Another missing woman, another indifferent boyfriend

Kelly Rothwell, from St. Petersburg, Florida, told a close friend over lunch that she was going home to break up with her boyfriend. She was never seen again.

Read ‘I’m going to have to face my fears’: Last words of missing police recruit who vanished after breaking up with her boyfriend on DailyMail.co.uk.

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Thanks, Candy.

This problem of helping people see sociopathy is huge. The problem is worse because once you are embroiled in it, you can no longer see the forest for the trees. And if you’ve never encountered it, it’s difficult to imagine the entire reality of how it affects someone who has.

My own experience at 17 is a perfect example. I knew the spath lied constantly. I could see some of his disorder and went to research it. I found a book that explained it: “The people of the lie”. Then I rejected the information.

A large part of the reason I rejected it, was fear. When Dr. Scott used the word “evil”, I immediately rejected the information. Using the word “sociopath” would also have made me reject the information because it conjures up the evil of serial murder. In fact, a few months later, I was watching the news with spath and they described spath’s truck to a T, as having been seen picking up prostitutes in the area that the green river murder operated. A cold chill ran through me, but I forced myself to stop thinking such thoughts. Then he sold the truck within days. Again, I forced myself to deny the possibility.

Victims like myself, who are most vulnerable because we were raised by N’s and P’s, are the least likely to want to accept this information. That’s because it demands that we look at our entire lives as being 180 degrees the opposite of what we had thought it was. It’s a difficult pill to swallow.

Skylar, what do you mean we look at our entire lives being 180 degrees the opposite of what we thought it was?

when I finally saw what my spath was, I saw that my entire life was a lie.
First, the spath never loved me and I had devoted my life to him as though he did love me.
Second, my parents were not the wonderful saints that I had felt them to be. Nor were they my best friends. They were manipulitive and selfish.
Third my brother and my sister, both being spaths, actually despised me while I had spent most of my life doing their homework, pulling them out of problems etc…

All that love I was giving to all those selfish people was making me the butt of a joke. It didn’t gain me love or affection, just ridicule. That’s what I mean by 180 degrees.


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