Another slimeball con artist

His birth name was William J. Cosentino. He also uses James Abbink, Marco Domincio, Tomas Sarentino and a multitude of other aliases. He’s been duping people—mostly women—for 20 or 30 years. He gets out of jail and gets right back in the game.

Read The grift that keeps on giving: What you have is what he wants ”¦ and gets on Philly.com.

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Panther we haven’t heard from Cream puff in a while….she is married to a man and has a P step daughter, that she raised from an infant and she also has biiological daughter that is a P. She is quite attached to the grand kids and she has 1 ok daughter that lives at a distance…her husband enables his P daughter who is a drama queen as well. He is not very supportive of Puff either.

Puff is caught between a rock and a hard place and if she goes NC with the step daughter it may also kick her marriage in the head as well Plus, keep her from being able to interact with the grandchildren she cares aobut.

Many people on LF have grandchildren that their own P off spring use as weapons, or the co-parent uses as a weapon, so this is nothing new.

Gemini girl has 2 P daughters and each has several kids that she is not able to interact with though she’d love to….but that is the price you pay when you are related to a psychopath. The collateral damage that they do to our relationships with others is often some of the worst damage they can do to us.


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