Another violent abuser wipes out his family

On April 12, 2012, Katherina Allen had the audacity to tell her husband, Kevin, that their relationship was over. He came into a Craker Barrel restaurant where Katherina and their two daughters, Kerri and Kayla, were celebrating Kerri’s birthday. He pulled out a shotgun and killed Katherina and Kerri. Kevin Allen was then shot by police. Kayla, who was wounded, died a few days ago. Read:

Kayla Allen, Cracker Barrel shooting victim, has died, on

Original report:

Ohio girl in critical condition after dad kills family, shoots er inside a Cracker Barrel restaurant, on

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You’re abosolutely correct, MiLo. Nobody ever got rich taking in these kids.

And you bring up a point that I had forgotten – this girl that my son knew was a special needs kid because of all the abuse she had suffered in her life. You don’t find out about these things until several months later with a casually dropped, “Oh, by the way, Mom, did I tell you…”

It’s all very sad in the end.

Is the study of a grandparents’ home done because the state will provide financial assistance?


Yes a very beautiful little girl. It’s just too horrific to think what happened to her by a person she was so dependent on.


My thoughts exactly: lying spath. One newspaper had a psychologist commenting. He guessed she surely must have some personality disorder, but then went on about her “going in survival mode” after the murder, “shutting down her emotions and going denial”. What about barely having emotions and believing she could plan and set it up in a way believing she could get away with it by lying?

Hi Darsmom. Let me share a dream. I was in a house with x hub, I left 17 years ago. We were going to be moving, and there were people looking at the house, deciding if they wanted to rent it. He said to me, “well, I managed not to kill myself last year, but it might be all for naught.” I asked, “what are you atlking about?” And he pointed to a shelf above the kitchen sink where there was an oil lamp burning…but it was sputtering, and roaring up and dying down, and I was scared because it was supposed to have been put out for a long time. I was scared that it was dangerous, and went to reach for it, but he warned me that it might blow up…it was better to leave it alone. I did, but I felt really guilty and scared that the people who might rent the house might blow up after we left. What do you think?

Judge Judith Schiendlin wrote extensively about the foster care system in the State of New York where she practiced as a Prosecuting Attorney, as well as a Family Court Judge. Sure, foster payments will vary from State to State, but when one factors in the following, it can add up to a very hefty sum:
* cash support payment
* comprehensive medical coverage
* educational incentives
* “special needs” compensation (up to 1500, in some States)
* no-cost daycare (Head Start, etc.)
* comprehensive mental health coverage
* supplemental food assistance

Some people DO get quite well-off for taking in “special needs” foster children. In the State of New York, Judge Judy mentioned that adoptive parents of formerly-fostered children receive continued financial support until the adopted children have reached a certain age.

In my own area, two women fostered 8 “special needs” children and received an outrageous sum of cash and benefits, and the children were subsequently removed after they were found to have been neglected.


I think the oil lamp still burning might point to some low burning feelings still be lingering for the ex… You mention it’s in the kitchen. Food often signifies needs, your emotional nourishment, and the kitchen is where those needs are prepared. So, the oil lamp has a double implication: either you still have the need to have a last ember burning for him; or the feeling is one of still feeling as if you need him… somewhere in the background.

The new renters, in that pov, might indicate that you fear those lingering feelings for the spath might create conflict if you let someone new in your life.

That is what I think your dream might mean, Kim

I’ve done 2 significant things for myself, yesterday and today. I finally gave a reply to my big love’s confession of last month. Well I had replied to it before, but had been saying “Took me by surprise. Need time to digest this.” My reply basically meant that I am open to him making a decision to reunite with me physically and that I believe that whatever the future may be and wherever either of us are, we are good for each other (inspirational), some way or another. That there are sufficient grounds to try a union, but that neither of us can guarantee a happy ever after. That it’s not my ultimate decision to make, since I wouldn’t be the one moving to the other side of the planet; that it would require his resources and willpower, and I therefore cannot take responsibility for it. And also that while it’s his decision, it may not be the right time for him to make it, since he’s playing with several future ideas/plans and he’s still reintegrating his recent past with the present. I told him that I’ve always loved him (attraction, emotional, friend, romantic) and never have been out of love with him, but I had moved on several years ago: both accepting my feelings for him as well as us not being more than platonic.

So basically I decided, “Yes, I’m willing to be a couple again if you decide to move to Belgium. But everything’s still in the air at present, probably for the best, and I’m totally fine with that too.”

Important step for today: I had an appointment with the bank (that I made last week) to discuss the best way to proceed with paying the remainder of my debt (5000 €). It was a credit reserve (via the Visa) that was maxed out. I transferred that to a personal loan (which was ok’d) that I’ll be paying off in 30 months, with payments of little less than 200 € a month… costing me 785 € in intrests (much lower than it would cost me via the monthly payments of the reserve). And the signed letter to anull the credit reserve is already posted. Meanwhile I have a retirement savings plan going (tax reductable), a conservative effect saving account where I’ll be investing 30 € a month, a saving account to build my own emergency fund that I’ll be putting at least 100 €/month on, and by the end of August my 3 month depository on my rental appartment (1300 €) will get released to be put straight on my savings account for my emergency fund. So, in 2.5 years I’ll be out of ALL debt, while having saved up money too. The bank official gave me a supportive comment when I walked out the door: I should be proud of myself for having paid off what I had payed off, and that I was on my way to a healthy financial situation again, where I wouldn’t have just payed off all debt, but also would have built several savings: emergency, retirement and extra. And YES it feels good!

As for the murderous mother: 3 psychiatrists were appointed today by the judge to evaluate her (curiously awaiting their findings), and she’s been put on suicide watch while being held in pre-trial prison. Furthermore, she had written a will where she referred to her daughter’s death (proof of premeditation) and what caused the idea that she contemplated or planned to kill herself, but her lawyer declared today that she “couldn’t kill herself after she had murdered her daughter” (of course not… she’s a spath). Police will start an investigation whether the father used violence against his daugher as the murderous mother claimed (I’m sure she’ll love that!).

Personally I doubt very much that he was ever abusive. Santana Duran and the father were divorced for 3 years and were co-parenting Diana. Only last month had Santana filed for sole custody over Diana. Something tells me she wanted to hurt and control the father by doing that, just because she wanted to. There probably was a low chance of her getting sole custody from the get go, and so murdering her daughter was plan b. I also suspect she was jealous of the bond or love her daughter may have felt for her father. At 4 years old she would have been more able to express and talk about her father.

In any case… I’m hardly inclined to believe one word from her.

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