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Arizona shootings: 5 divorces and feuds with neighbors

In Yuma, Arizona, Carey Hal Dyess, 73 years old, went on a shooting rampage on June 2 which left five people dead and one in critical condition. Dyess targeted his fifth ex-wife, her divorce attorney, and friends who supported her. Then he killed himself.

Neighbors in Port Orchard, Arizona, where Dyess once lived, remember a man who started out “like a grandpa” but eventually became contentious. For more information:

Carey Hal Yess, angry about divorce, kills five and then himself in shooting spree in Yuma, Ariz., at

Records show apparent Yuma shooter’s life in Kitsap marked by discord at

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Ox Drover

One of the criteria for psychopathy on the PCL-R are “many short term relationships” and I think that people who have been married for 5 times would pretty well qualify on that score….the “starting out like “grandpa” and then becoming contentious seems to reflect a “love bomb” phase when he was meeting people then showing more of his “real self” as the relationships went on.

Of course there is NO WAY you can qualify someone as a psychopath from a news story, but you know, even at the risk of sounding like I’m doing that, this guy DOES SOUND PRETTY HIGH IN SOME PSYCHOPATHIC TRAITS….

I’m just sorry that so many people had to suffer and die because he wasn’t stopped sooner.


Here’s another, quite long account from the Arizona Republic:

Slain ex-wife voiced fears about husband for years

Judging by that Kitsap Sun story, there was a lot of paranoid thinking in this guy’s makeup.

kim frederick

Port Orchard is in Washington State, not Arizona. Kitsap is the name of the County. The story did not make that clear. Not sure if it matters, but that is my home county, so felt compelled to clarify.

Ox Drover

There are dangerous people who are psychopaths, and there are other people with mental illnesses that make them quarrelsome, hard to get along with, have short term relationships, etc. so from a news article it is difficult to tell….but my guess is that most of these men have ACTED DANGEROUS previously to the murder(s) they committed.

The man who shot and hurt Mrs. Gillford and killed all those others wasn’t a psychopath apparently, just a man who is very delusional and mentally ill. (according to the court any way) so not all dangerous or even murderous people are psychopathic. But some are.

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