Archdiocese of Los Angeles releases sex abuse files

Five years ago, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles reached a settlement with more than 500 victims of sexual abuse by priests. One of the provisions was that the church make public its confidential files on clergy sex abuse.  On Thursday, the archdiocese posted 10,000 pages of files on its website.

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, formerly Archbishop of Los Angeles, was relieved of his duties because of mishandling past sex abuse allegations. Auxiliary Bishop Thomas J. Curry also resigned.

Cardinal Mahony relieved of duties over handling of abuse, on

Full coverage of the priest abuse scandal in the Los Angeles Times

Archdiocese of Los Angeles clergy files

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Muslim men are still allowed in many areas where religious law governs the countries, four wives and as many “temporary” wives (prostitutes or one night stands) as a man wishes, and divorce of a wife is easy, and he gets to keep the kids and she goes “away.” In much of India, child marriage of girls as young as 9 are still not uncommon, and child slavery or selling a child for sexual exploitation is also not uncommon. Extreme poverty as well as culture come into play. Forced arranged marriage is also very common over much of the globe as well, with possible “Honor” killing the result if the bride objects or becomes too “westernized.”

Here’s another interesting artiicle about the Catholic church’s use of children and women…there are some others about the pedophile priests in Ireland as well.

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