Another family court decision leaves a girl dead

For eight years, Mark Edward Mesiti and Roberta Allen battled over the custody of their children. In 2005, Allen was declared an unfit mother, and Judge Vincent Chiarello awarded custody to Mesiti, despite his lengthy criminal record. Less than a year later, their daughter, Alicia Augusta Mesiti-Allen, 14 at the time, went missing. In 2009, her body was found buried in the back yard of Mesiti’s home.

Mark Edward Mesiti has been charged with sexually assaulting and murdering his daughter. In a hearing this week, prosecutors announced that they are seeking the death penalty. Read:

Death penalty sought in abuse, killing of Ceres 14-year-old, on

May 2009: Tragic Santa Clara custody case dad suspected in girl’s death, on

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Thank MiLo. It’s been 1.5 yrs so far and it hasn’t been an easy fight but there is NO way in hell that I’m going to let that man ruin my baby’s life and turn him into one of ‘them’. My ex was so ticked off when I asked for that drug test….it was AWESOME! He told me that he couldn’t believe ‘how low I could go’ and that I was ‘the biggest piece of shit he ever met’….hahaha! I know I’m doing well when I get reactions like that. I look forward to it. It’s just so funny now that I know what he is. He’s the one doing drugs and I’m the awful person for asking for a drug test to protect my son…hahahhaha! They really are slimy creatures…pathetic really.

Dear S-sucks, he will poop a gold brick when he finds out it is not a Pee test, it is a hair test. What they do to get out of it on a peee test is they take salt tabs and then drink tons of water until their urinie in the specific gravity of water and then usually nothing will show up if they haven’t had any drugs in a day or two….but when I was doing the drug tests for employment for a local factory we started doing the hair test if the urine was too dilute and you should have seen t heir eyes when I said, “Oh, I’m sorry your urine is too dilute, just let me cut some hair” some of the guys would shave their heads when they came in but they didn’t think I would do it but I took under arm hair….or public hair, or in one case LEG HAIR. LOL I am such a biatch!

S-Sucks~ Ofcourse, how dare you, how dare you, even ask for a drug test.

You are just so lucky that you got a judge that listens.

There is another drug test, I can’t think what they call it right now, but it is not only hair and blood tests, but a complete face to face interview with someone specially trained to “get the truth”. I will try to remember what it is called, maybe Oxy knows.

You could also ask for the dreaded psychological testing, at his expense ofcourse, if it comes to that. I don’t think it will with this judge.

Good work, you mean mommy you. LOL

he texted me yesterday, ranting about how thankful he is that I asked for a drug test because it will be HIS chance to prove what a lying piece of sh*t I am. And he said that ‘he’ doesn’t have to subpoena his witnesses because his friends ‘like’ him. LOL (I had a witness refuse to come to court because he is scared of my ex retaliating against him..and it’s a legit concern.) He even said ‘you find out where I can take the test and I’ll do it. and you can pay for it.’ He said that my hatred for him is going to help him win unsupervised access and all he has to do is show the court how much I’ve lied (which I haven’t…but he sure has). I responded by saying ‘I hope that you’re drug free like you say. and I don’t hate you or anyone else. If you get unsupervised access then at least I can say that I did everything in my power to make sure that our son will be safe with you and we will enjoy having more kid free time’. Well he definitely didn’t see that coming!!! LOL he took a while to respond but he said ‘Thank you’ and went on and on about how polite my son is and how everyone just loves him and what a great job I’ve done with him and that I’m a wonderful mother’. whatever!! I didn’t even respond. He really thinks that he can still manipulate me. doh! The more bland I am in my contact with him, the calmer he is….this grey rock stuff really works! lol

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