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Another family court decision leaves a girl dead

For eight years, Mark Edward Mesiti and Roberta Allen battled over the custody of their children. In 2005, Allen was declared an unfit mother, and Judge Vincent Chiarello awarded custody to Mesiti, despite his lengthy criminal record. Less than a year later, their daughter, Alicia Augusta Mesiti-Allen, 14 at the time, went missing. In 2009, her body was found buried in the back yard of Mesiti’s home.

Mark Edward Mesiti has been charged with sexually assaulting and murdering his daughter. In a hearing this week, prosecutors announced that they are seeking the death penalty. Read:

Death penalty sought in abuse, killing of Ceres 14-year-old, on

May 2009: Tragic Santa Clara custody case dad suspected in girl’s death, on

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I battled in court for years with my two small children. One was an infant and the other special needs. The judge allowed my x to continue to take these two babies to puerto Rico leaving me separated from them in PA and helpless. He used my children as tools to hurt and get back at me putting them time and time again in a dangerous situation. I have been traumatized for years. It stopped when I took him back to court for more money and fight for local visits strategy hit him in the pocket he will sell your kids and cut a deal. He did outside in the parking lot said how much I said local only. DEAL..p.s. He married a sociopath and became ill with cancer at 50. She met another man and cheated while he treated fir cancer. He divorced her and died at 54. End of story. Oh the kids are now 24 and 18. It’s been. Long hard road


Bottom line the judge never heard my crys or the therapist or lawyer I brought in to strengthen my case. It was never about the best interest of my children. Court sucks


It was all about power fir my x never the kids. This is a man I met young that lied from the beginning and told me he was from Spain. Kept it up for x 7 months. My father met him and said wrong accent nit a European but a Cuban. He lied to me when confronted but his sister told the truth to me.. Cuban. I married him anyway. What a young jerk I was

Ox Drover

I read this story the other day and it made me so freaking mad I had to put it down…..DLM, I am so sorry you went through all this and your kids too. I am glad the farker is dead and you and your kids are at last FREE OF HIM.

These court “decisions” made by LAWYERS AND JUDGES who have NO idea what is best for the kid, and totally in CHARGE just makes me want to puke.

I can’t even imagine what this poor girl went through, and I honestly think the judge should have some form of consequences for such a decision. Unfortunately they do not.

God rest her soul, and take vengeance on his.


Who sent in this story? I am in San Jose too.



My heart goes out to that mother. All she gets now is a dead daughter and finally some validation. Not the trade I’m sure she wanted at all.

When will people learn? I am so sick of hearing stories like this. Everyone here on LF should get into the justice system. Sounds like we need to be judges, cause I would make SURE stuff like this NEVER happens under my care.

Ox Drover

Aloha, I did….why? Actually I got it out of a LONDON newspaper. Which I find has more “interesting” news than the American news sources. It is a tabloid a bit above the Enquirer, “inquiring minds want to know,” but I’ve found some interesting stories to send to Donna and she usually checks them out in other papers for more details.

Well the poor girl’s mother wasn’t fit either…but as bad as the foster system is, she would have been much safer there than in the clutches of her “father.” I think the bottom line here was that the judge had SOMEONE who would take the girl that wasn’t at public expense so he dumped her there rather than put her into foster care. Save the taxpayers money!


These 2 beasts almost starved a 13 year old kid to death. Read below:
Kid only weighed 40 pounds and was strapped to bed and locked in bathroom.
Some guardian angel called DCF and kid was rescued. The kid probably would have died and been buried and gone unnoticed for months.
The more I read about it the angrier I become.

You often wonder where is the other parent of the kid. Don’t they keep tabs.
What about grandparents. I am always looking out for my kids like a hawk and checking on my grand kids. My kids tell me I am over protective.

I have a lovely lady friend who was abused by her step dad as a kid. She spent years in therapy and luckily found a good husband who loves her and is understanding. She told me how her step dad used to rape her and her sisters. Her mother knew but was also sociopathic and looked the other way. Her mother also had kids with the pedofile step dad.

He raped my girlfriend from 9-15. My girlfriend told me she stayed in the “house of horrors” to protect her sisters and when she was 15 told her dad and step mom about the rapes. They immediately removed her and sisters from house. I forgot why she never told any one beforehand.
She told me why but it slipped my mind. Any how the mother knew and periodically he would take each girl into the bedroom forcing them to have intercourse with him while her mother was in the kitchen cooking or washing the dishes pretending she was oblivious to it all.

This was back in the 60’s. I don’t think he would have gotten away with it now but you never know.


I’m in the middle of a court battle right now. My Spath is trying his hardest to get unsupervised access to our just-turned 3 yr old. We just met the judge last week and he was not impressed with my ex AT ALL. I asked the judge for a hair strand drug test on the ex and the ex refused. The judge told him that he would have to assume he was taking drugs then. and when my ex tried to ramble and do the ‘poor me’ thing that he always does in court, this judge shut him right down! It was AWESOME. The judge told him that ‘I have been doing this for 30 years, Mr. X, and I can read between the lines. I don’t care what you want. I care about the child.’ I seriously could have kissed that judge! and he will be our trial judge so I have renewed hope that I will get the supervised access continued, at least until my son is older or my ex spath leaves or dies.


S-sucks ~

YES – YES – you got a good one. Chalk one up for the good guys.

I am thrilled, keep up the good work. Keep documenting everything.

Best of luck


Thank MiLo. It’s been 1.5 yrs so far and it hasn’t been an easy fight but there is NO way in hell that I’m going to let that man ruin my baby’s life and turn him into one of ‘them’. My ex was so ticked off when I asked for that drug test….it was AWESOME! He told me that he couldn’t believe ‘how low I could go’ and that I was ‘the biggest piece of shit he ever met’….hahaha! I know I’m doing well when I get reactions like that. I look forward to it. It’s just so funny now that I know what he is. He’s the one doing drugs and I’m the awful person for asking for a drug test to protect my son…hahahhaha! They really are slimy creatures…pathetic really.

Ox Drover

Dear S-sucks, he will poop a gold brick when he finds out it is not a Pee test, it is a hair test. What they do to get out of it on a peee test is they take salt tabs and then drink tons of water until their urinie in the specific gravity of water and then usually nothing will show up if they haven’t had any drugs in a day or two….but when I was doing the drug tests for employment for a local factory we started doing the hair test if the urine was too dilute and you should have seen t heir eyes when I said, “Oh, I’m sorry your urine is too dilute, just let me cut some hair” some of the guys would shave their heads when they came in but they didn’t think I would do it but I took under arm hair….or public hair, or in one case LEG HAIR. LOL I am such a biatch!


S-Sucks~ Ofcourse, how dare you, how dare you, even ask for a drug test.

You are just so lucky that you got a judge that listens.

There is another drug test, I can’t think what they call it right now, but it is not only hair and blood tests, but a complete face to face interview with someone specially trained to “get the truth”. I will try to remember what it is called, maybe Oxy knows.

You could also ask for the dreaded psychological testing, at his expense ofcourse, if it comes to that. I don’t think it will with this judge.

Good work, you mean mommy you. LOL


he texted me yesterday, ranting about how thankful he is that I asked for a drug test because it will be HIS chance to prove what a lying piece of sh*t I am. And he said that ‘he’ doesn’t have to subpoena his witnesses because his friends ‘like’ him. LOL (I had a witness refuse to come to court because he is scared of my ex retaliating against him..and it’s a legit concern.) He even said ‘you find out where I can take the test and I’ll do it. and you can pay for it.’ He said that my hatred for him is going to help him win unsupervised access and all he has to do is show the court how much I’ve lied (which I haven’t…but he sure has). I responded by saying ‘I hope that you’re drug free like you say. and I don’t hate you or anyone else. If you get unsupervised access then at least I can say that I did everything in my power to make sure that our son will be safe with you and we will enjoy having more kid free time’. Well he definitely didn’t see that coming!!! LOL he took a while to respond but he said ‘Thank you’ and went on and on about how polite my son is and how everyone just loves him and what a great job I’ve done with him and that I’m a wonderful mother’. whatever!! I didn’t even respond. He really thinks that he can still manipulate me. doh! The more bland I am in my contact with him, the calmer he is….this grey rock stuff really works! lol

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