Donna and Terry Wedding

Photos from the wedding of Donna Andersen and Terry Kelly on February 12, 2005.
Picture of joy

Beginning of the story

Photos of Donna Andersen and James Montgomery before they met.
Donna's head shot

Weddings to James

Donna Andersen and James Montgomery got married twice. The first wedding was October 10, 1996, in Australia. The second wedding was January 18, 1997 in New Jersey.
Wedding portrait

Donna and James together

Photos of Donna and James during their two-and-a-half year marriage.
Donna and James at event

Lock box photos

When Donna Andersen opened her husband's lock box, she found photos of him with the child he had with another woman while married to her.
James lifts baby

Meet Major Fraud

For approximately 25 years, James Montgomery claimed to be in the military, and backed up his claims with photos and documents. He was lying.
Soldier of Fortune


Photos of the pets that appear in Love Fraud.
Beau jumping on me

Donna and Terry

Photos of Donna Andersen and Terry Kelly together.
Donna's birthday in New York

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