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Articles recommended by Lovefraud readers

Several readers have sent links to articles that may be of interest to the Lovefraud community. Here they are, with quick summaries:

Doubts raised on book’s tale of atom bomb, in the New York Times

The Last Train from Hiroshima, by Charles Pellegrino, tells the story of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. James Cameron plans to make a movie based on it. The book reveals a secret accident with the bomb that killed one American, dosed others with radiation and reduced the weapon’s power. The information came from Joseph Fuoco, who claimed to be on one of the observation planes that escorted the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the bomb. But Fuoco apparently was lying, and the book’s author was duped.

For professor, fury just beneath the surface, in the New York Times

Dr. Amy Bishop was arrested for shooting six faculty members at the University of Alabama in Huntsville on February 12. Three of the victims died. It turns out that Bishop had a history of violent and aggressive outbursts. This is the most comprehensive compilation of her story that I’ve seen.

Why are narcissists (initially) so popular? in Psychology Today

Recent studies explain why narcissists seem to be so appealing when you first meet them. Researchers hypothesize that narcissists have a “charismatic air:” attractiveness, competence, interpersonal warmth and humor. They seem well-adjusted at first, but just can’t maintain the attraction over the long term. The article includes suggestions on how you can reprogram yourself to be open to non-flashy people.

Man posed as spy to con woman: court, on 9 News

A man in Melbourne, Australia, convinced a single mother that he was the man of her dreams, and a secret agent, to con her out of nearly $150,000. He convinced her to sell her home, furniture and car, saying they would move overseas together. Then he took the money.

Profile: Christine Pratt and the National Bullying Helpline, on

The truth about multiple litigant Mrs. Pratt—the high priestess of victimhood, on Mail Online

Christine Pratt, who runs the National Bullying Helpline in the United Kingdom claimed to have received calls from “three or four” employees of Gordon Brown, the British prime minister. The following media frenzy revealed serious questions about how Pratt and her husband ran what was supposed to be a charity to help people who experienced workplace bullying.

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kim frederick

Thanks, Donna. I especially appreciate, “Why are Narcissists (initially) so popular?” This article just underscores the importance of taking it SLOW, and not engaging in sexuality with these empty shells, before you really know who, (or what) they really are….if you release those bonding hormones based soley on immediate attraction, you might well find yourself stuck like gum to the bottom of a [email protected]#k heads shoe….;)


Thanks for those interesting links. I personally wish there were more similar posts.

The spy impersonation seems to be a classic psychopathic ploy. I’ve informally listed about fifteen such cases while reading on psychopathy.

For the psychopath, it’s easy to understand the many advantages enjoyed, if he convinces his target he does work for some kind of secret agency: no need to explain some behaviors, an enticing halo of mystery, heroism and risk-taking, an easy explanation for past inconsistencies, excuses to manipulate his target, the assurance that the “sucker” will keep his misgivings for himself, for “security reasons”, and so on (“you don’t want to endanger my life do you?”). The perfect vantage point, and moreover, it may be efficient with people who are not prone to fall for a “cult leader” fiction.

Remember Sgarbi?

Henri-Désiré Landru, a famous psychopathic french serial killer who targeted lonely insecure women in Paris during WWI (there were thousands and thousands of them at that time) through lonely-hearts’ columns, pretended to be a spy.

Nothing new on the psychopathic battlefront.


If you like the article ““Why are Narcissists (initially) so popular?”, you should read Keith Campbell’s book “When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself” that also sites this study and similar ones that show the spike and sudden drop off in satisfaction in relationships with these guys. His book really helped me lose my appetite for narcissistic men. Now they call forth a vomit and run reaction.


Neveragain –

“A vomit and run reaction!”

Love it!

Once we’ve figured out their type – they are so easy to spot. (well N’s more so than P’s)…but I agree… in the past I would be an open kind caring person to EVERYONE – now I really do have my radar on — its comforting — not annoying. I just ignore those kinds of men – I can tell when they are wanting my attention now (for attentions sake) or as a potential target – I literally just smile and turn away or busy myself on my cellphone or whatever the heck i can in the moment. And I silently say “YES” to myself when they back off, or go away or just turn to another potential target… Its so cool to feel empowered and in control now!!! Just more aware that they exist. i didnt know that before. I just didnt know they existed… 🙁


Hi Donna,

Did you notice the name of the judge in the australian case?



YAY! How great is that?! We writer these articles and hope they help someone, somehow and you have thwarted your ex without getting your hands dirty.

The truth is powerful and the Internet is AWESOME!

Thanks to LoveFraud…. I wonder how many people have been saved from disaster?


Ox Drover

Dear Aloha,

Well, I know of a couple, starting with myself…yep, Donna has done a wonderful thing with LF and there is no telling how far those ripples will spread!


In France, there is a strong law against “defamation” and in my opinion, it makes life far too easy for psychopaths. I ‘ve been following the careers of dozens of “mediatic psychopaths” for a few years (notorious people who appear to display many psychopathic traits according to media coverage) and I believe every single one of them used this law to quench any attempt to reveal their unsavory tactics or dubious past.

People are afraid to talk because they agressively press charges against everyone who dares to speak up. Even if your accusations are true, you may be condemned to pay thousands of euros because you “defamed” them. Moreover, you’ll waste money with attorneys. Christopher rocancourt, for instance, announced he would press charges against Catherine Breillat (what a joke).

In my opinion, the law is more lenient in France with criminals than in the States. We lack prisons, and many of them are allowed to walk free, judges simply don’t have cells to lock them. We don’t keep tight records of convictions, and these records are erased far too quickly. This has changed a bit, when it was discovered that Fourniret (a serial killer) had scores of convictions but the police had been unable to keep track due to poor records.

A couple of days ago, their was a media frenzy in the political world because it was announced that one of the main candidates of the liberals in Paris’ region had a criminal record for “aggravated theft”. He had assaulted someone to steal a wallet a decade ago and was condemned to six months in prison, a serious condemnation by lenient French standards. He has another conviction for disrespecting police officers, just a few months ago, without mentioning two other pending trials for minor crimes (he says he is innocent).

The man is very young for a politician (29 yo) and has become a rising star nearly overnight. The traditional parties are looking for coloured people, and he is black. When his criminal record was revealed, he immediatly pressed charges for defamation. The sad fact is that his opponents, who launched the scandal, did defame him. They accused him of a fifth crime (another aggravated assault) who was actually committed by an homonym. So there was a row, some people arguing that people change and should be allowed the right to oblivion for their past “mistakes”, while others argued that the crime was quite serious.

In French, criminals often use the word “bêtise” to mention their crimes. This is the same word we use for mischievous children who are being naughty. I don’t think an adult man assaulting someone violently to steal his money is committing a “bêtise”. I believe it tells a lot about his psychological make-up, even if he grew up in poor suburbs.

The guy (Ali Soumaré is his name) rose to stardom thanks to his charisma and his negotiation skills when there were major riots in Paris’s suburbs two years ago after the police made a blunder resulting in the death of two youngsters. Soumaré was the intermediary between the police and the rioters, whom he knew personally. In the newspaper Le Monde (the major broadsheet in France), one journalist expressed some admiration for him because he was so “cool under fire”.

He will most probably be elected. And I predict some people are going to be surprised by this ambitious young man who claims to have reformed.


I wrote this author an email asking him WHY he didn’t call a spade a spade and use the correct termilology….SOCIOPATH?
Other than that …..this was a decent article.
Check it out…..


Speaking of Narcissist being so popular – what about John Edward’s? He conned millions of people. I am going to buy the book the politician by that Young guy. At first I had no sympathy for Young and his wife, but i have changed my mind and am glad they have exposed him. my 2 cents for the nite~~!!!


Hi Hens!!!
I agree….what a con! He has such a great appearance and the folks around him to cover whatever toilet paper he’s got hangen from his ass!
SCUM!!! With a ‘all American’ boy look.


Hi Erin..Yes – but that aint toilet paper hangin from his ass, it’s red flags. And if they can prove he used campaign moneys to cover up his lies he may do some time and he will be a very popular pretty boy in the pen.

kim frederick

I really liked the article EB, especially the three promises to self. Thanks.


good article miss erin (mean people suck) i think i have seen a t-shirt that said that..


Hi Kim….
Glad you liked it…..
Hope your having an ‘up’ kinda night! 🙂

hens…..Mean people suck I think was something from the Grateful dead wasn’t it……
I’m a bit out of touch on the GD….havn’t smoked enough pacololo in my day to follow them…..


Hens…..ya gotta stay outa that back room dude!


they have a backroom?




This is a good article……something we all need to be reminded of!!!


The below website is a good one….they update it several times a day with articles on various things…and NOT just for women….
I hope you all check it out and look through old articles and such….but you can check in on it a few times a week and always find something new…..from dating, sociopath info, finances after divorce et….the gammit….
I’ve enjoyed it….I wanted to pass along….




Just caught the tale end of this on Nightline….

Thank God for people like Ms. Celia who don’t give up or give in.


Yep, Yep, Yepers…..

lesson learned


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
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🙂 🙂 :)( 🙂




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