April Balascio tips off police that she thought her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, was a killer

The cover of this week’s People Magazine features the story of April Balascio, a woman who suspected that her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, was a killer.

Edwards had been in trouble with the law as a young adult. When he was released from prison, he claimed to be reformed. He wrote a book and became a motivational speaker, telling others how he had redeemed himself.

He also married. As a child, April remembers moving every year, often in the middle of the night. One time, when she was eight years old, Edwards took April and her mother to a field in a park, and suddenly the place was filled with police cars and ambulances. The bodies of a young man and woman were found — they had been shot in the neck.

In 2009, April remembered a different case in which two young people were killed, and her family suddenly moved again. She contacted the police, who contacted Edwards — his DNA was a match.

April tells her story in a chilling account on People TV.

How a serial killer’s daughter brought a fateful tip about her dad to the police, on

Watch the full episode: People Crime: April Balascio — A daughter’s decision.

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