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Are you willing to talk to the media about your experience with a sociopath?

From time to time, I hear from reporters and other members of the media who are working on stories or projects related to sociopaths. I’ve done many interviews myself. Sometimes reporters are also looking for individuals besides me to share their experiences. Are you willing to talk to the media?

If so, please complete the Lovefraud Media Survey.

The survey collects basic information such as your age and where you live. Reporters are usually looking for anecdotes from people who fit their publication’s or station’s audience and demographics. For example, a magazine that targets women aged 20 to 35 will want stories from women who are between the ages of 20 and 35. A newspaper in Ohio will want to include stories from Ohio.

Some publications want you to speak “on the record,” which means your name and location are published. In other cases, publications are willing to quote sources anonymously.

If you are willing to talk to the media, please fill out the survey. If I learn that a reporter wants to speak to someone like you, I’ll contact you first to see if you’re interested. Lovefraud will not give out your contact information without your permission.

I expect quite a bit of media attention with the full publication of my new book in June. So, Lovefraud may soon receive many requests for interviews.

Lovefraud Media Survey


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Hi Donna,

I saved my Skype written message (it was a mix of written and verbal, which makes it confusing, but how i remember it so well) of when I sold my soul to the devil to only be discarded from him at the same time. It haunts me terribly when I reread it, that I could have been this person…i was a complete marionette and he held the strings….
I was wondering if you were interested in seeing this saved document..of his lies, name calling, false accusations he wrote as he discarded a very confused, weak, lost and voided soul…who, after great pains to stay alive, has detached from the gut wrenching, mind confusion/fkg of the physical and emotional pain..The P, 5 months after this skype msg attempts to regain contact as if nothing ever happened..Apparently something happened with his current main victim, either he was bored, she was discarded with acts of cruelty no doubt, or she wised up and moved on out!..He resumed contact not only with me at this time but the other “backup” victim that he discarded at the same time he did me…she is heavily caught in his web again and it pains me so for her but I would be the last person to contact her as I was the other woman in the triangulation or if i was not, i was made out to be a joke and he probably told her i was a prostitute as he told me she was, however, initially he said she had only been with 2 men her entire life (which is what i really do believe)..any way, I wanted to give this to you, although it brings great SHAME to me and disgust that i “put my clean face down so low in the dirt to be “worthy” of his love”…i was hooked beyond measure.. total despair..if you are interested for this to be sent to you privately and for your research, please let me know..either by my email address, if you have access to it, or as a response to this post….Thank you.


By the way, even though he tried persistently to resume contact, I will not go there again ..”there” meaning “hell”…however, parts me still want to believe and fantasize over it, just for the “love high”…I think it is out of boredom and too much time on my hands is the reason I even have occasionally have gone to that thought mode (which I am quickly filling my time with healthy projects) ..i dont want to give him that pleasure of having a millisecond of my energy…but the fantasy triggers my masochistic mindset..which I am learning that true “love” is kind, patient and does not hurt!!..I love growing up and growing out of this old mindset:)


One more thing>>> In the first paragraph of the Skype message to P, I see that I wrote exactly what was taking place but I did not know the truth of a disordered P…i didnt relate what I was saying to actually what he was doing, it did not connect in truth, it was not valid but somehow i knew, as i spoke /wrote what was going on……i didnt understand or know what a Psychopath was…education to our children is crucial…i came from such a destructive and damaging childhood, and never really understood the reality of the exisistence of such people…I was naive..oh and I am 51 years old…he was 33 (met at 47 and 29)


Donna do you run the lovefraud page on facebook cause a woman told her story to another woman on there and this woman posted her private message on the lovefraud page she wrote her and now is posting stalking messages to the woman who told her her story of being with a sociopath this woman thats doing this could be a sociopath sounds like mind games and manipulation


I guess since that womans comments were removed off lovefraud page on facebook answered my question why would it be removed her warninig people of a woman posting there private messages to her on the page then stalking them i dont think its safe to post on the lovefraud wall on fb anyone can get your name and stalk you and post your private messages on the wall you send them like this woman did

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