforted, knowing that there is a bigger purpose to this life, and alert to the subtle traps that await any of us from the charm, wit, and magnetism of the sociopaths among us.

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