Arizona Sen. Scott Bundgaard to face domestic violence charges

Arizona State Senator Scott Bundgaard was the Senate majority leader until he allegedly had an altercation with his girlfriend, Aubrey Ballard, on a highway. After attending a benefit, they began arguing in his Mercedes. She says he dragged her from the car. He says he didn’t. But five witnesses testified that Bundgaard was the aggressor.

As part of the 105-day investigation, police talked to Bundgaard’s former wife, who was so scared of him that she left him in the middle of their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Read the following articles from AZCentral.com. This case has all the signs of a psychopathic drama—stay tuned.

Sen. Scott Bundgaard charged with 2 misdemeanors

Bundgaard faces domestic violence charges, due in court on June 28

Bundgaard was scary, ex-wife says

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And one might wonder why I don’t trust politicians…. ex-wife got police to escort her to her room to get her stuff on the honeymoon? LOL ROTFLMAO Good for her!

I noticed though that they 1) met on an internet site 2) married quickly after a long distance romance. Within 3 weeks of the wedding, he was already showing his true colors.

Interesting that he had a friend (now criminally convicted) as a gun runner and at whose estate he and his wife were married. Yea, I “bet” he didn’t know what the guy did for a living!

This Arizona Senator from all reports in these three newspapers does appear to be a “control freak” and one who has little or no respect for women in general but who uses his “position” for his own advantage….crying “immunity” from arrest while his girlfriend who (5 witnesses testified was not the aggressor but he was) to spend the night in jail…..then DENYING he cried “immunity” though the police say he did. In both cases, lying even when there are competent and multiple witnesses to the contrary …if that behavior alone doesn’t mark this man as a psychopath, I am not sure what would.

Donna, why don’t you contact this reporter with the symptoms and signs of a psychopath….? He might be interested in a story and if he carefully worded it…might be a “teachable moment.”

Ox Drover: I don’t trust politicians either, or people with huge amounts of power. The best person in the world could become a victim to power, let alone somebody with a personality MADE for it.

His wife was smart to get out. RED FLAGS everywhere. He couldn’t even keep his mask on for very long. I wonder how long it takes for the average mask to fall off. Meeting on the Internet and long distance relationships are already hard enough.

People need to start dating for longer periods of time instead of rushing. Actually notice the person you are with, and pay attention. Give it months! Maybe even a year if you have to.

These politicians are getting ridiculous. It don’t even matter what party they’re in, everytime you turn around one of them is in trouble for something. I guess it comes from thinking that you’re above the rules of society. I guess it’s like my ex spath pulling out the surgeon card everytime he got stopped for speeding-oeven when he wasn’t going to an emergency. He loved telling me how he got away with getting out of tickets and driving around on a four year expired brake tag, all the while knowing that I am trying to become a police officer.

Lizzy: Don’t forget sports stars!! They are always up to stuff too. I swear, a little power and fame can destroy a person.

Your ex spath really abused his power! A surgeon, huh? Ah, I have many surgeons, and I know that many of them are… different. It’s funny you mentioned it.

You want to be a police officer? Don’t let the power go to your head. I like good cops, but some are just disgusting. Same with the politicians. I want good people in control, but many of them are not good to begin with. They go into their profession with the wrong intentions.

Near-no man, I’m gonna be the good cop all together. It takes a certain kind of personality to be a bad cop, and I don’t have a bit of that in me. I am all about helping people and being an advocate for victims, as well as the Hispanic population in town. I am getting ready to start learning the language this fall. Good cops can make a really huge difference in this world. The bad ones-just take up space.

Yes, there are a lot of narcissism and sociopathy traits in most surgeons and docs in general. I truly believe that mine became a surgeon so he would have a legal way to cut into human flesh. I would bet he killed animals when he was a child. He fits all the qualities of the Dark Triad Personality-look that up. The definition should have a picture of him next to it.

Near, I agree with you. Remember theh old saying “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

I have a few “rules’ about people I interact with on a personal basis.

#1 is are they HONEST
#2 Are they KIND and considerate
#3 are they RESPONSIBLE…in other words take care of their obligations, support themselves, do what they say they will do and so on.

If they don’t make the “cut” in any of those qualities, then I CUT them out of my intimate life.

Sometimes in life you have to deal with people who are not honest, kind or responsible, but if they are none of these things you can TRUST that they will eventually “do you wrong” if it suits their purposes, no matter how “nice” they are being to you at the moment.

It is all about CHARACTER of a person….and a dishonest, unkind and irresponsible person is not someone you want to be INTIMATELY INVOLVED WITH even if they are not a psychopath.

If you always go by those three things when you are interacting with someone eventually you will see if this person is honest, responsible and kind and if not, you don’t want to get involved with them more than you have to be and you always want to keep your GUARD UP.

Lots of good people make mistakes, or even lose their temper and we have all done things we wish we hadn’t–at times I have been dishonest, unkind and irresponsible, but it is not a CHARACTER TRAIT with me, and I TRY to do better and NOT do those things any more. But by watching how a person ACTS you can usually get a good idea of what their CHARACTER is.

If you see dishonesty, unkindness or irresponsibility in any amount of situations….dump them quickly. Your P sperm donor has already proven his CHARACTER TRAITS and what kind of person he is….not good…so NC as much as possible. I have “weeded out” quite few of my “friends” that I “overlooked” their dishonesty, unkindness and irresponsibilities…but no more. Living P-FREE IS UP TO ME!

Oxy-you are so right about how they act relating to their character and also watch what they do, not just what they say, because they probably are not the same!

Lizzy: I thought so, I knew you would be good! There are good and bad people in every job. I wish more people like you would sign up for these jobs, but they do draw more bad people than most jobs.

I always joked with my mom that surgeons and the students learning to be surgeons were all serial killers or serial killers in training. I’m their first experiment! My scoliosis surgeon is fantastic, though. He’s managed to keep his emotions and everything alive while still doing his job.

Ox Drover: I fit your rules, but I don’t really support myself like you said in #3. I still have my mom helping with many things, but I am working toward independence and college, so does that count?

That’s a really good list to go by, though. It’s so true. It’s so peaceful when my dad isn’t around. It is all in his character. I’ll have to cut him out, but ugh. I don’t call him anymore myself, but he still calls. I’m slowly going, I guess.

Lizzy, don’t know if you remember the people who were “friends” of my husbands, and my son D’s and myself that I let come out here and live in their Motor home, but then ended up tossing them off the place….I KNEW that she was a thief etc. and I did it anyway the man was almost wheel chair bound at the time, and they were both on disability, he only got like $500 a month and she $900, but they started acting like they had the DEED to this place and she was stealing again, so I tossed them off.

They went to mooch off his retarded brother who did own a tiny little shack, then the brother went to a “home” of some kind because he couldn’t stay “independent’ then they went to mooch off another friend of ours….and they started acting like they had a DEED to his place too….and now, they are split up after 25+ years which I found interesting. Just happened to find that out accidently a while back, but then ran into another woman in the grocery store the other day that they had also mooched off of and stolen from….and they have gone from person to person abusing….and are I imagine both out of anyone else to mooch off of and are both in a terrible situation physically and financially.

The woman had advertised on FB that she was looking to rent a room in someone’s home that would allow dogs (she has 2 pit bulls) I almost had to laugh at that one…She had told me that her father was a sociopath, and from what i know her mother is pretty much that way as well, and her son is sure as heck one, I have thrown him off this place and told him never to come back a long time ago. The sense of entitlement to steal is one thing, but this woman and her son and her husband seem to have the idea that their “friends” owe it to them to take care of them and provide for them. They are on the downward spiral though that the ones who get to where they are no longer able to con folks, end up homeless, in a ditch or dead or all three.

The ones who have enough responsibility to provide a living for themselves or at least pull off a higher class con than couch surviving and stealing the family silverware may end up at least with a roof over their heads..but it isn’t a happy life in either case.


If you do for yourself what you are able, and keep your word then you are RESPONSIBLE….with the injury you have had, I would expect that you would require some assistance…however, you do have a good brain and can go to school, and there are programs to assist you, so you are, as far as I am concerned, obligated to take advantage of those to get an education so that you can provide for yourself if possible physically.

I worked in spinal cord and head injury rehabilitation for several years so I am pretty well familiar with what it means to have an amputation and a spinal cord injury.

I would not expect you to get a job digging ditches…but I know plenty of paras and even lower level quads that are as independent as is physically possible and live independent lives, have jobs and homes and families—I also know ones that do nothing for themselves and put on the pity play of “poor me, I’m handicapped, and the world owes me a living because of my handicap.” which I do not buy. We all have a handicap of some kind, and some people have more than others, but one of my former patients who is a quad (but he can type 15-20 words a minute with a mouth stick) graduated from high school to the cheers of 15,000 people, and he also has a college degree in computer science. He can’t feed himself or drive himself but he has a home and a wife and hires a caregiver for part of his care. I think he has done pretty doggone well for himself because he used everything he had left to work toward independence as much as possible. He was injured when he was 15, so he has done quite well, he is about 40 now. He still lived at home until he was about 30 though and his mom and dad provided most of his physical care. But when he got through college and got a job he bought a home and hired a caregiver, and married a girl he met in college.

So the world is open to you to go as far as you want to go and as far as you are willing to work to go. It is tough luck that you got hurt as young and as badly as you did….but that doesn’t keep you from using your brain to become independent. Look at Stephen Hawking!

LIZZY, My attorney friend said the lawyer told you right. But in the FUTURE keep copies of all personnel paperwork that you get, especially evaluations. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but looks like you can’t get them. What you might do though is to give someone you worked with at that hospital as a reference, another nurse or someone else who worked closely with y ou as a personal reference. That might help.

Ox Drover: Yep, I already have help set up at my college to help me get around and carry books, and other things. I go for my tour soon! ^_^

You know, I’ve never once thought I was at a disadvantage because of my injuries. I spent a lot of time in the hospital. I met so many great people and learned so much there. I became closer to my mom and learned to appreciate life. Even if it is just a sunset, or a gentle wind. I always thought it made me stronger in many ways.

So no pity plays from me. I’m not like my dad, and he loves pity plays. He even puts on crocodile tears for the cops and spiels about our misfortunes. I can’t stand it!

No worries, though! I’m on my way and the world really is open for me. Thank you, Ox Drover. I think you mentioned that man to me before and his story is inspiring. ^_^

Yes it has been my experience that personel records are the property of the institution (as are our medical records BTW!!). BUT you are legally allowed access to them. AND you are allowed to write what they say. So I advise LIZZY to take her yellow tablet and a pen and make notes of times/dates/who said what. People are allowed that.

Katy-it’s good to see you. I have learned a tremendous amount about what I will be doing the next time I have a full time job. I will listen to what Oxy says on that one. The next time I have an evaluation I will ask for a copy of it before I sign it. If I’m putting my name on it then I have a right to have a copy of it. They way these people have been, I will never ever trust again that someone wouldn’t even go as far as to change an eval after I sign it. I wouldn’t put anything past these people.

I will also never ever go into a locked door meeting with anyone at a job without witnesses EVER again-for ANY reason, because everything in that meeting becomes hearsay and can’t be proven. I will think long and hard before I accept a job that doesn’t give out and employee handbook and tells us to go look up policies on the internet. I won’t go work in another new specialty area without adequate orientation. I will never work in any area such as Cath Lab or IR again where someone else charts the meds that I give-instead of me charting them. I could probably come up with more things if I thought about it.

Oxy-I appreciate you asking your friend about it for me. It’s nice to have a second opinion.

All these rules that I have established for myself for future employment is very similar to the rules I have as far as dating and anybody else that wants to be my friend. I have boundaries now that are official-not ones that I thought were false because the N mother was always stepping over them.

Near, I wish you well in your college career, I am sure you are smart enough to do just about anything you want to do. You write well and your vocabulary and English is very good and that is one of the signs of “smart” is vocabulary.

Lizzy, I’m not sure what your rights are about SEEING your personnel file, but not being able to have copies….actually if you sued them I imagine they could bring them to court and in they bring in something as evidence you are entitled to see it and have copies so not sure what the deal is on that…but if you can’t afford to hire a lawyer (probably can’t find one to take it on speck) that’s out. But at least you learned a lesson from this.

I was always given a copy of the signed evaluation and I kept them. I am OCD about keeping records and documents and it is a good thing I am because it helped me nail my son Patrick into his prison cell for another 3 years at least.

I agree too about the meetings without witnesses, but you can also take a tape recorder as well. Either openly or in your pocket. (check the laws on that in your area)

Oxy-I thought about that too-the tape recorder. My friend asked about doing that for my hearing, since the judge would be recording anyway. Obviously it wasn’t needed cuz I won all on my solid testimony, confidence and professionalism.

I did also learn to keep better records too. With the agency I keep all my paycheck stubs in one side of my folder and my old timesheets in the other side. My attorney didn’t seem to into the idea of me trying to sue them. I have talked to several others who also said that it would be very hard to win-based on the fact that hospital HRs are never going to give you a reason for not hiring you. THey give the same standard answers-the position has been filled, we’ve decided not to fill it, your qualifications are good but not what we’re looking for at this time-we’ll keep your apps on file for ….amount of time. Anyway, I am only allowing myself to worry about this a little while longer than I’m putting it away.

I am going to attend the gay pride parade tomorrow unless it starts pouring down rain and I want to enjoy myself and all the crazy activity w/o thinking about this all the time. My counselor tells me to set time limits on worrying and she is encouraging me to write things down when I get upset-instead of smoking or feeling the need to tell it to other people. I realized how much certain people enjoy being around you so much more when you’re chin isn’t touching the ground all the time. THey already feel terrible about what you’re going through and it makes them feel helpless because they can’t do anything about the situation. They want to fix it for you but they can’t and that bothers them.

Near-I am agreeing with Oxy about you doing well in school. You sound very intelligent when you talk to me. If you have been able to make it through everything you’ve been through all ready, then you have the drive and the ability to do it.

Ox Drover: Thank you for the kind words! I’m going to try my best in college. I try to write well. Sometimes I lack the clarity to tell you what I mean, but I manage! *huggles* ^_^

Lizzy: Wow, kind words all over the place! Thank you! I mostly think my posts look goofy. 😛 I will definitely make it in college. The hard parts of my life are behind me now! ^_^

I think both of you are great writers, though. You guys also type much faster than me, I think. I always look forward to your posts. ^_^

There are some typing programs available for purchase or on the internet that give you practice in typing…see if you can find one and practice your typing skills. Practice makes perfect in typing or playing the piano or banjo. That is something that will help you with school.

I always took notes by hand in class or taped them and then went home and typed them up in outline form and it helped me to get it into my head.

If you attend every class, do all the assigned reading you should make a minimum of a C in any class…if you want more than a C then you have to study as well as read. LOL Cutting class or not doing the reading is the only reason to flunk a class if you have “one eye and half sense.” LOL

Ox Drover: Yeah, my motor skills were damaged. I practice writing and others things, but it is a chore sometimes. My college has people to help take notes and teach quick note taking tips, so I’m happy. ^_^

Yeah, I’ll attend every class and do the reading, no doubt! I’ll study too! I’m taking it very seriously because I want to become independent someday. So it’s very important to me.

Near-you will accomplish it and Oxy was right about the typing practice online. I have been doing it myself too. I had to LOL when you spoke about me typing fast cuz I just failed a typing test in May that is keeping me out of the job that I want until August-when I can re-take the test. Since I can’t seem to get a nursing job, I applied to be a 911 dispatcher for the local sheriffs office here. They want to hire me but I gotta pass the typing test.

Lizzy: Ha! I had no idea! We both fail at typing. YAY? Three cheers for feeling sorry for ourselves!! ^_^

I hope you pass next time! Go get’em tiger! My mom was a nurse. It’s much better to be a 911 dispactcher, in my opinion. Nursing brings a lot of baggage with it. Maybe it’s just my aversion to hospitals speaking. 😛

Then again, I was lucky my mom was a nurse. She became my nurse! ^_^

You probably were lucky when you had your mom be a nurse-a lot of them behave very badly. Oxy can tell you how they are. Your mom could probably tell you that too.

Lizzy: Yep! I’ve already talked to my mom about spathy nurses and Ox Drover told me her stories about them. Scary, especially to me, because I was always around nurses. O_O

My mom says she didn’t want to be a nurse at first, but something told her to do it. My brother and I got sick and she took care of us. It was her calling. ^_^

Dear Near, I have taken care of my family as well…my wonderful step dad who had cancer, and even my egg donor when she had surgery and complications….and my sons….I always said that God gave me my nursing career and the different jobs I’v ehad to prepare me for what was coming….I worked in head injury and spinal cord injury and it sure helped me deal with my step son who had a massive head injury that left him severely brain injured and “retarded.” Dealing with that would have been more of a night mare if I had not known what I learned in the job working with head injuries.

The psych nursing I did helped me with my healing and dealing with my P son (at least after the fact) and so on. It is also now helping keep me motivated to take care of my own health. I have quit smoking, lost some weight and cut WAY down on my salt (sodium) intake and am trying to live a better and more healthy life both physically and emotionally.

We do the best we can with what we have….and learning anything is never learning lost, it is always useful.

Ox Drover: You have my complete respect for doing all of that. I know it’s hard work. My mother took care of my brother when he had cancer. I was in the hospital at that time too.

You speak the truth! We do our best! It’s fantastic you have moved on to live a better life with a higher quality. Wait at the moutain top for me! I’ll be there soon. ^_^

Dear Near,

Sugar I am not at the top of the mountain yet….just climbing the slopes like everyone else….but you keep on climbing. Learning is a JOURNEY and sometimes the road seems to run straight up hill and sometimes it goes down hill and sometimes there are pot holes, but we all just keep on. When we quit learning, we wither and die mentally and eventually physically. We each have to make that journey for ourselves, no one can carry us, but we can support each other and encourage each other along the way.

When do you start college? What will your classes be the first semester? What do you want to study or do you really know yet?

Ox Drover: I’m still at the bottom of the mountain sipping tea! I’m waiting for the elevator to be installed. ^_^

Seriously, I couldn’t imagaine not learning at all. I have to completely shur my self off from the world to become like that. Many people do that with their opinions. The are closed to new ideas or views. They have the same views all of their life. I’m definitely not like that! You’re not either! ^_^

I start this fall! I’m going to sign up for classes and take a tour in the next few weeks. We get last pick on classes, and the start is nothing too interesting. I’ll talk to my advisor when I go for the tour and class registration. I know I’ll have to take history(ugh!!). I want to study psychology and philosophy. I also like marketing. ^_^

Dear Near,

History isn’t all that bad, I didn’t like history in high school but I loved it in college, and “people who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is really true.

I’m sure you’ll have to do a certain amount of English, Math and basic science classes as well, but look at them as fun! and they can be!

Unfortunately, there is no elevator to the top of the mountain or a ski lift either! We have to climb it for ourselves.

Do you know what kind of work you would like to do after you get out of college? Marketing would be interesting I think.

Ox Drover: I’ve always hated history, but I know it has some value in its lessons. I still hate it, though! Oh, and it appears politicians and the like haven’t learned that lesson about repeating history. 😛

I’m fine with all the English and Science classes! I love them all. Math is okay. Kind of boring, but at least its not history.

Are you sure about there being no elevator? This is an outrage! It needs to be handicap accessible! Time to riot until some construction is done on that mountain! ^_^

I’m not completely sure yet what I’ll do. I’ll have to see how everything goes. I’ll take some criminal justice classes as well. Something that will help people, whether counseling them or pursuing criminal justice.

Near, you could always become a lawyer!

Ox Drover: Haha! I’ll need to get a suit! ^_^ Maybe I could even give my dad advice on the law, and show him. *sneaky smile* It’s the big house for him!

Near, I was actually being serious….we need more lawyers who do understand what a psychopath is and family law (for divorces and child custody etc) is a field that REALLY NEEDS THEM, it would be a way for you to make a living from a WC and do some real good for folks who need it. Who knows you might wind up some day as “judge Near!”

Ox Drover: Darn the Internet. Sometimes I can’t tell when people are being serious or not. 😛

You make a good point about needing more people who understand what a psychopath is. I don’t think too many understand or care. Some only seem to be in it for the money, I think. Then you have some that do have passion for law, but still don’t understand the psychology behind things.

Maybe you’re right. I wonder if I could make it. Although,judge Near is too far. ^_^

Near, you can do ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR HEAD TO DO….so if you want to be a lawyer…contact your nearest law school and find out what their requirements are for entrance, and study those things and then get good grades and apply to law school…and then study your butt off…

There are loans and grants and scholarships available and law school can be done part time while you work at some other job as well. Since you are “disabled” and “handicapped” use that as well, and get extra grants or scholarships for that as well if you can. Play all the legal angles to get what you want and get the financing for it. Look at it this way, for every Dollar the government invests in your education if you go to work you will more than pay it back in taxes on your income.

Ox Drover: Yeah, and studying shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I have the time and I always made good grades in the first place. Like I said, I’ll see how things are once I get my first college experience. Many of my doctors said THEY even changed their minds in school and had friends that changed their careers completely. ^_^

I bet my dad would be against this education especially, but he’ll show up for some money and help later on. 😛

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