Arizona Sen. Scott Bundgaard to face domestic violence charges

Arizona State Senator Scott Bundgaard was the Senate majority leader until he allegedly had an altercation with his girlfriend, Aubrey Ballard, on a highway. After attending a benefit, they began arguing in his Mercedes. She says he dragged her from the car. He says he didn’t. But five witnesses testified that Bundgaard was the aggressor.

As part of the 105-day investigation, police talked to Bundgaard’s former wife, who was so scared of him that she left him in the middle of their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Read the following articles from AZCentral.com. This case has all the signs of a psychopathic drama—stay tuned.

Sen. Scott Bundgaard charged with 2 misdemeanors

Bundgaard faces domestic violence charges, due in court on June 28

Bundgaard was scary, ex-wife says

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Dear Near,

History isn’t all that bad, I didn’t like history in high school but I loved it in college, and “people who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is really true.

I’m sure you’ll have to do a certain amount of English, Math and basic science classes as well, but look at them as fun! and they can be!

Unfortunately, there is no elevator to the top of the mountain or a ski lift either! We have to climb it for ourselves.

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I’m fine with all the English and Science classes! I love them all. Math is okay. Kind of boring, but at least its not history.

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