Another murder, another reason why students need Lovefraud Education

A Lovefraud reader sent the following link. In Manheim Pennsylvania, Benjamin Daniel Klinger, 19 has been charged with homicide in the death of his girlfriend. Read:

Police: Pa. man suffocated girlfriend after crash, on

This story is heartbreaking. The article describes previous abusive and controlling behavior exhibited by Klinger, right out of the sociopath playbook. This is a worst-case scenario of dating abuse, and why I’m speaking to high schools and colleges on this topic.

If you are in a position to recommend my presentation to high school or college officials, please contact me at [email protected] Here’s a video clip of the presentation.

Love Fraud and How to Avoid It

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Donna, you need to clone yourself and I feel this program should be in every high school in the nation. There should be programs for parents to educate their children, programs for teachers who observe these kids every day, programs for counselors and school psychologists. I also believe there are many therapists out there who don’t know the true meaning of what a sociopath is. I also feel the clergy needs a program to recognize the signs. Too many people, both young and old, don’t get it. They think sociopaths beat people physically and are always in trouble with the law. They think they are serial killers. The message has to get out there. You need to be on Dr. Phil or something too.

This story breaks my heart. These DV cases only make national headlines when the murderer or victim is a celebrity. so many sociopaths are DV abusers….i guess it call comes down to the ‘power and control’ 🙁 I hope this kid rots in PA state prison!

I met my first spath at age 15. He is a physically abusive person. It would happen out of nowhere. I believed that I could love him enough and it would conquer all. The problem is I found out later I believed somewhere that this was my chance to do this right and to be loved in return as unbeknownst to me, I felt no love at home. In my mind I laid my whole self on the line for this love. I thought that’s what you were supposed to do. If this failed, I would be forever unloved and my FOO would be right about me. (this is the depths of years of innerself work) I had too much riding on this and wasn’t even aware how much. I also believed I was “making him so mad that he became abusive”. My father told me one time after a DV incident that he could see why my boyfriend hit me! This was at his birthday lunch that I invited him to! Those never turned out well. I nothing to refer back to in my or his life. Now I know it was him because he has broken 3 womens noses that he has dated. I did meet another sociopath a year after the beating (father of my child, eye roll) but I was never beaten again like that by another man.

In all other aspects of my life I behaved respectably and was considered smart, athletic and popular (important things at that age). I left my self respect at the door with this one. When I finally left it literally felt like severring limbs to me and much like the drug addictions I had seen others kick. 5 months after I called it quits for good (after 18 years of hanging on and off), he could sense this time was real and he showed up at my house and nearly beat me to death!

I would love to help with getting the word out of the “red flags” and what to watch for in young dating lives. Our courthouses need to take this more seriously also. It seems orders of protection are getting harder to come by and mine were used as a tool in case I was ever killed, not to protect. I really feel it just makes the laws job easier if you turn up dead. Meanwhile it antagonizes the abuser when he is served.

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