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Army colonel convicted of bigamy, busted down a rank

James H. Johnson, former commander of the 173rd Airborne Division, was convicted of bigamy, fraud and other charges for marrying an Iraqi woman while still married to his American wife. He also submitted false travel vouchers to the Army so he could bring his mistress on vacations.

These unbelievable links were submitted by a Lovefraud reader:

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Donna, thank you for posting this horrific story.

“Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, commander of U.S. Army Europe, recommended that Johnson, with more than 26 years in the Army, be reduced in rank to major. However, there was no evidence that Johnson’s service as a lieutenant colonel had been unsatisfactory, Kuhfahl said.”

REALLY!?!? It isn’t “unsatisfactory” to submit bogus vouchers? It isn’t “unsatisfactory” to funnel government contracts to the father of his mistress?

It’s reprehensible and the fact that this criminal was allowed to “retire” makes me feel furious. Retire?! So, he uses my taxpaer dollars to fund an illicit affair, he directs contracts to his mistress’s father’s firm, he puts his wife at risk for STD’s, and he commits bigamy and lives the rest of his life with a healthy pension and health benefits?

This man should be stripped of all of his benefits – any benefits should be paid to his ex-wife and children in way of a Trust Fund. He should be literally tarred, feathered, and forced to make little rocks out of big rocks in Leavenworth, Texas. He paid a 300K fine? WHAT MILITARY PERSONNEL HAS THAT KIND OF AVAILABLE CASH?!?!

The wife “went rogue?” ROTFLMAO! No, no… The wife stood loyal to her philandering criminal husband for over 2 decades, raised their offspring on her own, and kept the home fires warm while her husband engaged in everything illegal.

And, the consequences of his actions result in: retirement pay and benefits. Please.


As an aside, this man’s comrades were well aware of his activities and did nothing to intervene. Not on the behalf of the jilted wife, but on behalf of the taxpaying society that supported this man’s career, and theirs.

Enabling, at its finest. Lance Armstrong, MOVE OVER! This guy’s got you beat in aces!

Ox Drover

WOW! Look at the comments! Most of the comments seem to agree withh the way most of us look at this thing, I think. The military gave him a “slap on the wrist” because of who his daddy was.

I loved the article where he filed suit against her for “going rogue” and OMG! Mentioning SEX like “while your hubby is gone,, you can masturbate so that you dont’ go out and find a lover” DUHH?????

So he turns that against her. I hope the man’s son sees daddy dearest for what he is a liar, thief and a cheat. I hope the poor “second wife” sees him for what he is too but I doubt it (per the face book response)

I can’t say that this man is a psychopath or would score a 30 on the PCL-R, but I can say one thing; he is a cunning, manipulative, lying, thieving, cheating, low-life scumbag, SOB…did I miss anything?


At least he got a reduction in rank. My former spouse, had his felony charges of bigamy were reduced through a plea deal and was able to stay in. He is still a chief and sadly the guys in his division will probably look up to him and see what they could also get away with. He abandoned us while they took the sub to a new port, only found out because he didn’t send support, was taken off of Tricare, etc… Only to find out this was going to this other girl. He was apparently using his govt card to pay for hotels too… So yeah, I was shocked to see what they will allow in and stay in the service. The only bright side to this is the court ordered no contact (if he contacts me it lands him 6 months in jail) and he is across the globe, making him less likely to harm me… Of course that just depends on leave being approved. it’s just sad guys like this are able to stay in and represent our country with each country they may be stationed at. It’s also sad there are so many enablers to their antics…

kim frederick

Yeah. I’m a survivor of sailor, too. He was career, and I left him after he had put in 21 years. An A plus sailor, and a failure of a husband. Totally narcissistic. Lying, ass cheat, all wrapped up in a cracker-jack suit.


Kim ”“ sorry you dealt with this kind too. Yeah, mine was really good at his job and moved up rank quickly.. and even got an excellence award admist his investigation. Sick isn’t it? He is a hot mess.. I couldn’t agree with your statement more” He may be good at his job but he fails in the most important one he could have ever had ” Mine certainly failed at being a Husband and father. He walked out on Christmas Eve” Our child was only months old. Sad, but I think it’s a blessing in disguise… At least our child has no influence from him!

kim frederick

Ahhhhh but guys, the military is “the old boys club” and boys will be boys, won’t they. I heard the old line that, “if the Navy wanted it’s men to have wives, they would have issued him one, and provided it for him in his duffle-bag. These military heroes are patting each other on the back and laughing because they are such studs, Really. Entitlement, and arrogance. Lack of empathy and no moral compass. JMO. A breeding ground for disorder.


Agreed! From what I saw from a number of the guys … Certainly no morals or empathy! When I called up this girl he was cheating with, she said his friends (guys in his division) had even taken her calls on his phone, when he was too drunk to answer. These were the same guys we would have over for dinner… Not to mention, one of them, I was good friends with his wife. Pretty heartless. Boys club!


Sounds like what all powerful spaths get from Clinton down to beat cop. Pun intended.

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