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At last, a man sentenced for hiding money to avoid child support and alimony

Lovefraud reader Anne Stevenson alerted Lovefraud to a story we missed.

A Sacramento businessman was prosecuted, convicted and sentenced for faking bankruptcy to hide millions of dollars. Steven K. Zinnel tried to get the FBI to investigate his wife. Instead, they investigated him.

Zinnel was ordered to forfeit $2.8 million to the government, and pay restitution to his ex-wife and sons.

Man who avoided child support by faking bankruptcy gets 17 years, on

Businessman sentenced to more than 17 years for bankruptcy fraud and money laundering, on


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These beasts don’t hide their income because their obligations would dig too far into their lifestyle. They do so for one and only one reason, they heartlessly intend to harm their families.

They know their ex will do everything in her power to feed, clothe and nourish their children. Their intent is to punish that parent with an excessive burden. I struggled through my ex’s attempts to impoverish me and my son. He failed to send a support check for twelve years. and when we were in court, he lied about his living arrangements in order to get the lowest possible support payment.

There was no internet at the time, and I needed to insure my son’s well being. There was nothing available to pay the high cost of forensic accounting or a private detective. I was awarded $30 per week from a man who lived on Fifth Avenue in the 22 room mansion of his girlfriend, the heiress to 75% of the music coming out of Nashville, who owned a larger share of Elvis Presley’s music than Elvis owned, and approximately 10% of the Beatles.

Supporting my son would have cost him less than the petty cash they frivolously wasted each day. The effects of psychopathic harm last forever. He destroyed my finances.



You’re so right Joyce! These psychopaths aren’t as interested in their own financial welfare as in meting out devastation and financial hardship on their victims…be they an ex partner, spouse or child. I wish the so-called judicial system could/would see this for what it is…continued abuse.
My ex, who worked as a real estate agent making lots of money, “hid” his resources by accepting under-the-table “time-shares” in lieu of a paycheck. This would have forced me to also sue the real estate co. (to opening their books) at a huge financial cost to me. Since I didn’t have the funds to do this, I “elected” to just drop all child support payments, past. present and future and tried to “go it alone” by working 2 minimum wage jobs while trying to support 3 formerly abused sons! Just to be rid of him and his lies!


Joyce, read your book. Your x is pure wolf in sheep’s clothing( not what I’d really like to call him). As they all are. They will get their twisted up feelings of power and control at any cost to anyone. Even their own flesh and blood. I’m still having a hard time figuring out where psychopath’s “fit into the big picture”.


A person with a conscience could not possibly do this to their child! They lie, cheat and steal the food right out of their children’s mouths. It takes a person with no conscience to behave this way!

And all because I loved him and was fooled by him. He “transfers” my eventual rejection of him into hatred toward me. What he really hates is that he got found out, and he wants to keep anyone else who he shares his life with from hearing or giving credence to the story. That’s what the discard is about…. silencing exposure.


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