Another missing woman, another indifferent boyfriend

Kelly Rothwell, from St. Petersburg, Florida, told a close friend over lunch that she was going home to break up with her boyfriend. She was never seen again.

Read ‘I’m going to have to face my fears’: Last words of missing police recruit who vanished after breaking up with her boyfriend on

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Skylar, what do you mean we look at our entire lives being 180 degrees the opposite of what we thought it was?

when I finally saw what my spath was, I saw that my entire life was a lie.
First, the spath never loved me and I had devoted my life to him as though he did love me.
Second, my parents were not the wonderful saints that I had felt them to be. Nor were they my best friends. They were manipulitive and selfish.
Third my brother and my sister, both being spaths, actually despised me while I had spent most of my life doing their homework, pulling them out of problems etc…

All that love I was giving to all those selfish people was making me the butt of a joke. It didn’t gain me love or affection, just ridicule. That’s what I mean by 180 degrees.

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