Army General Jeffrey Sinclair negotiates plea deal on sex assault charges

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Army agreed to drop the most serious charges against Brigadier General Jeffrey A. Sinclair in his court-martial if he admits that he “maltreated” a junior officer.

A female captain on Sinclair’s staff in Iraq and Afghanistan said she carried on an affair, but there were holes in her story.

Last week, in a highly unusual move, the judge dismissed the jury to allow Sinclair to negotiate his deal.

Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair agrees to plea deal in sexual assault case, on

Judge’s decision is latest twist in Army sex case, on



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She was ALREADY having an affair with him!!! How can she say he mistreated her? She KNEW what she was getting into!

hairellen, the Captain is a junior officer. BG Sinclair is a GENERAL officer. Whether or not it was a consensual relatioship with Sinclair, the military considers her consent as not freely given because of the humongous power differential.

Divorced from Gaslighter

I don’t know if Sinclair was married or not at the time of the affair, but if he was then part of his legal problems with the military would be related to the adultery, which is a huge big deal if you are an officer. The enlisted men can get away with a lot more than the officers as far as adultery goes, because the officers are expected to live lives based on a code of honor.

It also causes huge problems in the chain of command if men of higher rank are boosting the careers of the women that they sleep with. It is much worse than it would be in a corporation, because of the nature of military life, since the people who work together also are often close neighbors, due to living on base. When you add in the fact that military members are deployed to war zones or assignments where they leave their dependents behind, you end up with situations in which the dependents being left behind are ending up having affairs with the deployed husband’s local co-workers. Living on base is like living in Peyton Place. If the military didn’t try to keep a lid on adultery, and on the practice of initiating affairs by superiors with inferiors, there could be no military discipline at all.

The mixing of men and women into the same military units has made all of this a lot harder, and a lot more common than it was during the WWII era, when the males and females had completely separate command structures, except for the medical units.

Divorced from Gaslighter,

Enlisted folks get in trouble for adultery just as, if not more, frequently than officers. It’s much harder to enforce the rules with officers. And all service members, not just officers, are expected to live by a code of values and honor. For the Army, it’s the Army values and Warrior ethos. All soldiers, not just officers.

I was being abused by several male officers in a combat zone, reported it, and was I threatened to be retained in country if I continued to complain while these a-holes gave each other Bronze Stars!

Your post makes it sound like it’s just men of higher rank boosting the careers of lower ranking females. It goes both ways and same gender as well. Dependants having affairs include husbands as well. Mine sure did.

I don’t mean to be contrary, I just see this post as perpetuating myths/stero types and not the full reality of the military experience.

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