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Archdiocese of Los Angeles releases sex abuse files

Five years ago, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles reached a settlement with more than 500 victims of sexual abuse by priests. One of the provisions was that the church make public its confidential files on clergy sex abuse.  On Thursday, the archdiocese posted 10,000 pages of files on its website.

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, formerly Archbishop of Los Angeles, was relieved of his duties because of mishandling past sex abuse allegations. Auxiliary Bishop Thomas J. Curry also resigned.

Cardinal Mahony relieved of duties over handling of abuse, on

Full coverage of the priest abuse scandal in the Los Angeles Times

Archdiocese of Los Angeles clergy files

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Donna, I really don’t know what I “feel” about this whole nasty, ugly, and concerted effort to hide, protect, and enable disordered priests. Satisfaction? Not by a long shot. Relief? Nope. Anger? Some. Disbelief? Some.

The “Cloak of Respectability” has been worn by MANY ppaths and spaths for centuries, whether they were affiliated with a religious organization, monarchy, or blacksmithing business.

All I can see is the ruined lives of the victims with little-to-no consequences (REAL consequences) for the perpetrators, predators, and enables.

Thank you for posting this. (sigh)

Brightest blessings

Ox Drover

As most of you know, child molesters are iin my opinion, the lowest of the LOW, and there should be NO MERCY when it comes to putting them into prison since public hanging has been outlawed in the US.

It comes as NO SURPRISE TO ME that ANY “church” or religious organization made great efforts to COVER UP this kind of abuse rather than disclose it….and LOOK AT PENN STATE, and the BAPTIST churches as well, and my own little country congregation of less than 50 people who tried to “keep quiet” about Dickie Chance’s arrest and prosecution for ATTEMPTED child molestation. “Hush it up” so the organization is not hurt. Even the Boy Scouts were guilty of some of this though at THIS TIME they are probably the LEAST LIKELY to allow anything bad to go on and have in place STRICT guidelines and regulations about NO one leader is ever to be with kids without another adult at least within sight of them.

I am glad to see the records finally released, and the very FACT that they fought so hard to NOT release the names shows me that the organization has not changed its collective mind or policies but in fact is STILL engaged in attempting to cover up bad behavior and that I have no confidence that in the FUTURE if a priest or other church employee abuses that they will be turned over to authorities.

I AM glad that some of the “cover upers” have been prosecuted as well and I hope that sends a clear message to those people that they too will be in deep doo for their covering up of crimes.

Good job LAPD


OxD, I think the defense, hiding, and enabling is what I’m grappling so hard with. Here, on one hand, we have an organization that has set down a set of “Rules” to receive the Sacrement – no divorce/remarry, no birth control, etc, etc. Following these rules allows one to be “worthy” or “deserving” of receiving the Sacrement.

Now, on the OTHER hand, we have that same organization hiding, obfuscating, enabling, and fighting FOR protection of known and/or suspected criminals.

And, I’m NOT poking at the Catholic Church, here – this is just one example, okay? I just don’t “get it.” I don’t.

In “My World,” anybody who presents dangers is OUT. UGH…

Ox Drover

Truthy, Jesus saiid that the church (universal) would be filled with “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who would pretend to be Christians but would in fact, DEVOUR the faithful, and I think that this is just a case of those WOLVES being exposed and unfortunately OTHER WOLVES covering up for them. Of course we would like to think that the priests, miinisters, deacons, elders, and other “Christians” (the word means “Christ-like”) would actually BE Christ-like.

Jesus Himself said that anyone who harmed a child would be better off to have a millstone hung around his neck and be tossed into the sea, so I figure that at some point these men/women will meet a Just God and He is gonna be MAD.


OxD, yeah……that’s what the cog/diss is about, I think. That those who proclaim that they’re the epitome of “Christ-like” are not, on any level.

Strict aside: I remember when Jim & Tammy Bakker were in the infant-days of their ministry and often went with childhood neighbors and friends to their taped broadcasts at a tiny studio on our birthdays. Watching that house of cards fall was so creepy because I remember the very humble beginnings of the Christian Broadcasting Network, vividly.

Okay…….too weird to continue!

Ox Drover

As I stood in a long check out line at the grocery store a few years ago I picked up a NATIONAL ENQUIRER and read an article complete with photos of the homes of many of the televangilists, and the photos were made from an airplane as most are set back away from the roads on many acre estates, and are 10,000 square foot mansions. These people have becoome extremely wealthy “preaching” the word of God…I have a real problem with ministers who beg for money on TV to feed the homeless and poor children and THEMSELVES LIVE LIKE KINGS when Jesus himself never had a roof. Now I have NO problem with a full time minister getting a “living” from the church, but there is a BIG difference in a “living” and a 10 million dollar mansion and a Bentley.


OxD, at one point, I was taking care of Pat Robertson’s arabians for a VERY brief time. He wouldn’t remember me, but I remember those horses and how expensive they were. One fellow that I used to date had a brother-in-law that was a CBN cameraman. Omigawd, did THEY have a huge place!! Lots of money being thrown around in the name of God.

Very, very “telling.”


Its about time! What a great deal of foot-dragging and deliberate obfuscation went on there RE releasing the names! Freaking five year’s worth!

AND we just found out here in the Los Angeles area that one of these child-predator ex-priests who had been booted out of the Catholic Church, had then been HIRED BY LA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT!!! GAH!!!!! (not as a teacher; so, slightly less heinous.)

It just seems like I’ve stumbled into some kind of bizarro-world alternate universe where there are strict laws and rules and harsh penalties that condemn and punish just about everything EXCEPT the practice of sexually exploiting /molesting /raping children! Hey, that’s OK, dude! No problem!

I don’t like this alternate universe, I want the one we used to have, the one where children never had to worry about whether their dad, their step-dad, their teacher, their coach, their priest, or their uncle, or their next-door neighbor, or mom’s new boyfriend, (ad infinitum) would try to have sex with them.

Here’s an article about it:

actually, child abuse has been the norm for most of history. Most people don’t like to talk about it. A few authors, like Alice Miller and Lloyd deMause, have written extensively on it.


Skylar, the sad truth is that you’re right about child abuse being the “norm” for most of history. Children are the most vulnerable and easily manipulated of all targets.

Ugh…..I often wonder how different the world would be if there were no child abuse.

Brightest blessings

Ox Drover

Well, in truth, most cultures have historically treated women and children as chattel since forever…with in some cases the oldest son a bit better, and multiple wives was the case for those who could afford them, and no wives, or at best one wife, for the very poor. Look at the Biblical history, Solomon had hundreds of “wives” and thousands of concubines that once he had “had” them languished in his harem for the rest of their lives, maybe never seeing him again.

Muslim men are still allowed in many areas where religious law governs the countries, four wives and as many “temporary” wives (prostitutes or one night stands) as a man wishes, and divorce of a wife is easy, and he gets to keep the kids and she goes “away.” In much of India, child marriage of girls as young as 9 are still not uncommon, and child slavery or selling a child for sexual exploitation is also not uncommon. Extreme poverty as well as culture come into play. Forced arranged marriage is also very common over much of the globe as well, with possible “Honor” killing the result if the bride objects or becomes too “westernized.”

Ox Drover

Here’s another interesting artiicle about the Catholic church’s use of children and women…there are some others about the pedophile priests in Ireland as well.

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