Arizona con man rips off investors; wife held responsible

Cindy White met a and married a man who seemed to be a kind, successful investor. He turned out to be a complete fraud who swindled his investors. White knew nothing about it, and was not involved in the business, but authorities in Arizona have her on the hook for $1.5 million.

Yesterday, KPHO TV in Phoenix covered the story. Watch the video and read the story at Husband’s double life leaves woman with $1.5 M debt.

Cindy White is planning a book about her experience, and hopes that you’ll comment on the article.

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LMAO Oxy!! YOU crack me up. Write the book woman!

I guess the FIRST thing I noticed about him was his lack of emotion/empathy. Those traits are lacking in Aspergers (for those of you who are not aware, Aspergers is on the Autistic spectrum-very high functioning Autism minus people skills, emotions, empathy-and other things). He was very “odd” with people. He would say just about anything to a perfect stranger and think nothing of it. He would stare at people who were dressed inappropriate with a look on his face that said “WTF?!?!” and then look at me and say (not softly), “did you see THAT!!?” Those initial traits (before the women and lying came to the surface) along with his OCD, made me really think that he was high functioning autism. I did a lot of reading on forums with adults of this disorder. Eventually, I realized that women and lies are not part of that disorder at all.

While in my “denial phase” I would always fall back to the Asperger’s and eventually added in N traits. A lot of Aspergers people are misdiagnosed with Narc.

When things were good, they were good (of course I didn’t know about behind the scenes at the time). I eventually kept reading and learning and moved past Asperger being the problem.

findingmyself – at first i thought ‘Oh poor guy nobody loves him he is so sad and he just needs some help getting his life back together’ well I put his life back together, new teeth, drivers license, vehicle..the list goes on and on..i felt sorry for him and he played me like a fiddle…

I’m so glad you mentioned asperger’s.
I think my bf has it.

Since I escaped from the sociopath, I look for traits of sociopathy EVERYWHERE. and I began to see them in my current bf. He is so “unusual”, I like it but it’s difficult for me because it reminds me of the exP in the narcissism and selfishness. But then it reminds me of my very narcissistic father too.

He is incredibly smart and has a photographic memory, but he gets mad when I mention it. but he doesn’t seem to have very much empathy. When he shows empathy I think it might be fake. But here’s where he differs from the xP: He’s no good at lying, faking empathy or conning anybody. In fact, he is constantly the target of con-artists and sociopath, including my xP. and he looks really geeky, like bill gates.
The strangest thing happens when we go out to nightclubs. Men will approach us and be very friendly toward both of us and then very surreptitiously, they will put their hand on my leg or their arm around me, where my bf can’t see it. And they keep up the friendly banter with him. I let it go for a bit because I completely lack boundaries and it doesn’t offend me – though I know that it should. Then I find a way to move away and I tell my bf about it later. He becomes very upset. This has happened at least 4 times, in one year. Including on our first date! It happened last weekend where 3 guys gave me the sociopathic stare and then the 2 brothers sat at our table. One brother, Dennis, kept my bf busy while the other brother, Dave, kept talking to me and put his hand on my knee under the table. Then he rubbed my arm. I asked him why he was doing that, and he got apologetic. I again asked him WHY he had done it – no answer. They got up and left but came back a bit later. Then Dave began to ask me personal questions and explained that he wanted to know how he could turn on his wife faster, because she was a slow responder. 🙁
Then he grabbed the lighter that we were using and proceeded to destroy it, bit by bit. He’s a firefighter by the way. In retrospect, I should have said, “little boy, I’m old enough to be your MOTHER!” That would’ve shut him down, but I was actually enjoying observing the bizarre behavior. It wasn’t until the next day that I thought about it and realized that I felt slimed. remembering his face made me feel revulsion, I just didn’t feel it at the time it was happening.

My bf, doesn’t notice it at all. He is so unaware that it would make it impossible for him to be a successful sociopath despite his genious IQ. On the other hand he does lie – though not well. I told him that he is just a wanna be sociopath. He seems to have a lot of anger too, but I’m starting to figure out that he is constantly fighting with his inability to read people, and the fact that they can all peg him for being this way. His only defense is to get very angry when he suspects he’s being played.
The example in the nightclubs is just one thing. it happens in business dealings too, and with worse consequences. The problem with the nightclub thing is that we both seem to attract sociopaths. Me, because of the “no boundaries” sign on my forehead and him because his sign says “geek”.

I think some of our confusion here on LF comes from the fact that these personality disorders, can overlap and often do. No one is purely one thing or another. EXCEPT MY XP. Pure sociopath, nothing but. He’s the poster child for sociopathy.

Dear Finding,

There are many “overlaps” in psychology, and there are frequently people with MULTIPLE DIAGNOSES. Psychopaths have a higher than normally expected rate of ADHD, as well as Bi-Polar, etc. They are even more often LEFT HANDED than the general population, so there are several things that are “indicators” or at least show up more often in the subset of psychopaths than in the rest of the population.

In criminals incarcerated the Psychopathic Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) developed by Dr. Bob Hare to identify them, the AVERAGE score for inmates is 22, but the score for “full blown” psychopaths is 30. But because psychopathy is a spectrum not just an IS OR AIN’T situation, sort of like “mentally retarded,” a guy with a score of 20 is pretty much a BAD ACTOR even if he isn’t a “qualified” psychopath.

So when they say “! to 4% of the population is psychopathic” that means 1 to 4% score at or above 30, and believe me, a guy with a 15 is no angel and certainally not someone you want your ddaughter to marry!

If you add in all the people diagnosed with OTHER personality disorders such as Borderline, histrionic, etc. there are a BUNCH of dysfunctional and dangerous folks out there.

If you factor in the fact that bi-polar alone can cause hallucinations during mania and grandiose thinking along with a tendency toward some very risky behavior, then ADD that to a diagnosis of psychopathy in addition to the Bi-polar, and you have got some really dangerous folks.

Put ADHD, Bi-polar AND psychopathy (which is not too uncommon in that group) and TRIPLE WHAMMY—then raise that child in an abusive home and WOW! You have got Charlie Manson or Ted Bundy!

Trying to sort out all the “symptoms” isn’t quite as easily done as with physical diseases and conditions in which you can do a lab blood test or a culture—there are too many over laps. Is a particular behavior a result of mania from bi-polar, or from the ADHD or the grandiose thinking of psychopathy?

There is research going on but unfortunately, at this time, there is just no way to definitely “tag” which problem is which or just how to treat any/all of the disorders/diseases a person may have.

It is easy enough to be in “denial” about a problem of any kind that effects us or those we love—and denial isn’t totally a bad thing. SHORT TERM it is a good thing because it helps us cope with something that is too painful to deal with “all at once” but LONG TERM it keeps us from fixing a problem that we deny exists.

The whole healing process starts out learning about them, but ends up being about US and learning about ourselves.

(((Hugs))) and God bless.

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