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Several readers have sent links to articles that may be of interest to the Lovefraud community. Here they are, with quick summaries:

Doubts raised on book’s tale of atom bomb, in the New York Times

The Last Train from Hiroshima, by Charles Pellegrino, tells the story of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. James Cameron plans to make a movie based on it. The book reveals a secret accident with the bomb that killed one American, dosed others with radiation and reduced the weapon’s power. The information came from Joseph Fuoco, who claimed to be on one of the observation planes that escorted the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the bomb. But Fuoco apparently was lying, and the book’s author was duped.

For professor, fury just beneath the surface, in the New York Times

Dr. Amy Bishop was arrested for shooting six faculty members at the University of Alabama in Huntsville on February 12. Three of the victims died. It turns out that Bishop had a history of violent and aggressive outbursts. This is the most comprehensive compilation of her story that I’ve seen.

Why are narcissists (initially) so popular? in Psychology Today

Recent studies explain why narcissists seem to be so appealing when you first meet them. Researchers hypothesize that narcissists have a “charismatic air:” attractiveness, competence, interpersonal warmth and humor. They seem well-adjusted at first, but just can’t maintain the attraction over the long term. The article includes suggestions on how you can reprogram yourself to be open to non-flashy people.

Man posed as spy to con woman: court, on 9 News

A man in Melbourne, Australia, convinced a single mother that he was the man of her dreams, and a secret agent, to con her out of nearly $150,000. He convinced her to sell her home, furniture and car, saying they would move overseas together. Then he took the money.

Profile: Christine Pratt and the National Bullying Helpline, on

The truth about multiple litigant Mrs. Pratt—the high priestess of victimhood, on Mail Online

Christine Pratt, who runs the National Bullying Helpline in the United Kingdom claimed to have received calls from “three or four” employees of Gordon Brown, the British prime minister. The following media frenzy revealed serious questions about how Pratt and her husband ran what was supposed to be a charity to help people who experienced workplace bullying.

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The below website is a good one….they update it several times a day with articles on various things…and NOT just for women….
I hope you all check it out and look through old articles and such….but you can check in on it a few times a week and always find something new…..from dating, sociopath info, finances after divorce et….the gammit….
I’ve enjoyed it….I wanted to pass along….


Just caught the tale end of this on Nightline….

Thank God for people like Ms. Celia who don’t give up or give in.

Yep, Yep, Yepers…..


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