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Another slimeball con artist

His birth name was William J. Cosentino. He also uses James Abbink, Marco Domincio, Tomas Sarentino and a multitude of other aliases. He’s been duping people—mostly women—for 20 or 30 years. He gets out of jail and gets right back in the game.

Read The grift that keeps on giving: What you have is what he wants ”¦ and gets on

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Ox Drover

The STORY is TEXTBOOK PSYCHOPATH….but what is really interesting is the COMMENTS FROM READERS after the story.

This guy is so “text book” that it isn’t really even all that “outstanding” to me….call me a cynic…LOL….there are so many of these guys of one degree or another on the loose, in and out of jail, one con or another….but the comments just SLAYED ME!!!!

People just do not get it, that they are one “love bomb” away from being taken by the next P that comes along.

I did like what they said about the political officials, though! LOL


Oxy, I just had to find you ..!!!! This week has been hell and it’s about to get worse….I have finally decided on NC with my spath stepdaughter after latest little episode…I feel so empowered and I caught her in a lie about me and called her on it….even went behind her back to prove her she couldn’t deny it to her Daddy…..she is sending me SCORCHED EARTH messages and I am determined to stand my ground…..I am strong now and I know I can do this….your words keep coming up in my head…..I need you to channel me some good vibes…..I am finally gonna get this witch out of my life once and for all !!! She is the super manipulative one that is scary…..the other one (bio) lives just far enough away that she doesn’t affect my every day life….hold me up Oxy !!!! You are our ROCK on here…..I’ll keep you posted !! I’m scared and relieved at the same time…

Ox Drover

Dear Cream Puff,

Darling, I know it is scary, because they recruit the rest of the family dupes into getting into a big fight and dividing up into “pro Cream puff, Anti-Cream puff” camps.

Been there and sure done that! And there’s not a lot you can do except VALIDATE YOURSELF.

My cousin that I visited here a while back to help with her husband who was (and still is) in the hospital has an adopted daughter who is a P, full fledged, 24 Karat gold plated…and her husband is the dupe and sends money to the girl/woman and the wife has NC’d her 20+ years ago, and so there is the ELEPHANT in the ROOM now that daddy is ill and the daughter is afraid that mama won’t continue the payments, and mama doesn’t want to get into a fight with daddy about it….she’s ignored the elephant in the room for 20+ years but now it is trumpeting loudly.

Once you make your mind up you can be strong, and you can STAND FIRM….I’ve had to do it with a step kid’s wife who was a P…and it wasn’t easy.

CReam puff, you deserve to be able to live in a peaceful home, not in a war zone. ((((Hugs)))) and my prayers for you! Oxy


Oh thank you Oxy…..I am feeling strong….of course she has run to Daddy to tattle on me and she’s the one that caught in this lie !! Then she scorches me for making her Daddy’s life miserable ! I have always been a devoted wife. That is part of my problem, I have always put his needs ahead of my own…and the funniest thing of all Oxy…..he is the one that told me I should call her out on the lie….!!!! How can they get things so twisted that you don’t know what the bleep is going on??? Thanks for your support…..I would never have been able to confront her without the support I get on here…..! I can stand this!


lots about this guy reminds me of the spath, starting with: ‘ …been duping people—mostly women—for 20 or 30 years.’

the spath will (hopefully this year) go to court for to answer to fraud charges for the first time. until she met the woman who is suing her she got away with a lot – who knows how much money and gifts she has conned people out of. thing is, she scares people. the print and online exposure the case has brought has emboldened some people, but the statue of limitations has run out on most of her cons on dupes from years past (when she was ore brazen about conning people out of material goods. she didn’t try to take anything from me, was MOST cautious abut accepting anything from me – and i am sure that that is because she was already up on charges).

she gets caught a lot now. no, she hasn’t stopped being a predator and conning people. don’t know if she ever will. but i think she could have been slowed down a bit, if people had stood up against her. i understand why they didn’t.


Hello, New to the blogs here but lurking for a while. Sent Miss Donna an email with my harrowing tale and well, she is a most gracious woman indeed and a god send!

No on to my comment, funny thing I did notice, my ex is a socio, he advertised on craigslist and funny enough met a female socio, she is a female version of him, incredible indeed. Anyhow, I ended up outing her as she doesnt cover her tracks very well, oh boy howdy is she ticked off at me, she emails me and threatens me…just adds icing to the cake as the ex is in the Marine Corps and is already being investigated on marriage for money…so she just dug their hole a bit deeper. But what I am getting at here, I almost think the female socios are worse than the men…nasty things.

They’re out there looking for their next victim. The outlandish tales theses frauds spin is incredible. Like Donna, I captured mine in the book Hollywood Slut at I had to change my name because Hollywood uses their big bucks to sue!
Ah Sole

Oh, yeah. Classic alright.

I don’t like how the article keeps calling him “that good” and “so smart.” They could call him “that bad” and “so deceitful” instead.

It’s tempting to label them as “good at what they do” and “smart” I think because we don’t want to feel so blind and dumb when we fall for them. The last thing we want to think is that an average joe with no conscience pulled off such things with us. Yet this is likely more accurate.

Two photos of sociopaths today. Both freaked me out.

creampuff: So, you caught her in a lie? YOU were SO not supposed to do that (from her view). How dare you catch her! Yes, they are THAT self-righteous! Good luck. Sounds like a nightmare. It will probably get worse before it gets better, but it’s high time you did this, so stick to your guns.

Ox Drover

Panther we haven’t heard from Cream puff in a while….she is married to a man and has a P step daughter, that she raised from an infant and she also has biiological daughter that is a P. She is quite attached to the grand kids and she has 1 ok daughter that lives at a distance…her husband enables his P daughter who is a drama queen as well. He is not very supportive of Puff either.

Puff is caught between a rock and a hard place and if she goes NC with the step daughter it may also kick her marriage in the head as well Plus, keep her from being able to interact with the grandchildren she cares aobut.

Many people on LF have grandchildren that their own P off spring use as weapons, or the co-parent uses as a weapon, so this is nothing new.

Gemini girl has 2 P daughters and each has several kids that she is not able to interact with though she’d love to….but that is the price you pay when you are related to a psychopath. The collateral damage that they do to our relationships with others is often some of the worst damage they can do to us.

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