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Arizona woman says her ex-husband used Lifelock to stalk her

Suzanna Quitana, of Gilbert, Arizona, says her ex-husband opened an account with LifeLock, the credit-monitoring company, to secretly track everything she did financially.

Even worse, Lifelock was slow to respond to requests for information not only from Suzanna, but from the sheriff.

Julio Quitana, the ex-husband, claimed he is the victim of a harassment campaign.

LifeLock used to electronically track Arizona woman, on

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Highly disturbing.
Must check EVERYTHING….


This is really bad. A former boyfriend used Google calendar to cyberstalk me and my children. Google calendar is on a website that was broadcasting from my phone without my knowledge because a box was not checked both on my desktop computer, AND on my phone. Every appointment I had or travel plans, when my house was empty, when my daughter would be alone, etc. he knew about. The way I found out is that I got a summons to appear in court (his weapon of choice BTW) the exact time my flight to Europe was departing 6 weeks in to the future and just a couple days after I bought the tickets and had input the info in my Google calendar. That was the only place the info was. I immediately informed the police he was violating the order of protection and they told me because Google calendar was “a public website” they would not pursue it as a violation of the order of protection. Also, I could not prove he was browsing it. Google would not provide visitor records to my Calendar website even with a subpoena. They ignored it. I was totally screwed. I told the judge my story and the judge just said, “You ought to know what the settings are on the Google calendar.” Thanks a lot for all the enforcement of the order – what would I do without you. Dickhead was not even reprimanded in the slightest!!! It is too difficult to manage Google calendar for me. I use Windows calendar which stays on my phone and does not broadcast anywhere or get shared anywhere.


I got so mad about this and other issues that the sociopath ex-boyfriend got away with and that no one would do anything about it, I wrote this letter to the Chicago Tribune. Nothing happened, but at least I felt better:



Wow, just wow! Nice article. I am so sorry this is happening to you! I have an ongoing fantasy that these types all just drop dead, at the same moment. If there were a button to initiate this believe me I would not hesitate to press it.

These psychopaths really know how to abuse, will go out of their way to figure out ever more twisted ways to ‘have the last word’. Just like this guy, NO ONE is going to tell HIM he cannot be in close proximity of you.

Again, my heart goes out to you, and thank you for sharing your excellent article.



Two remedies surfaced. I filed a motion of Malicious prosecution against him as well as a motion to involuntarily commit him to mental institution. To begin to proceedings against him. The motion was denied, however, I think that scared him.

He left me alone in court after that. There were some abuses on social media which I was able to end by contacting LinkedIn directly.

It has been Over 2 years since those incidents happened. He went after lower hanging fruit.

I wanted to plaster his name on these liar/ cheater sites that are out there now. But decided against it because I want to heal.

Instead, a strange question popped in my head….”What’s funny about this?” Not a positive thinking “find-the-silver lining” inquiry, because those exercises just piss me off. This was something very different.

Ideas started flooding in! The truth is stranger than fiction stuff makes great stories! I am writing a storytelling/comedy sketch about this relationship as a personal healing assignment for myself.

We’ll see if anything more comes of it. Laughter is healing and is restoring the sanctity of my life.
I highly recommend it!



I love the idea of a comedy sketch. My friend and I were on a walk and got to going on about the new agey, shaman-wanna-be, that I got tangled up with. He was (still is) a walking cliche of New Age mumbo jumbo (the dreadlocks, big jewelry, flowing robes, and BS spirituality). We just about peed our pants. It was extremely fun, and I knew I had achieved a lot of healing when I could laugh that hard, and be so grateful for my escape.


Thank you for reading the article and your kind words!

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